As soon as your company recruits its first employee, it becomes responsible for managing its pay. It is possible to delegate payroll management to an external provider. But if it is the company itself that takes care of it, it will need to be equipped with payroll management software for VSEs and SMEs. Payroll management cannot be improvised. This is a complex subject where you have to make sure you follow strict and changing regulations. To facilitate your research, Websites Are Us has found for you the best payroll management software on the market to manage the payroll of your employees internally.

How to choose your payroll management software?

To choose your payroll software wisely, it is crucial to assess the scope of your needs. This will allow you to predict priority features, the number of users, the volume of data, etc.). Also, from there, you can set the budget that you want to allocate to this payroll management solution. Also remember to take into account training, support offered and updates.

Understand the main features of payroll software

The purpose of payroll software is to take care of day-to-day payroll management as well as administrative personnel management. Here is a non-exhaustive list of features of a payroll software:

  • Edit payroll and payroll slips.
  • Manage payments with automatic generation of the file which allows transfers to be sent to the bank.
  • Automatically integrate payroll entries into accounting.
  • Remote declare DSNs (nominative social declarations).
  • Perform DADS (annual declaration of data entered).
  • Maintain the personnel register.
  • Produce documents such as employment contracts, hiring promises, ASSEDIC certificates, work stoppages, work certificate, etc.).

Licensed software vs. SaaS software

Your choice should be made according to your needs, the environment and the size of your business.
Licensed software is installed on your company’s servers. It is a popular solution for its security, since the data is stored by you. Pay attention to the cost of updates and their frequency.
A Saas solution means that you have access to your service permanently and securely. Your data is stored by the publisher. You can connect to work from anywhere and on all types of media. Updates are automatic.

Our advice for choosing your payroll management software

Here are more specifically the elements to look closely before selecting your solution:

  • Is the software supplier trusted? Pay attention to the quality of the products it offers.
  • Does the software benefit from regular updates in order to be constantly in compliance with the most recent legal changes?
  • Does the service provider include a hotline that can be reached quickly with support that will be able to respond if you have a problem?
  • Payroll software can have different modes of use. Will you have single-user or multi-user access? In other words, is it licensed software? Or a SaaS solution, accessible online at any time?
  • Is the software you are looking for able to manage payroll in your industry? If you are in an area with specific legislation, ask the publisher if their payroll software is right for you.

Finally, to save you time in your management and avoid re-entry errors, check that the payroll software automatically generates the payroll journal. You can then inject it into your accounts.


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Focus on 8 payroll software for VSEs / SMEs


payfit payroll management software

Payfit is a payroll management solution designed to help small and medium businesses. The software helps automate the entire payroll lifecycle, from ITR requests to tracking leave and expenses. Key features include benefits management, payroll reporting, time tracking and integration.

Teams using Payfit can keep monthly payroll and accounting records in a journal, which can be downloaded in different formats and shared between organizations. The centralized platform allows companies to manage employee retirement contributions and view monthly expenses, including contributions and pensions, in a single table. In addition, users can generate custom reports based on various factors such as the age pyramid, gender gaps and labor cost to facilitate decision making.


Pricing is available on the basis of a monthly subscription and and offered in different formulas according to your needs: Payroll management: 149 € (set-up costs) + 15 € / month / employee Payroll management & HRIS: 149 € (set-up costs) + 23 € / month / employee Migration costs: 50 € / employee.


payroll management software cegid

Cegid offers different payroll and human resources software that can be compatible with any company. Its features include payroll management, workflow automation and customer relationship management (CRM). It is ideal for medium and large retail businesses that operate multiple branches.


Cegid’s price is based on a number of factors, including the configuration of the selected product, the add-ons and the total number of seats (each seat is defined as a point-of-sale device or a back-office user). License prices start at $ 319 per month; additional seats are charged at $ 159 per month. This price is based on a standard 36 month contract.

Sage one

wise one payroll management software

Sage One is easy-to-use cloud-based accounting and payroll software for SOHO / SME. It offers dashboards, graphs and detailed transaction analysis to provide you and your accountant with a clear overview of your business at any time via the web. Sage One has a cross platform and multi OS capability and can work with PCs, Macs, iOS and Android as well as desktops, tablets and smartphones. It lets you work anywhere, anytime, collaborate and share, and comply with the latest rules and regulations.


Sage One offers 2 corporate rate plans and a 30-day free trial for each plan: Sage One Start – $ 10 / month, Sage One Accounting – $ 25 / month.

Heaven Pay (Sage Business Cloud Pay)

payroll management software

Ciel paye is now called “Sage Business Cloud Payroll” but is still aimed at VSEs / SMEs and offers a payroll management formula at a reduced price. The software therefore supports the DSN (Nominal Social Declaration) monthly or declarative. It also includes payroll plans and ready-to-use profiles based on your activity. In Ciel Paye, you have a plethora of pre-filled documents such as employment contracts, promises to hire or extended trial periods. Thanks to its dashboard, you can easily follow the evolution of your company’s payroll in order to control your costs.


Ciel paye / Sage Business Cloud Payroll pricing is available on the basis of a monthly subscription and is available from € 71 per month.


nibelis payroll management software

Nibelis is a SaaS software company based in London and offers a payroll management tool for VSEs and SMEs called Nibelis. The software offers an online service combining payroll and HR, it includes features such as attendance management, benefits management, compensation management, deduction management, direct deposit, multi-country and multi-country management -States, the self-service portal, monitoring of holidays / vacations, garnishment of wages and reports / analyzes. Nibelis offers online assistance and support during business hours. Nibelis is available as SaaS software.


Nibelis prices start at $ 0.01. They do not have a free version and do not offer a free trial.


meta 4 payroll management software

Acquired by the Cegid group, Meta4 is a very flexible and very solid platform for managing the human resources and payroll service for VSEs and SMEs. The tool offers a basic solution, which allows the customer to choose the desired functionality, then increasing the capacities thanks to HR, compensation and benefits, talent management and the most complete solution. Easy to use, it also has a good ability to process more complex pay (overtime, multiple contracts, changes in situation during the month, etc.).


The Meta4 price is 50,000 euros per user per year, but this price is subject to change as different options are offered by the publisher to best meet the needs of companies (functionalities, number of users, etc.).


ADP payroll management software

ADP is a cloud-based payroll and human resources (HR) management solution. It offers functionalities for implementation, payroll control and management of employee savings or expertise in social law (collective agreements, etc.).


Prices are available on quotation.


EBP payroll management software

Since 2013, EBP has been the pilot publisher of the DSN. This is to ensure that you are acting in accordance with the law when processing your pay. With EBP, you have a complete toolbox that you can adapt to the profile of each of your employees, whether they are interns, professional contracts, apprentices, managers, etc.). The software also includes a powerful employee creation wizard that will simplify data entry. Administratively, it also allows the editing of documents such as contracts and work certificates, receipts for all account balances, etc.


You can simplify and secure your payroll management with EBP for € 6 per month per pay slip.


Unless you want to, and can, pay an internal accountant, we recommend that most VSEs and SMEs outsource at least part of their payroll management. Payroll software providers save you a lot of the hassle, cost, and risk of managing wages and let you do what you’re supposed to do: build a successful business.

To go further, we advise you to discover our complete comparison on the best accounting software for VSEs / SMEs.

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