You are a liberal profession, a VSE or an SME and you are looking for a software to manage all or part of your accounting internally? This comparison was created especially for you.

The market for accounting software for VSEs and SMEs is abundant. Not easy to choose. It is also and above all a market which offers very different solutions from each other. When looking for accounting software for your VSE or SME, you must start by understanding the different families of tools available. Between an On-premise ERP and an online accounting tool, there is not really much in common.

The objective of this comparison is therefore twofold:

  • Help you better understand the major families of accounting software.
  • Present you with a selection of the best accounting software available for VSE on the one hand and for SMEs on the other.
Contents of this comparison:

Our selection of the 3 best accounting tools for VSEs or SMEs

We have gone through the market offering of accounting software. Discover now our three favorites: Sage Business Cloud (Compta & Invoicing), and Zefyr.

sage business cloud logo compta logo zefyr logo
Main target Liberal professions, very small businesses, even some SMEs TPE and PME TPE and PME
Main services & features
  • Edition of invoices, management of expenses and receipts, follow-up and reminder of unpaid invoices.
  • Management of quotes, assets and good deliveries.
  • Connection with the bank account.
  • Consultation of dashboards.
  • Automated VAT management.
  • Inventory and product catalog management.
  • Forecast cash management.
  • Billing management: sales summary, editing quotes and invoices, sending invoices.
  • Accounting management: dashboard, quick consultation of accounts, editing of accounting documents (general ledger, balance, newspapers, analytical balance, newspapers, VAT declaration), import and export of general ledger, real-time monitoring, analytical accounting…
  • Management of invoicing, quotes and purchase orders.
  • Automatic bank connection.
  • Expense reports, entry of mileage costs and iPhone application.
  • Intuitive editing of payslips. Automatic generation of DNS.
  • VAT declaration and automatically calculated tax forms,
  • Multi-user, multi-currency, multi-rate VAT.
  • Between € 9 and € 25 per month per user.
  • Free offer and Premium offer at 15 € per month (1 user).
  • Premium Pack:
    • 11 € per month per additional file.
    • € 4 per month per additional user.
    • € 2 per month per additional 200 MB package.
0 employee:

  • 50k € annual: 30 € per month.
  • 500k € annual: 90 € per month.

10 – 19 employees:

  • 500k € annual: 130 € per month.
  • 1M k € per month: 220 € per month.
  • SaaS and simplified version of a leading software in accounting management: Sage.
  • Very wide functional coverage & ease of use.
  • Aimed at all businesses from the self-employed to liberal to SMEs.
  • is a network of London accounting firms which has developed two SaaS software: a billing solution and an accounting management solution.
  • Addressed to VSEs and SMEs from all sectors: artisans, traders, industrialists, farmers …
  • Combines functional richness and ease of use.
  • SaaS accounting software launched by a Parisian company in the early 2000s.
  • Complete accounting management solution for freelancers, very small businesses, and even SMEs.
  • Easy to use, quick to handle.
Note rating-45on5 rating-4on5 rating-45on5
Website Website Website Website

How to intelligently compare accounting software for VSEs and SMEs? – Brief overview of software families

“Accounting software” is a generic term that actually groups together several families of tools. From the point of view of selecting your accounting software, it is essential to have a good understanding of how the market is organized. Simply put, there are three main families of tools:

  • SaaS software which is designed to manage in a simple and intuitive way its 100% online accounting. SaaS accounting software is booming, we see new players appear every year. Developed by startups, they have the characteristic of being 100% focused on accounting management, being accessible online (no need for installation), offering pleasant and easy-to-use interfaces and being billed on a monthly / annual subscription model. SaaS software allows you to easily manage quotes and invoices, monitor outstanding amounts, manage VAT declarations, etc. They are accessible on the move (via smartphone or tablet) and can be easily connected to other SaaS applications. SaaS software is mainly intended for the liberal professions and VSEs, although some software also covers the needs of SMEs. Some examples ? Quickbooks, Debitoor, Zoho Invoice, Zefyr or Georges. All these tools will be presented below.
  • Then come the more complete accounting solutions, which offer more advanced functionalities. These are usually software to install. This software family makes it possible to manage all the accounting internally, including the production of the main accounting documents (balance sheet, income statement, appendices), the management of fixed assets, the sending of tax packages, the advanced management stocks, financial strategy… These are more complex software to use and more expensive to install. The learning curve is important. Sage 50Cloud Ciel Compta is an example of software belonging to this family.
  • Finally come the software called ERP. ERP are suites offering several modules dedicated to each aspect of business management: Accounting, Logistics, Commercial, CRM, Marketing & Communication, Production, etc. ERPs are more complex to set up within the organization, but can be very useful from a certain level of development of your activity in order to facilitate management at a global level. ERP allows you to manage all the processes related to your activity from the same platform. Let us cite as an example EBP or Wavesoft, two software that we present below.

Broadly speaking, SaaS software is aimed more at the liberal professions and VSEs. The more complete solutions like Sage 50Cloud Ciel are aimed more at SMEs but can also be aimed at VSEs with more advanced needs in accounting management (in particular VSEs who wish to fully internalize their accounting). ERPs are clearly more designed for SMEs and mid-caps.

Before going headlong into the choice of your accounting software, it is essential to have this typology in mind.

Now let’s go to our complete comparison of accounting software for VSEs and SMEs. We produced two comparisons: one for VSEs, the other for SMEs.

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Comprehensive comparison of accounting software for VSE

We have selected 6 accounting software for TPE for you. All belong to the SaaS family of software. These are relatively simple software to take in hand, 100% online and designed to simplify your management of the invoicing of quotes, VAT, outstandings, etc. These solutions do not always allow 100% internalization of your accounting. Clearly, not all of the accounting software that follows can be used to produce your balance sheet or income statement.

Logo Presentation Price
quickbooks logo
  • Accounting software created in 1983 and available in London since 2015.
  • 100% Cloud application designed to facilitate the management of sales / purchases and invoicing.
  • Multi-currency management, automatic calculation of VAT, free access for the accountant, cost accounting.
  • Target: auto-entrepreneurs, liberal professions, very small businesses.
  • Integrates with PayPal, PrestaShop, Stripe …
Between 10 € and 35 € HT per month (up to 5 users).
sage business cloud logo
  • 100% Cloud accounting software offered by the market leader: Sage.
  • Sage Business Cloud Compta & Invoicing (formerly Sage One) was launched in 2011.
  • Management of sales / purchases, invoicing, cash, VAT, multi-currency management, printing of delivery notes,
  • Target: liberal professions, craftsmen, traders, startups, VSEs, even SMEs.
Between 9 € and 25 € HT per month (unlimited users).
debitoor logo
  • SaaS software founded in 2012 by a Danish startup.
  • Target: liberal professions, VSEs, even SMEs.
  • Management of invoices, delivery notes and quotes, recording of purchases, management of products, customers and suppliers, automatic bank reconciliation, edition of reports (VAT, income statement, balance sheet).
Between 4 € and 24 € HT per month (up to 3 users).
zoho invoice
  • Accounting management module developed by Zoho, known for its CRM.
  • A very easy to use tool, but quite limited speaking: Zoho is above all a billing management tool: editing invoices, automatic sending, reminders, online payments.
  • Integration with PayPal, Stripe, G Suite, Zoho CRM, Dropbox, OneDrive, Evernote…
  • Target: auto-entrepreneurs, liberal professions, very small businesses.
Between $ 0 and $ 29 per month (up to 10 users in the Professional plan).
$ 2 per month extra per additional user.

itool logo
  • Solution Cloud subsidiary of London EBP since 2006. One of the pioneers of online accounting.
  • Target: TPE, even PME.
  • Features: general accounting, commercial management, remote declaration of tax forms.
Between 12 € and 19 € per month for the accounting module (up to 6 users).
georges logo
  • SaaS solution designed for the BNC liberal professions in the medical, paramedical, technical and legal fields.
  • Boosted with artificial intelligence to automate certain aspects of accounting and limit manual entry as much as possible.
  • Innovative, modern and easy to use solution.
  • Synchronization of bank account and tele-declarations.
24 € TTC per month (1 user).

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Comprehensive comparison of accounting software for SMEs

Now let’s move on to the presentation of some accounting software designed for medium-sized companies or even large companies: SMEs and mid-caps. These are essentially complete solutions (SaaS or to be installed) or ERP with an accounting management module.

Logo Presentation Price
sage 50cloud sky logo
  • Cloud accounting management software for SMEs.
  • Published by a reference on the market: Sage.
  • Ultra-complete solution: Simplified entry of the entries, edition of the balance sheet, monitoring of the treasury, multi-level analytical accounting, personalized dashboards, management of the VAT and fixed assets…
2 users: between 25 € and 139 € HT per month.
4 users: between € 99 and € 179 before tax per month.

compta logo
  • Online accounting management software for VSEs and SMEs.
  • Wide functional coverage: the needs of SMEs are mainly managed.
  • Software published by a consulting company that offers paid services to better use the tool and improve accounting management.
Between 0 € and 15 € HT per month for 1 user.
€ 4 per month per additional user.

11 € per month per additional file.

wavesoft logo
  • London ERP created in 2003 and designed for the management of VSEs, SMEs and mid-caps in all sectors.
  • Global management solution: Accounting management, commercial management, retail, manufacturing, finance, reporting, CRM, banking links.
  • Responsive customer support.
Lifetime license: between € 500 and € 2,700 excl.
zefyr logo
  • Complete SaaS solution for accounting management: accounting, invoicing, pay, expense reports, automatic calculation of the VAT declaration, remote declaration of tax forms, dashboards.
  • Target: TPE, even PME.
  • Good technical support.
  • Tariff calculated according to turnover. Relatively expensive solution.
Between 10 and 180 € HT per month (depending on turnover.

Special tariff for liberal professions (10 or 20 € per month).

ebp logo
  • London ERP. Complete management, accounting and payroll software for SMEs.
  • Edits several accounting software, available to install or in cloud version: EBP Compta Classic online, EBP Compta Pro online, EBP Comptabilité PME online.
  • Relatively easy to use (for an ERP …).
  • Business management, CRM, commercial management, tax, payroll and accounting modules.
  • Target: SMEs, even very small businesses, artisans and traders.
Cloud version: Between 25 € and 35 € HT per month.

On-Premise version: between 169 € and 389 € HT (1 user).

We hope through this complete comparison of accounting software for VSEs and SMEs to have enlightened you on the choice of your tool. If you have any questions or comments, feel free to use the comments space below the article.

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