Finding a specific ID of the WordPress page, post, category, or tag is necessary for some plugins.

WordPress no longer displays this important piece of information on the control panel.

Finding WP Category Label Text Media File ID

WP IDs for categories, tags, articles and even media files you can easily find it by the following method:

one) ‘Pages’ -> to ‘All Pages’ Go to, and then click the page whose ID you want to find. You will be directed to the editing section.

2) After entering the editing page, look at the web address (URL) in your browser’s navigation bar. There “The” You should see something like.

3) what you see here “Post = 10048”. So the identity of this page is 10048.

4) Identification for categories and labels “Tag_ID =” comes right after (Instead of “post =”).

You can easily perform ID finding by the above method.


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