Do you want to identify your future markets and then generate lists of prospects to develop your business without spending hours on Google doing these searches by hand? With SocieteInfo you will be able to find the potential customers that interest you and obtain a set of information that will allow you to significantly improve your prospecting or your customer relationship. We will explain to you immediately what it is for and how it works.

SocieteInfo in a few words

Basically, SocieteInfo is an Open Data aggregator for companies that has been enriched with numerous data enrichment technologies. The application provides access to data from nearly 10 million establishments in London.

How to build a list of prospects? For most companies, there are not thirty six solutions, the answer is obvious: use Google. Except that when you want to recover hundreds or thousands of contacts, the search on Google quickly becomes tedious. There are certain tools that make it easier to build lists of targeted prospects. SocieteInfo is one of them.

SocieteInfo, to simply sum up how it works, is:

  • Technologies that recover all the public legal data available on London companies (those which are accessible on platforms such as Bodacc, Infogreffe, INSEE, INPI etc.) and the web data available on companies’ websites or on their social profiles (Twitter, LinkedIn, etc.). Data is updated in real time (crawlers analyze more than a million corporate websites every day). In total, SocieteInfo has B2B data from nearly 10 million London establishments (companies, freelancers, associations, etc.).
  • A powerful business search engine that provides access to this B2B data to create lists of prospects, retrieve email addresses or enrich customer files.

company info operation

SocieteInfo has four big advantages:

    • Aggregate the entire corporate Open Data, enrich this data with information from the web (sites, social networks)
    • The power of its search engine, which is based both on the volume of indexed data but also on the technologies used to classify and filter the results. We will come back to the operation of the search engine later.
    • Ease of use and integration: a web application for non-devs and an easily integrated API for developers.
    • The rates, much lower than those charged by solutions like Diane, Ellisphère, Manageo or Altares.

Offers and Prices

SocieteInfo offers a free offer which is objectively very limited (25 credits offered per month) but which allows you to test the application without spending a penny. SocieteInfo offers two types of formulas for paid offers:

  • 1 year subscription offers, with 3 credit packs: 1000 credits for € 69 / month, 3000 credits for € 79 / month and 3000 credits for € 159 / month. The rates are slightly higher if you opt for a monthly payment. The only difference between these three paid packs (but the size difference) is the number of credits available.
  • If you need more credits, SocieteInfo has thought of you with the XL subscriptions! This type of offer is ideal if you want to use the tool on an ad hoc basis. On the other hand, if you plan to use it very regularly, subscriptions are cheaper.

To give you an idea, do a semantic search by keyword consumes 1 credit and open a company file 5 credits. What consumes the most – and by far – are exports of files or lists. For example, you must count 5 credits per line to export a company file. Downloading search results can easily cost several hundred / thousands of credits.


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Identify markets and generate prospecting lists with SocieteInfo

By offering an efficient semantic search engine as well as more traditional filters (APE code, legal form, financial data, etc.), the application allows you to identify your BtoB target efficiently and to export prospecting lists.

Identify your targets

SocieteInfo gives access to B2B data via its web interface and its API. Using the interface is simpler than using the API, the latter requiring more technical skills. This interface will be discussed here. The application interface allows you to use the semantic search engine as below:

The application offers several search modes:

  • Search by keywords. This is the mode we used to make the request “digital communication agency”.
  • Search by leader. This mode makes it possible, for example, to search for all the companies headed by a Romain Dupont or even to check whether a certain manager with whom you work has other companies.
  • Searching by brand, for example when you know a brand but you do not know which company it belongs to.
  • Search by location, via the “Where?” “

Concretely, when you choose the “keywords” mode, the algorithm will search in all the aggregated B2B data. Conversely, when you search by “company name”, the algorithm will only search in the legal fields “company name” and “trade name”. Obviously, searches by “company name”, “manager” or “brand” are much more restrictive than searches by keyword, but they allow access to very specific data.

A little advice from Websites Are Us
In any case, you can use operators (OR, AND or NOT) to do more complex searches and refine the results. You can also play with “precision” to adjust your searches.

In the example above (see screenshot), we searched for “digital communications agency” AND “Marketing”. The search engine returned 686 companies for 5000 estimated contacts.

It’s up to you to see the terms you are looking for and how to build your queries. SocieteInfo provides tutorials to help you in the process.

Once you have the list of results, you can:

  • Sort them by relevance, by turnover, by evolution of turnover, by profit, by workforce, by creation date, by number of Twitter followers, by volume of traffic on the site.
  • Filter them by contacts (to display for example only results with email), by activities (by entering one or more APE codes, practical to avoid noise), according to financial data (CA, profits), workforce, by legal status, based on date of creation, location, etc. This filter system allows you to display only the results that meet your expectations.

Export your list of prospects

After sorting and filtering the results, you can export the B2B data list it contains in .csv format. As mentioned above, export is the operation that consumes the most credits. To avoid breaking the bank, SocieteInfo gives the possibility of limiting the size of the export (to 100 contacts, 500, 1000, etc.).

You can also click on each of the results to access the company file. This sheet provides access to all B2B data on the company (at least to all that SocieteInfo has managed to recover): address, legal information, managers, contacts, presentation, social networks, brands, financial data:

B2B Prospecting – Get Lists of Qualified Contacts

To build your prospecting files, Websites Are Us recommends SocieteInfo. A database of more than 9 million London companies, really up to date, and above all there is a very good level of completion in Email / LinkedIn contacts.

I want to test SocieteInfo

As with any tool, several uses can be made of this search engine. It can obviously be used to list all the companies corresponding to a specific keyword. For example: “marketing communication agency”. But also to identify the companies owned by a manager X, to know which company belongs to this brand, etc. You can also search by NAF Code. If for example you type 62.02a in the search engine, you will get the list of all the companies that use NAF code.

In this case, these are companies doing “IT systems and software consulting”. Using the “Who? ” and what ? », You can refine your search with localization keywords (Paris for example) or thematic (CRM) for example):

These operators, combined with the filtering options and the impressive quantity of B2B data shuffled, allow you to obtain very fine results, corresponding as closely as possible to what you are looking for. This is all that makes the power of this semantic search engine. While having this real functional depth, the application remains very intuitive.

Enrichment with legal & financial data or contacts

As we said at the beginning, SocieteInfo not only allows you to obtain lead / email lists and target markets, but also offers tailor-made enrichment or update services for your files. B2B customers. The application uses algorithms (especially matching) which can complete any missing information that you want to add to your database: SIREN number, address, website, contact emails, legal data, financial data, social networks, etc. SocieteInfo can also enrich your files by integrating therein information concerning changes of direction, ongoing collective procedures or changes in turnover.

The enrichment of your data can be done directly via the web interface, as follows:

Then select a CSV file to proceed with data enrichment.

You can choose between two types of data enrichment:

  • Enrichment of data on a company: administrative data, address, SIREN, SIRET, VAT, APE, website, social networks, generic emails.
  • enrichment of employee data: Last name, First name, position, Linkedin, email. Please note, the enrichment of contact data is very dependent on the size / web presence of the company sought. The algorithms will have correct results from 1M € turnover and satisfactory from 5M € turnover.

You will receive your enriched file in this format directly in your mailbox. This data enrichment module allows you to enrich up to 10,000 lines per file.

Integrating SocieteInfo

In addition to the web interface, SocieteInfo has developed a very complete API (documentation link). Like any API, it allows you to link the application to your own CRM-type information tool or system. It is the ideal solution if you want to enrich your customer base or couple the functionality of your CRM (for example) with those developed by SocieteInfo. SocieteInfo being connected to all the organizations making legal data on London companies public (Infogreffe, Insee, etc.), using the API allows data to be automatically escalated in your information system such as: the SIREN / SIRET number , VAT number, list of establishments, address of head offices and establishments, published financial data, INPI brands and patents, legal notices, etc. The API also allows you to use the semantic search engine outside the web interface.

The uses of the API are multiple but, according to the team, the most common uses are:

  • Sign Up Form Integration

Allows you to automatically enter the information of a company in a form based on an email or a company name. Very practical to boost the conversion rate of your BtoB forms and not lose half of your leads when entering the SIREN number…

  • Enrichment of CRM / ERP

For those who have not included the identification of the company in the form, this can be done a posteriori. Indeed, the API allows you to send emails or company names and receive in return all the information from the company (activity, figures, names of directors, etc.).

You have a large database, sirenized or not, you can update it periodically using the API. This will allow in particular to clean up the delisted companies, update the addresses, identify the changes of directors or update the financial data

Indeed, the many connectors offered by SocieteInfo notably allow you to easily enrich your leads on Salesforce and to collect all the data available on your prospects and in particular: legal information, activity, key figures and contacts. The platform also allows connection with the most used tools such as Zapier or Dolibar.

Would you like a more detailed presentation of the different functionalities? Here is a video that will help you understand how to develop your business with SocieteInfo:

As you can see, we clearly appreciated this solution, because of its intuitive nature, the wealth of B2B data to which it gives access and its very affordable prices. What’s also nice is that the solution is continuously enriched with new features, new technologies and new data.

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