Simple, economical, fun, the podcast is a prime target for any entrepreneur wishing to increase their audience and income on the internet. There are many hosting platforms for your podcasts. In this comparative article, we will present you free hosts (or with free services), but also paid hosts including other services, such as monetization and promotion of your podcasts or the measurement of your audience. Go!

Zoom on 5 free podcast hosting platforms


Upstream, you have a storage space like or Google Drive with an RSS feed. Downstream, you have a site hosted using Wix or any other CMS tool, including a reader. This gives you a portal to access your podcasts.

If you don’t have a Wix site yet, we’ve tested it for you. Alternatives to Wix also exist.


  • A simple and economical publishing option
  • Possibilities of coupling with an e-commerce site


  • Personalization is limited with the free offer
  • Non-existent viewing statistics

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Present in the audio hosting landscape since 2007, Soundcloud is originally a social network intended for independent musicians wishing to broadcast their songs outside of traditional circuits.

The platform recently launched into hosting podcasts themselves. Its influence makes it an effective development support for your activities.


  • Established for more than 10 years
  • 20 million active users
  • A well-provided comments area


  • Monetization is paid and more expensive than with other platforms (11 € / month)
  • The pro part of the site is in English

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The New York platform, launched in 2016, claims to be “the best way to create a podcast”. Anchor makes it easy to host your audio creations for free. In addition, it finds suitable advertising sponsors for you: you record the advertising message yourself and are paid for each listening.


  • Clear interface
  • Monetization is free
  • Free and ergonomic audience measurement tools


  • A site entirely in English
  • No a priori transparency on the amount of commissions charged on sponsorship

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RedCircle is a completely free host, launched a year ago. It is distinguished by a simple interface and the possibility of sponsoring other podcasters on the platform through ads on your own podcast. The platform plays fair and details the commissions it takes on your earnings: 30% for a new sponsor acquired, 12% for a new registration to one of your exclusive content, and 4.5% on your donations received via Tipeee or Patreon.


  • The free service is complete
  • The amount of the commissions is clear
  • Dynamic insertion of ads


  • A more wobbly business model than with a package

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Podbean has all the advantages of a free hosting service: ease of use, 5 hours of broadcasting and 100GB of bandwidth per month, a home page and a customizable player. There is a paid plan offering unlimited bandwidth, but more importantly more sophisticated audience analysis tools and monetization options.


  • A free and simple application to record, broadcast and promote your podcast
  • Automatic promotion on social networks
  • Live streaming option


  • Monetization pays off
  • Service is in English

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Focus on 5 paid podcast hosting platforms

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.


Launched in 2009, Buzzsprout has established itself as an attractive hosting solution, with more than 100,000 customers.

The platform offers a free offer for 2 hours of hosting per month for 90 days, which is just enough if you want to broadcast a weekly episode of 30 minutes, for example. Gradual pricing allows you to host longer, ad-free, to work with your team on the same account, and to import your podcasts from other platforms.


  • An intuitive dashboard
  • The essentials, for free: listening statistics, easy migration and integrated readers
  • The application allows you to manage the promotion of your podcasts
  • Broadcast on Apple Podcast, Spotify, Stitcher, Google Podcast, and Amazon Alexa


  • Higher prices than the competition
  • A visually overly sober interface


$ 12 for 3 hours of hosting per month, $ 18 for 6 hours / month, $ 24 for 12 hours / month

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A heavyweight in podcast hosting in London, Ausha stood out with well-oiled infrastructure and a modern visual identity.

After a 14-day trial period, the different packages give more access rights and allow more programs to be broadcast. The second offer at € 29 / month includes the programming of advertising campaigns, distribution on platforms including Spotify, Youtube and Deezer, audience peak analysis and rankings on Apple podcasts.


  • An ergonomic and beautiful site
  • Video clips on social networks
  • The Ausha Online Academy helps you design your podcast step-by-step, clearly and for free


  • Monetization of podcasts lacks clarity


€ 11 / month for one user and one program, € 29 / month for 3 users and 5 programs, € 99 / month for 8 users and unlimited programs

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Acast, ex-Pippa, Swedish platform launched in London in 2019, prides itself on contracts with big fish, like the BBC. The site, in English, speaks tech and is aimed more at studios.

The free offer includes broadcasting your podcast on your own site and basic analysis tools. The “Influencer” offer allows you unlimited distribution, personalization of your site, referencing on all popular platforms, and advanced listening analysis tools.


  • Broadcast on many podcast applications
  • Partnerships with many advertisers
  • Advanced statistics, with top episodes, location of listeners by country, listening medium used


  • Not recommended for small producers
  • Too high a call price


$ 15 / month for the “Influencer” offer, $ 30 / month for the “Ace” offer

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The colorful Podcastics homepage pleases the eye and invites you to discover their offer. Launched last year, the platform is intended to be an easy-to-use toolbox for any podcaster in the making: hosting, management, sharing, and monetization are clearly explained.

The free offer includes enough tools to manage your activity: no episode limits, subscription system, viewing statistics, monetization by donations … The pro offer allows hosting without providing the RSS feed but also to have access to more personalization tools and audience measurements.


  • Varied and clearly explained functionalities
  • A 15% commission affiliate program
  • A reasonable call price, without advertising


  • Free offer does not include comments or statistics


€ 5 / month for the premium offer, € 11 for the pro offer which includes hosting, € 49 for the max offer which allows more audience and logistical support.

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Existing in the United States for 15 years, Libsyn has all the tools to help you progress in your podcast publication and generate income: hosting, distribution on many platforms, sharing on social networks, detailed audience measurements. Prices especially change the amount of storage you can have.


  • The mobile application is ergonomic and customizable
  • A place on broadcast platforms like iTunes
  • Advanced analysis tools


  • Listening data is accessible from $ 7
  • The functionalities are more difficult to grasp with a site entirely in English


From $ 5 to $ 40 for the largest volumes of accommodation

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In conclusion, most hosting platforms offer a sufficient volume of accommodation for beginners and small podcasters or even small studios. There are many turnkey solutions that include effective episode scheduling, SEO, social media sharing and audience measurement tools. The main differences appear in the personalization of your site and the monetization, capture and measurement of audience.

No need to break your piggy bank to get satisfaction: Ausha’s premium offer, for example, can bring you the desired audience, thanks to a good presence with advertisers and distributors.

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