As we welcome the new year, it is time to design our digital marketing strategies for 2020. Websites Are Us is a forward looking company, so we have compiled a list of the best digital marketing trends of 2020 to help you succeed. yearly goals of your business.

AnchorArtificial Intelligence (AI)

In fact, Artificial Intelligence, or AI is an increasingly popular marketing tool and has done wonders for digital automation – remember Chatbots, interaction bots and Voice Search technology.

With AI, you can predict customer behavior, analyze data, and personalize content more effectively and accurately than ever. This means upgrading your brand, higher quality interaction and higher conversion rates.

In 2020, we can expect to see better customer targeting, advanced analytics, and increases in AI-based personalized content. Don’t be afraid of these innovations, AI saves time for you and your business.

In this case, we have the following:

AnchorVoice Search

And as we mentioned above, Voice Search technology belongs to AI, but its power and efficiency for 2020 makes it its own personalized trend.

Voice Search – Voice Search is one speech recognition technology allowing users to tell the device what to look for. Smartphones, laptops and dedicated devices have this digital assistant who enters the search query on request instead of having to type it on their own.

Its increasing use Voice Search it gets to the point where businesses are already starting to take this technology seriously and start thinking about where it could fit into their customer experience.

Mobile Voice Search is three times more likely to be used for local queries in relation to text searches. So why should you stay ahead of the competition? For local businesses, three key factors play a role in how successful their digital presence is in the future of Voice Search: location, interaction and quality.

In this case, we have the following:

Shoppable Content

All the marketing trends for 2020 show speed, efficiency and immediacy, and we all know that online shopping has all three of these characteristics.

Shoppable content is any content that provides a direct purchase opportunity to a customer. This could be an Instagram story with a swipe-up or a product article that allows the consumer to buy directly from the post they are reading.

Shoppable content merges content and commerce and allows businesses to have instant conversions. Applying content for direct marketing to your strategy is a surefire way to increase sales, expand customer insights, and better manage your business time.

Virtual & Augmented Reality

VR and AR have opened new doors for Digital Marketing innovation. Interactive content is a cornerstone of customer conversion, allowing users to access an interactive world that captures their attention and presents products in reality.

Some major Brands have already implemented VR and AR in their strategies, allowing customers to try on clothes, see a piece of furniture that would fit into their home, or play with a cute, virtual puppy in their bed.

The key to this content is that it is interactive, personalized and reliable. Virtual content markets themselves allow brands to use imagination and emotion by telling a story to attract customers.

In this case, we have the following:

AnchorPersonalized Marketing

As the digital sphere becomes more saturated, consumers are choosing the content they interact with. Personalized content, whether through email lists, competitions or experiences, will be even more important in 2020.

In addition to visual strategy, it is important to personalize your scope and insight marketing to ensure that your content reaches your target market. Data and AI programs are a great place to start as your ideas can give you who, where and how your customers.

Personalized connection is the future, so let’s be sure we’ll keep up with it.

AnchorLeave the Funnel in 2019

Funnel has long been a driving force in the lives of agencies since time immemorial. But in today’s complex digital world, is it still the only option?

Research shows that the funnel is no longer a one-way street, but a moving wheel that generates inertia from its continuous generation. The idea is that marketing should not be driven by sales, nor should it consider customers as a result. Maybe we should consider the idea that customers are cyclically targeted and not treated as a one-way ticket for sales. This theory aims to empower customers in their thoughts on the brand and encourage their confidence in it.

After all, the buying process is no longer linear. Customer engagement is as wide and varied as the digital field, so we innovate on our ideas. How the actual conversion looks like will be crucial in the coming years.

In this case, we have the following:

AnchorIn short

Those of us at Digital Marketing are committed to continuous innovation. Every year it becomes more and more important to stay up-to-date with new technologies and strategies.

Analytics from 2019 can remind us that more than ever, customers want to be seen as separate entities. Personalized and unique content brings true conversion and lasting dedication. Creative marketing methods are linked to different audiences and allow for extensive campaigns.

The best way to deal with the new year is to be prepared. Keep learning, keep innovating and never stop aiming for effectiveness.

If you have questions about branding, digital marketing or current trends, feel free to contact us.

Article Writing: Βασιλία Μεγρέμη