Are you looking for a solution to develop your marketing actions on the SMS channel, for example to distribute promotions and coupons? If you read these lines, then you are in this case and you are looking for SMS Marketing software.

We have tested, evaluated and compared several solutions to help you choose the SMS marketing platform that best suits your needs, expectations and ambitions. We will present our 3 favorite software: SendinBlue, OVH Telecom and AllmySMS. We will then present the main criteria to take into account when choosing your SMS marketing software. We will present at the end a Top 8 software on the market.

Our 3 favorite SMS Marketing software

Without further ado, discover our comparison table of the 3 SMS Marketing software that most appealed to us: SendinBlue, OVH Telecom and AllmySMS:

sendinblue logo
Last name SendinBlueOVH TelecomAllMySMS
Import databaseCSV or TXT formatExcel or CSV formatAny file (Excel recommended)
Contacts managementYesYesYes
Planning sending campaignsYesYesYes
Mobile couponsYesn / AYes
Sending by emailYesYesYes
Virtual mobile numbern / AYesYes
Automatic SMSYesYesYes
Bidirectional SMSYesYesYes
Short codesYesn / AYes
MMSYesn / AYes
Message customizationYesYesYes
Reporting / Analytics YesYesYes
integrationsWordPress – Shopify – Prestashop – Woocommercen / ASalesforce – Zapier – Gmail – Google Sheets etc.
Free versionYesYesYes
Prices45 € for 1000 SMS – 450 € for 10 000 SMS. Not communicated for 100,000 SMS58 € for 1000 SMS – 540 € for 10 000 SMS – 5000 € for 100 000 SMS€ 45 for 1000 SMS – € 450 for 10,000 SMS – € 4,500 for 100,000 SMS

The criteria for choosing your SMS marketing software

Thanks to this form of communication that is SMS, it is possible to quickly and easily send promotions, alerts, notifications etc. to a large number of target groups. Now the question arises of how to choose the best SMS marketing platform for your business? Here are the main criteria to take into consideration to feed your thinking.

Versatility of the offer – does the software allow more than just sending an SMS?

Besides the simple possibility of sending your SMS, does the software offer other advanced marketing / service tools? Because a simple service of sending group messages is not enough for the happiness of your business. To successfully run an SMS campaign, other tools are essential. Here is a list that should be part of the essential directory of each SMS marketing software:

This not only allows you to do more than just send SMS, it also shows that the provider has invested seriously in the development of its service.

The question of customer service

Many SMS marketing platforms are self-service. This means that almost everything you do will be done by you. That is to say, plan, download contacts and send SMS campaigns. When choosing, it is important to choose an easy to use platform. Second, it is essential to check the customer service that is available. Cloud-based solutions can sometimes be quite limited in the service provided. It is therefore important to check whether they provide telephone assistance, email or even live chat. Another important aspect to check out is guides and other blog articles. Do they have details on the use of their software? Information should be readily available! However, the best way to find out about customer service is to contact them directly.

There are SMS and SMS…

In this part, we will explain the difference between “low-cost” and “premium” SMS. First of all, you should know that these two types of SMS are only intended for Metropolitan London and that the big difference lies mainly in the price. But, you shouldn’t just look at the price. We must also look at the possibilities offered by these two solutions. Also note that some platforms only offer sending premium SMS. The Premium SMS offers very specific functionalities:

Of course, these features have a significant impact. Check with the support of the solution you have chosen to find out more. If you really want an SMS marketing service at a lower cost, low-cost SMS can be the solution. However, low-cost text messages can take several days to be sent and you will not be able to personalize your message (no sender name, no acknowledgments, very little interactivity). Premium or low-cost SMS, it’s up to you to choose well according to your needs and your budget.

The price criterion

In the end, check what the company is going to charge you. Many companies will offer you free credits to test their software once you open an account. That way, you can easily test and judge the effectiveness before switching to a monthly plan. In addition, the free trial allows individuals to perform a detailed analysis of the various risks involved.

The mistake not to make when comparing the price of SMS

The most common mistake when you are faced with the choice of your SMS marketing software is to focus on the price. As we have seen above, the price, although important, should not be the deciding factor in your choice. Criteria such as increased deliverability or even efficient customer service are often as much or even more decisive.

In any case, it will be very difficult for you to plan the exact budget for an SMS marketing campaign. Indeed, if your contacts are located in the 4 corners of the world, the cost of sending your campaign will be difficult to calculate. As you can see from the photo above, sending an SMS to Haiti will cost you € 0.090 excl. The price will not be the same if you send the same SMS to Germany for example. It is therefore difficult to predict the average price of SMS, focusing on the price of sending to London (the one put forward by SMS marketing software) can be misleading.

Our selection of the best SMS Marketing software


With Sendinblue’s SMS Marketing solution, you will have all the functionalities necessary to succeed in your marketing campaign. Make your offers known by writing your message, selecting the corresponding group of contacts and, finally, scheduling the date and time of dispatch. You can personalize your SMS using segmentation or adding the contact attributes you have obtained (name, address etc.). Finally, you have the opportunity to analyze the results of your campaign in real time.


OVH Telecom

Reach your customers as close as possible thanks to the SMS campaign from OVH Telecom, which is easy and quick to set up. Thanks to OVH Telecom, you can schedule the sending of SMS for important events (birthdays, trade fairs, etc.). You can also let your recipient respond directly to your SMS. Convenient for simple and direct returns. Finally, OVH Telecom also offers you the possibility of sending SMS directly from the Internet. In short, an effective solution for this major player in web hosting.



AllmySMS guarantees an SMS marketing service at an unbeatable price or almost, without any commitment, subscription or hidden costs. Thanks to this solution, you will be able to send your professional SMS in mass, your marketing campaigns by SMS or simply to stay in contact with your collaborators. In addition, it is always good to know that our data is secure and will never be used for commercial purposes. It is also important to note that you can send voice messages live answering machine or receive SMS on a virtual mobile number. Keep up to date regularly as new features are added regularly.


Ditel SMS Mailing

Thanks to the connection to a computer of a modem using a GSM SIM card, it is possible to send up to 200 SMS / hour, free of charge (depending on the operator and the subscribed package). Ditel SMS Mailing is to be installed on a single computer, so you have to buy it and download updates. Strengths: a real phone number is displayed, guaranteeing a better opening rate ; and importing an Excel file allows you to customize messages.


Spot Hit

Marketers appreciate the “multichannel” feature which gives the Spot-Hit platform rare firepower: by combining SMS, enriched SMS with mobile site, MMS, VMS (voice message on answering machine), and the postal campaign , it is possible to multiply the points of contact with a customer to determine and favor the channel with which the customer is the most reactive.


SMS Factor

The SMS Factor service is 100% London, and anti-SMS low cost: it advocates quality in order to optimize the rate of SMS delivery. To illustrate his will, he declared himself to the Electronic Communications Regulatory Authority. Strong point: his spirit of innovation with “mail to sms” has won over many companies, regardless of the volume of SMS they send.



With Primo Texto, you have the choice of sending your SMS via the Internet, by email or using the API they offer. Primo Texto is really made for everyone. Whether you are a merchant, an e-merchant, whether you want to promote a product or issue invitations to an event, Primo Texto will have the solution. Proven instantaneousness, unbeatable deliverability and a multi-use channel, make Primo Texto a major player in SMS marketing.



With sMsmode, you can send your SMS campaign worldwide. Voice SMS, SMS encrypted with a password, virtual mobile number, Google Calendar plugin etc. here is a non-exhaustive list of the possibilities offered by sMsmode. At the end of sending your campaign, you have the possibility to access very detailed statistics, in real time. Convenient to see the strengths and weaknesses of your campaign.


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