You are present on several social networks and you can no longer manage all your accounts? Would you like to plan posts or tweets in advance? So you need a social media management tool, a Social Media Management tool as our Anglo-Saxon friends say.

HootSuite is one of them. What is HootSuite worth? How it works ? What are the key features offered by this tool? What strengths? What weak points? We tested Hootsuite for you. Discover the opinion of Websites Are Us.

HootSuite in a few words

Hootsuite is a platform that allows businesses to execute and plan incredible social media strategies and activities. His vision is to revolutionize today’s communications. Hootsuite’s mission is to give its customers the means to transform their messages into meaningful relationships. Based in Vancouver, Canada, this renowned software company employs more than 500 people in its various offices: in San Francisco, Vancouver, Hong Kong, New York, Sydney, London, Singapore and elsewhere. This company offers a freemium model (available for free but with paid features) with basic features.

Its product is used by at least 10 million users in more than 175 countries. Hootsuite helps you execute marketing campaigns, locate and expand your audience and send them targeted messages via multiple channels. Your team can use their dashboard to collaboratively plan posts on LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and other popular social networks via their desktop, web, and mobile platforms. In addition, you can easily follow your industry trends and campaign results to refine your strategies as you go.

The Hootsuite dashboard contains tabs that organize all of your social media profiles that you link to the app. Today, many companies use their social profiles to provide customer support, offer personalized offers to subscribers and encourage them to become regular buyers of their products or services. These companies can use Hootsuite to effortlessly manage multiple social profiles simultaneously.

Offers & Prices

Hootsuite offers several packages that you choose according to your needs. If you’re just getting started, or don’t know if Hootsuite is the right option for your business, you can use the limited free plan. You can manage up to three social profiles, schedule up to 30 messages in advance and obtain an administrative account. If the free account is too limited for your needs, you can choose from four paid plans. All come with a full 30 day free trial before you have to pay.

The entry-level option lets you support ten social profiles, unlimited content planning, and administrative access for one user. You’ll also have access to block planning features, real-time analytics, and RSS integrations. The next plan adds support for ten more social profiles, two more administrators, reports, team assignments, contest templates, a custom URL, and social media certification.

The “Business” package brings you everything we have already mentioned, as well as support for 35 social profiles, up to 10 administrators, data exports, approval process for the publication of items, application integrations, four social media certifications, 24/7 priority support and 30 minutes of extensive training for your users. Finally, if you are a large company whose needs exceed the plans listed above, you can opt for an “Enterprise” subscription built around the needs of your business. Since these plans are developed based on the needs of your organization, the cost will vary depending on the options you choose. The price is therefore only available on request.

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Main Features of HootSuite


When you click on “Editor” you will arrive on a calendar. You will have the choice between “new post” and “new pin” if you want to publish on Pinterest. Once you have made your choice, you will need to select the account on which you wish to schedule your publication. The second step is writing your message. Then, you have the choice to add a media or not. The third step is to select a date and time, and finally, plan ahead. And There you go ! Your publication is ready. A real breeze!

Content curation

Hootsuite makes it easy for you to find content that others have created that your users may find interesting. In the Hootsuite dashboard, you simply create “feeds”, which are panels dedicated to the display of content on this platform in relation to the parameters that you have defined. For example, if you are the company behind an SQL client, you can create a feed that tracks tweets with the hashtag #sql. Whenever you find something that might interest your customers, you can easily retweet using the button provided. If you find items of interest but don’t think now is the time to share them, you can save them to your content library. Hootsuite makes it easy to tag, find and analyze usage statistics for items in your library. If content is stored in the cloud, such as Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, or Google Drive, you can integrate Hootsuite to extract it and publish it on your behalf.


Hootsuite’s powerful analytics let you know how your social media efforts are progressing. Rather than just posting content and hoping for something to happen, you can get actionable information. The dashboard provides you with a clear and concise snapshot of your key metrics, allowing you to track trends. This is a default feature, so you don’t need any configuration to access this data. You can also create what Hootsuite calls “tables,” which are custom analytics dashboards with the data you need to tell your story. You can create your own tables or familiarize yourself with the models provided by Hootsuite. If you want to share your data, you can do so by exporting your reports to Excel, PowerPoint, PDF and CSV formats. For a deeper understanding of your engagement and presence on social media, you can integrate third-party data tools, such as LiftMetrix, Klarity Analytics, Crowd Analyzer, etc.

Team management

Hootsuite provides support for teamwork in social media management. To determine your team’s effectiveness in terms of social engagement, Hootsuite lets you see things like how long it takes to respond to and resolve tweets, Facebook posts, mentions, and comments.


As mentioned above, one of the most powerful features of Hootsuite is its ability to monitor key activities. One of the main problems with managing multiple social media platforms is the amount of information that reaches you. With Hootsuite, you can filter by keyword and identify the content you want to use and share. The dashboard allows you to create personalized streams of organized content. You can customize your queries and group content in a way that works for your business. When something interesting appears, you can sort the item to your team members for further action. The filters available to you include keywords, hashtags, and locations so you can find information about your brand, competitors, or industry. If Hootsuite doesn’t have all the features you need to monitor people’s conversations about your business, you can easily add and integrate apps so you can see them right in your Hootsuite dashboard.


Hootsuite comes with active account monitoring, which alerts you at any time when suspicious activity is detected on your account. Hootsuite also allows you to stay in compliance, especially if you are in a highly regulated field such as medicine or finance, by taking care of integrations with Proofpoint, ZeroFOX, Smarsh, Global Relay and Actiance.

Additional features with Hootsuite Pro

In the “Editor” section, you have access to the bulk messaging feature, which unfortunately is not available with the free account. You can even automatically post messages (via RSS feeds) to more than two profiles. This Editor tab makes planning for social media publishing a breeze. In addition, the Vanity URL feature allows you to use your own domain name for short URLs, which creates better brand recall value for your business. The Pro account also offers a very effective collaboration feature that allows several people to manage different profiles from the same Hootsuite account. This is particularly useful for social media agencies and businesses that manage multiple social media accounts by delegating responsibilities for each profile to different people. Thus, working in a group is extremely easy, while using the Hootsuite tool. If a team is working on the Hootsuite dashboard, you can assign different feeds and messages to team members. The “Assignment” section allows them to check the messages assigned to them or to assign messages to others.

Finally, with the application directory, you can also take advantage of the amazing features offered by certain applications, such as SoundCloud, Google Drive and Salesforce. For example, Salesforce allows you to interact with your customers directly through the Hootsuite platform.

Advantages disadvantages

Here are the main advantages and disadvantages of this tool. Let’s start with the advantages:

  • There is no need to download Hootsuite, as it is a web tool.
  • It offers a free plan as well as a 30-day free trial period for the Hootsuite Pro plan, allowing you to try out the different features and get used to the ways of working with this tool.
  • Hootsuite mobile apps for iOS and Android are available.
  • It gives you access to an extensive library of applications (from its application directory) which allows you to significantly improve your marketing and social media management prowess.
  • It is one of the few social media marketing tools that supports managing multiple YouTube accounts from the dashboard, as well as the ability to schedule video posts to your social media profiles. You can even use the custom search feed to find relevant videos to post.
  • It allows you to learn social media management and marketing through free online courses and get certified.
  • It allows you to compose messages and publish them to any social network profile from any page or tab in the Hootsuite dashboard.
  • It gives you the possibility to add the RSS feed of your blog, associated with the automatic sharing of the last posts of your blog.
  • With Hootlet (a free add-on for Chrome), you can easily publish content to your social networks from anywhere on the web.
  • If you have no content to post, the tool offers you appropriate recommendations that you can read to post relevant posts.

After seeing the main advantages of Hootsuite, let’s now turn to the disadvantages:

  • The free Hootsuite plan only allows you to manage three social media profiles. If you want to manage more profiles, you must choose their paid or premium plans (starting with the Pro account).
  • The initial appearance of the Hootsuite dashboard can seem confusing and intimidating for beginners.
  • It only supports a limited number of URL shorteners (,, or for adding links to your posts.
  • Adding more users than what is allowed to access Hootsuite can be very costly.

Conclusion – Websites Are Us’s opinion

Hootsuite is one of the most popular tools in the social media programming market. Hootsuite allows you to take advantage of many benefits for the effective management of your social media accounts or profiles, but there are better solutions that you should take the time to analyze. The fact that Hootsuite offers flexible plans that even allow you to try the features for free and then gradually upgrade to higher plans, depending on your needs, makes it a popular tool among most popular tools. But, Hootsuite, it’s still very expensive for what you get, since there are platforms like Sendible that offer the same useful and innovative features for a lot less money. And you, what tool do you use to work on social networks?

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