How to choose your cash register software 22 / depends on your business, your needs, your budget, the features you expect. There is a wide range of cash register software on the market designed to meet the needs of merchants and restaurateurs. Some are designed specifically for a sector of activity, such as ready-to-wear or catering.

In this comparison, we will:

  • Give you the keys to compare software on relevant criteria and make the right choice.
  • Offer you a selection of the best free and paid cash register software.

Comparison of the 3 best cash register software

Last name Hiboutik IziCaisse Tactill
Creation date 2012 ? 2011
General presentation If you want to easily manage your sales, your customers or even your stocks, you can opt for the free Hiboutik cash register solution. The IziCaisse software is free software certified to new London standards for cash registers. You can, in a few moments, transform your Ipad into a superb tactile cash register. Time savings, customer follow-up, quick installation and express training etc. the Tactill cash register is another great option if you are a merchant.
Compatibility PC, MAC, Ipad and tablet PC, tablet and Smartphone Ipad and Iphone
NF525 standard Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of references Unlimited Unlimited 300 for the Discovery package. Unlimited with other packages.
Barcode management Yes Yes Yes
Management of a loyalty program Yes Yes Yes
Management of gift vouchers Yes Yes No
Multi-store management Yes (9.90 € / month) Yes No
Import of article & price lists Yes, in .CSV or .XLS format. Yes, the format is not specified. Yes, in .XLSX format.
Assistance / Initial training Online support available. No training because the software is very simple to use. No Technical assistance by chat.
Integrations For 12.90 € per month, you will have access to the API to connect to a website for example. Connection with an API possible as well as with your CRM. Open API to connect your software with your e-commerce site, your stock tracking software etc. Zappier integration.
Free try Yes Yes Yes, for 15 days
Price Free software Free software
  • Discovery Package at € 29 / month
  • Professional package at 49 € / month (+ 29 € for an additional box)
  • Enterprise package at € 69 / month (+ € 29 for an additional box).


Some Tips for Choosing the Right Cash Register Tool

After presenting you with the 3 best cash register software, we are now going to give you some tips for choosing the right tool.

The question of support / terminal

One of the first questions that you will have to ask yourself when acquiring a cash register software is its use: will you be using a point of sale terminal or rather a cash register software on a tablet in a street shop for example ? In addition, if you are using a computer (PC or MAC), you will need adequate cash register software. Support for using your software is therefore essential. In 2020, the trend is more towards cash registers for tablets, smartphones rather than conventional point-of-sale software. In addition, with the advent of e-commerce, the watchword is mobility. It is therefore essential to distinguish cash register software at fixed points of sale from cash register applications for smartphones and tablets.

Criteria for comparing POS software

When choosing your cash register software, you will have to take into account two main criteria: the number of daily cash transactions but also the type of product and VAT that you apply. These criteria will be linked to your industry. To make it easier, watch your competitors to see what they are using. However, you also have other criteria to take into account:

  • The software interface and ergonomics,
  • Choose software with the NF525 standard. What is that ? Quite simply, cases that meet the anti-VAT law.
  • Study your total budget (installation, assistance, update, etc.),
  • Consider the specific functionality of the software,
  • Also, make sure the editor offers training or installation assistance if you’re not comfortable with computers.

The price of software: subscription or license?

Unsurprisingly, as with all kinds of products, the prices for this software vary widely. Here again, you will have the choice: buy the software dry or subscribe to a monthly or annual subscription. Some solutions will not give you a choice (one year subscription) while others will offer you several options and packages depending on your needs. Monthly subscriptions are, on average, priced at € 30. Also be careful if you choose to purchase the software. It can quickly become obsolete (1, 3 or 5 years) and the updates can be paid.


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The 6 best free cash register software

Now that you have a more precise idea of ​​the criteria to take into account for the choice of your software, here is a presentation of the 6 best free cash register software.


Hiboutik is a cloud-based solution suitable for small stores or restaurants as well as retailers with multiple locations. It handles point of sale transactions, printing receipts and invoices, etc. In particular, users can create gift certificates and process returns and exchanges for their customers. It also provides features specific to the restaurant industry, including a table layout screen. The solution also has a mobile application for Android. Hiboutik allows users to generate sales reports and inventory reports. The multi-store option also allows users to manage multiple locations and warehouses and share product databases across multiple sites. The solution provides an API to integrate with other applications. You will understand, it is one of the most complete tools on the market.

  • Very intuitive and easy to use,
  • Extreme adaptability, whatever your products and services,
  • Track your stock in real time.


The cash register software and all associated functionality is free. You can subscribe to optional paid options, including multi-shops at € 9.90 per month and per shop.

Discover Hiboutik


IziCaisse is a complete cash register software, designed to make your life easier during all your collections. Printing receipts and invoices, managing your bar codes and deferred payments are very useful features offered by IziCaisse. You can also set up a loyalty program through the management of gift vouchers, discounts, as well as loyalty cards. IziCaisse also allows you to monitor numerous statistics such as your turnover, calculating your VAT or even managing withdrawals and deposits. In summary, this is a very complete software that will cover all your needs.

  • Compliant with London legislation,
  • Easy collections and very wide functionality,
  • Detailed statistics are available.


Izicaisse is free cash register software.

Discover IziCaisse

Cash register

Cash Register is free cash register software. It has the basic functionalities of a cash register software such as the possibility of paying without TPE, without fixed costs via Paypal or Lydia. You can print receipts, read barcodes and manage inventory. Keyboard shortcut or even touch control, its use is very simple. If your equipment breaks down, no problem, all of your data is saved.

  • A pretty impressive number of features,
  • It works on any device with an Internet connection,
  • Adapted IOS, Android, PC and MAC.


You can use this software for free.

Discover Cash Register


Loyverse is a cash register solution (but not only) that can be used by SMEs, in particular restaurants, cafes and bars among others. It is even ideal for individual entrepreneurs because there is no commitment. It is powerful enough to help you manage multiple areas of your store, such as inventory tracking, sales tracking, article and product supervision, and sales report generation. Loyverse is fully optimized for mobiles, transforming your tablets and smartphones into virtual cash registers. With the point of sale system, you will be able to view your sales, keep an eye on the inventory or even obtain precise sales analyzes in order to effectively develop your business.

  • Very responsive customer service
  • Very easy to handle
  • Excellent integrated loyalty program


This cash register software is free. You can add paid features, such as personnel management at € 5 per month per employee.

Discover Loyverse

Shop Cash Box

ShopCaisse is a cash register solution available on Ipad. Compatible with all types of establishments (bars, bakery, take-out, SPA etc.) it has a multitude of powerful features. Customer account management, multi-cash option, remote statistics, inventory management or taking orders from a connected remote control. If you have an iPad, take advantage of 30 free days to test the application without any obligation.

  • Without engagement,
  • The information is very secure there,
  • A very gentle learning curve,


After the free version, the software alone costs € 19 per month. If you want software plus hardware, it will cost you € 59 per month.

Discover ShopCaisse


Rovercash, available on tablet (IOS and Android), is a complete cash register software but also a daily management tool. This software will meet the main expectations of merchants, namely: simplified sales and cashing, an impressive number of payment methods, an optimized customer relationship thanks to complete files, well-detailed article files as well as advanced statistics .

  • NF525 certified cash register software,
  • Very precise activity monitoring,
  • You can create a tailor-made loyalty program.


You can use RoverCash for free on 1 tablet, for 1 seller. To be able to use this tool on a multitude of tablets, it will cost you € 32.50 per month (annual billing).

Discover RoverCash

The 5 best paid cash register software

Now let’s go over the 6 best paid cash register software.


Tactill is one of customers’ favorite cash registers. Certified in 2018, this software is used by companies around the world. Collect sales wherever they are, take care of your customers, monitor the flow of goods and your performance, Tactill will meet all the expectations you have placed in it. It is present on the market for one purpose only: that you take care of your customers.

  • Administrative tasks are simplified to the maximum.
  • Payment is made in an instant thanks to its touch screen cash register.
  • Thanks to the online dashboard, you can follow your activity live.


The “Discovery” package for a case is € 39 per month. The most popular package is the “Professional” package at € 59 per month (+ € 39 / month for a box). You will then have an unlimited number of products, inventory management or even a customer database.

Discover Tactill


Easy to use and very intuitive, this checkout software adapts to all types of business. A touch screen cash register that allows you to make quick collections, simplified inventory management or an appointment booking system on your smartphone. This makes this software essential to your business. It is also possible to keep the history of your customers, calculate their number of checkouts in order to offer them coupons to thank them for their loyalty.

  • Extremely easy to use software,
  • A solution to retain your customers,
  • The installation is directly managed by their service.


Rental prices start at € 29 per month, software and support included. For the full license purchase, the software price starts at € 499.

Discover LinéoSoft


Openflex is a cloud-based management tool. Openflex has several modules: sales & CRM, purchase & stock, accounting & finance or even project management. There are many advantages to using a cloud-based tool: secure data, no installation, mobile and very economical. You can also use the Cashier software function of OpenFlex directly from your Smartphone thanks to a very successful application.

  • Cloud-based software,
  • No installation, everything happens from your web browser,
  • Use the mobile app to use OpenFlex wherever you are.


The OpenFlex point-of-sale module will cost you € 89.99. You can complete it, for example, by the Sales & CRM module at 99.99 € or the Accounting & Finance module at 159.99 €.

Discover OpenFlex


AddicTill is a touch screen cash register with offline functionality. NF525 certified, you can use AddicTill on PC, tablet or Smartphone. Order taking, fast and secure collection, inventory management, access to accounting, etc. here are some of the features promised by this cash register.

  • Quick and simplified collection,
  • Tool suitable for all sectors of activity,
  • Operates for 7 days without Internet connection.


AddicTill offers 3 packages: Standard, Account and Premium. However, no prices are displayed on their website. You will need to request a quote. You can also request a free trial.

Discover Addictill


Whether you work in ready-to-wear, in catering or in e-commerce, Artifact will meet all your expectations. It is a complete checkout solution accompanied by NF525 certified commercial and inventory management. You can therefore control all management operations within a store.

  • London standards software,
  • Suitable for all types of sector,
  • A very complete management tool.


For 800 € HT, you will have the lifetime cash module with access to statistics, accounting export or even a 3-month maintenance included. The 3-module pack will cost you € 1,200 excl. VAT with the cash register module, stock and customers.

Discover Artifact

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