Recruitment firms help companies find qualified candidates for important and vacant positions. Sometimes called “headhunters”, recruiters use a variety of methods to find and contact the right people for specific positions, regardless of the candidate’s current job status. Recruitment firms will oversee initial contact with qualified candidates and provide the company with profiles of successful candidates. Typically, the HR manager will work with recruiting firms to speed up and simplify the hiring process. However, in this very competitive market, dozens of recruitment firms exist. So how do you make the right choice? In this article, we have put together a list of the best recruitment firms in the digital and tech sector. It’s up to you to make the right choice!

The 3 Digital & Tech recruitment firms at Websites Are Us

We will start by introducing you to 3 recruitment firms in the digital and tech sector that are our favorites. Discover, a little more in detail, what makes them strong.

5 Sheep SheepEdgar peopleSuccession
Recruitment firm founded in 2016Recruitment firm founded in 2014Recruitment firm founded in 2014
Marseille and AvignonParis, London, BerlinParis (soon in several London cities)
8 employees10 employees17 employees
Le Mouton à Cinq Pates is a recruitment agency specializing in executive positions. With a total of more than 20 years of experience in HR consulting, their goal is to support all types of companies in their development strategy.Edgar People is a recruitment agency specializing in the Digital professions (Top Management, Webmarketing, Sales, Data, etc.). They contribute to the development and performance of the marketing, technical and commercial departments of e-commerce players and companies in the midst of digital transformation (SMEs & Large Groups).La Relève’s objective is to offer interns, apprenticeship and first job offers to 20-30 year olds that they might not have found on their own. Over 800 companies already work with La Relève. More than 500 recruitments in internship and work-study and already more than 70 recruitments of Sales, Business Developer in CDI since the creation.
Recruitment for Startups, SMEs, large groups … almost all types of business.Recruitment for SMEs and large groups mainly (Channel, Sony, Maisons du Monde, Carrefour etc.)Recruitment mainly for SMEs and startups (Ornikar, Sendinblue, Legalstart etc.)
No typical candidate profiles. Job offers from all sectors (Finance, Marketing, HR, IT etc.)The candidates are specialized in the digital professions.The candidates are mainly young people between 20 and 30 years old who are looking for an internship, a work-study program or a first contract.
Rates: n / aRates: n / a

€ 1,100 excl. Tax for the recruitment of a candidate for a caesura internship.
€ 1,300 excl. Tax for the recruitment of a candidate for an end-of-study internship.
1300 € HT for the recruitment of a work-study candidate. Only on estimate for the recruitment of a CDI.

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Our selection of the best “Tech” recruitment firms

Now is the time to get to the heart of the matter with this summary table of the best recruiting firms for tech professions. Data scientist, Data Analyst, full-stack developer etc. you will find all these talents in the recruitment firms mentioned below.

Our selection of the best “Digital” recruitment firms

Now that you know which firm to go to for all your “tech” recruitments, it is now time to move on to the digital sector. Web-marketing expert, developer, community manager or even in charge of CRM, so many professions and talents accessible in just a few clicks.

Consulting firmPositioningProposed services

  • Recognized for over 15 years as a headhunter for startups.
  • Proximity to customers
  • Strong presence on blogs, social networks
  • Vertical positioning in customer support
  • “Altaïde Approved” recruitment 2.0. Use all networks, blogs, etc. to find the ideal candidate.

Aroh Consulting

  • Founded in 2016
  • General practice specialist in direct approach
  • AROH Conseil supports companies (SMEs, mid-caps, large groups) in their recruitment projects in London and abroad.
  • Definition of specifications
  • Reconstitution of organizational charts
  • Approach to identified candidates
  • Selection and monitoring of the integrated candidate


  • Founded in 2018
  • allows you to enrich the assessment of your candidates through “peer assessment”
  • A network of more than 250 managers
  • A profile shortlist is available in 7 days
  • A concrete case is proposed to each candidate
  • A specific “scorecard” which completes the overall assessment of the applications is assigned to the applicants.

  • Founded in 2015
  • Recruits from 50 digital professions
  • 2 talents offered within 15 days
  • Coaching offered for candidates and companies

Edgar people
  • Recruitment for startups, SMEs, but also large groups
  • Specialized in middle and top management
  • 200 clients for 800 placements
  • They use the latest web tools to quickly find the best talent.
  • Coaching of candidates during trial periods. No turnover.

Flex Job
  • Founded in 2016
  • Act directly at the heart of companies by co-constructing organizational transformations.
  • Flexjob is looking for a way of organizing work that promotes autonomy, empowerment and cooperation
  • Engage employees in the co-construction of their future spaces and working methods.
  • Facilitate the development of new uses and working methods more conducive to innovation and promoting employee engagement.
  • Co-build an efficient and sustainable telework organization by engaging employees.

Ignition Program
  • Founded in 2014
  • Facilitate HR hyper growth of the best startups and scaleups in the ecosystem, through the recruitment and retention of their human talents
  • Over 2,000 talents already recruited
  • Flash immersion in a start-up issue, through a concrete business case
  • Break down a candidate’s journey with one of the Coaches, in order to analyze their past impact and deepen their future desires
  • Contact and verification with former managers of the veracity of the information shared.

  • Founded in 2014
  • Offer internships, apprenticeships and first jobs to 20-30 year olds that they might not have found on their own.
  • Over 500 internships and work-study placements and over 70 recruitments from Sales, Business Developer on permanent contracts.
  • Recruitment for all types of contracts (permanent contract, work-study program, internship etc.)
  • An interview within 72 hours of registration

  • Founded in 2018
  • Recruitment for fast growing industries: Retail, E-Commerce, Martech, Health / Life Sciences, Sustainable Development, Niche Markets (IOT, Cybersecurity…).
  • Recruitment for commercial professions: (VP Sales, Key Accounts Director, E-Commerce Director, etc.), Marketing (CMO, Brand Manager, Head of Customer Success, UX-UI Manager, etc.), Executive (CEO, COO, CFO, CDO, etc.) ).
  • Possibility of recruiting even abroad
  • Leadership assessment: detect today your leaders of tomorrow.
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