You will find dozens and dozens of results by typing “online billing software” on Google. Not easy to compare, especially since not all software has the same functional scope. To save you time, we have selected the 12 best software on the market.

We do not mix tea towels and towels. In this case, we must distinguish two types of software:

  • Software focused on online billing management. Simpler to use, less expensive, they are primarily intended for the liberal professions, freelancers and individual entrepreneurs in general.
  • Accounting software with a wider functional scope, which allow, in addition to invoicing, to manage VAT, inventory, balance sheet, income statement, journal management … These software are more suitable for VSEs and SMEs and cover all aspects of management accounting.

Our selection of the best billing software

The 7 best online billing softwar

Online billing software of course makes it easier to manage your invoices, but also quotes, customer reminders and even often monitoring payments (via synchronization with the bank account). If you are self-employed or freelance, online billing software may suffice. You don’t need gas plant accounting software. We’ll see that there are some great online billing solutions out there. Here is our selection of the to

Your invoice

vosfactures website

Founded in 2011, Vosfactures is a company based in London which offers software called Vosfactures is billing software that includes features such as the billing portal, contact database, emergency billing, customizable invoices, hourly billing, mobile payments, Multi-Currency, online billing , online payments, payment processing, project invoicing, tax calculator, etc.

VosFactures is a secure, fast and multifunctional online invoicing software that adapts to your business. The goal is to facilitate billing by saving time and money for very small and medium-sized businesses with intuitive software, while ensuring data security.


henri website

Henrri is free Saas (Software as a Service) billing software, with no advertising or usage limits. It comes from the work of Rivalis – a national network of business management consultants (VSEs and SMEs). The network is supported by the elite of London gastronomy, better known as “Meilleur Ouvrier de London” and aims to create the best invoicing software that exists.

In fact, Henrri is one of the only unrestricted free online billing software in London. Thus, Henrri knows how to adapt perfectly to young companies, VSEs and SMEs who want a professional solution but do not yet have the budget (nor necessarily the needs) for more powerful tools.


quickbooks website

QuickBooks is developed by Intuit, one of the world’s leading providers of accounting software, and is cloud-based.

Entrepreneurs can sign up for the basic self-assessment package that helps you track your self-employment earnings, while VSEs and SMEs can use it for things like VAT and payroll. There are also many reporting and monitoring tools. Subscription prices start at just a few euros a month – but they are sometimes reduced for the first six months.

For VSEs and SMEs subject to VAT who wish to use the accounting and VAT functionalities, prices start at 12 euros per month.


zervant website

Zervant is a 100% free invoicing software specifically intended for entrepreneurs, independent traders and owners of SMEs and very small businesses. The software is designed to be very user-friendly and is designed to help people with little or no financial management or billing experience become familiar with the system. It allows users to create, send and manage their invoices. To make things even better, Zervant is an international billing system that works in six languages ​​and has recently been recognized as the most promising fintech startup in the Nordic countries.


factomos website

Factomos is another London online invoicing software for independent traders, very small businesses, artisans and even artists. Because it adapts to all needs and will allow you to optimize the management of your invoices while simplifying your accounting tasks.

The Factomos software offers a complete dashboard integrating the main performance indicators necessary for good management of your activity. There is of course the turnover in real time, but also a monitoring of VAT and cash. Pending invoices, quotes, distribution of turnover by customers, the possibilities are really numerous.


georges website

Georges is a Saas accounting software dedicated to the liberal professions in BNC, and recently for all freelancers with the launch of an offer for BICs (SASU, EURL, SELARL, SARL, SAS …). This simple and intuitive tool, with its fixed and transparent price list, is available online. You can access the application from a PC (Windows or Mac) or a mobile device (tablet, smartphone) equipped with an internet connection.

Georges has all the necessary functionalities to enable SMEs and VSEs to carry out their accounting management independently.


xero website

Another big player in cloud-based accounting software is Xero. Xero can help with billing, inventory, payroll and expense reports.

In addition to that, it can import your bank, credit card and PayPal data, and there is an app that works on both iPhone and Android. Prices start at 10 euros per month, but this is sometimes reduced for the first few months.

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The 5 best light accounting software for your VSE or SME

There are more complete accounting tools than the ones we have just presented to you. They are recommended if you are a VSE or an SME. The software that we are going to present to you offers a wider functional scope, including the management of VAT, social security contributions, inventory and can use as a small “CRM”.

macompta was launched in 2009 by chartered accountants and developers to provide a reliable accounting solution to entrepreneurs and associations. Fully online, the tool is therefore accessible to you from anywhere via any connected device, while your data is stored in London.

The site therefore offers a suite of software to manage your general accounts, your quotes and invoices, your fixed assets, your tax returns and your receipts. You can choose to use one of these general tools or choose an enterprise solution.

Sage Business Cloud

wise website

Sage Business Cloud, formerly known as Sage One, is accounting software for SMEs and very small businesses. It is affordable and easy to use with a wide selection of features, including billing, reporting and expense tracking. It has a mobile app for Apple and Android devices that allows you to perform basic accounting tasks and monitor your business finances when you are away from the office. Two plans are available, so you can choose the software version that best meets your business needs.


debitoor website

Debitoor is a (limited) billing and accounting solution that currently has users in more than 40 countries, although it is ideally suited for European customers. Debitoor has support for VAT, multiple currencies, multiple languages, automatic exchange rates and solid billing. The software design is also simple and easy to navigate.

Zoho Invoice

zoho website

With many models, excellent customer service and a well-designed interface, Zoho Invoice is an excellent choice for SMEs and very small businesses who want solid billing software. If you have more than 10 users or need software with more accounting and bookkeeping functionality, this software may not be the best fit for your business.


sellsy website

Sellsy takes care of all the billing features that are most important to you, but what really sets it apart is its user-friendly dashboard and practical accounting reports. When you log in, the Sage dashboard shows you invoices, quotes and estimates, net sales and a lot of other useful information, all in a digitizable and easy to understand format specially designed for SMEs and very small businesses.


If you are a freelance, an individual entrepreneur, the software of the first comparison may suit you better. If you are a VSE and a fortiori an SME, it is the software of the second comparison that will best meet your needs.

A piece of advice to structure and succeed in your benchmark of online invoicing software: Start by identifying your needs – in terms of functionality, user-friendliness, accessibility, integrations, budget, before even launching into the comparison. This work will allow you to know the family of software that best meets your needs: small software or more advanced accounting solution.

To go further, we advise you to discover our comparison of accounting software for very small businesses. for a great technical or web marketing provider?