There are people who believe that website hosting and e-commerce are the same thing. However, it is not their fault to think like that, because a large part of this idea is due to non-optimized and low-priced hosting, which simply focus on the number of customers and not on the optimization of the server for your type of website.

However, many people are already tired of sites with low uptime (which is the average time, guaranteed by the service provider, when the site is available) and the lack or slowness in the support service.

And these are some of the factors that can NOT occur in a good hosting and in this content we will show you what you need to consider to find the best provider for your website or e-commerce. Check out the tips!

Before starting effectively, for better communication and better understanding of the content, we need to make clear the differences between what I consider to be a website and an e-commerce, all right?

Site: We will treat as a website, an internet page created with the objective of transmitting relevant information. Among the models in this category we have: blogs, institutional websites, business cards and virtual portfolios.

E-commerce: E-commerces, like websites, convey relevant information. However, they are created with the objective of becoming a virtual sales channel. Because of this they have different functionalities running “under the site” that allow users to set up shopping carts, make purchases, etc. In addition to allowing tenants to register products in stock, manage their sales, promotions, etc.

What factors to take into account when choosing a hosting?

Web Hosting Assess Factors

Even if you are the owner of a website or e-commerce, there are some factors that must be analyzed regarding the company that will provide the hosting service. The main ones are:


Support is possibly the most important factor when hiring a hosting provider, because at one time or another you will probably need it to answer your questions or to find the resolution of any error on your server.

For good support, it is recommended that you attend in your native language (in this case PT-BR).

Another measure taken by great hosting companies is the centralization of their service channels. In this case, omnichannel service tools like Websites Are Us are great solutions. Omnichannel solutions allow you to centralize calls, chats and other user interactions in one place. This way you help avoid unnecessary information redundancy and offer more efficient service.

Specialized team

Hosting servers are complex machines and need a specialized team to keep them running smoothly. Otherwise, your website could be seriously compromised, with the possibility of losing important data or even losing everything.

Some hosting companies provide management of the environment. This management is extremely important. The provider keeps you informed if your environment is still suitable for your application, if there is something consuming more resources than necessary, among other situations involving your server.

Often the increase in consumption can be related to virtual attacks or development failures. Therefore, the provider’s agility and monitoring are essential to avoid major problems.


After taking into account the above factors, it is time to evaluate the price. And just to reinforce, avoid hosting plans with extremely low prices and unlimited resources. This is an important factor, but it should not be analyzed separately.


Speed ​​is one of the most important requirements, both for your website and for your e-commerce. Currently, a site that takes more than 2 seconds to load is considered slow.

In February 2013, a survey was conducted by WalmartLabs regarding the restructuring of the Walmart website. It obtained extremely alarming results in relation to the speed of the pages and the number of conversions. It was found in the research that:

  • Every 1 second of improvement in site speed, there was an increase of up to 2% in conversions;
  • Every 100 ms (milliseconds) of improvement, they increased the incremental revenue (resulting from the sale of products) by up to 1%
  • With a faster website they realized several SEO benefits for landing pages and reduction of abandonments.

In addition to hosting, there are other factors that if not optimized can cause major headaches when hosting your website. I would like to invite you to read the material Factors that lead a website to slow down and thus see possible ways to improve performance and enjoy all the benefits of having a quick application!


Optimized hosting considerably increases the performance of e-commerce. Just like choosing between a VPS or a Dedicated Server, a few seconds make the difference.

Some optimizations in hosting to increase website performance are:

  • Database;
  • Web server;
  • Content Distribution Network (CDN);
  • Modules;
  • Updated settings and applications;
  • Platform-specific optimizations.


Backups, SSL Certificate, CDN, monitoring, firewall, protection from DDoS attacks and security maintenance are the main points in the security of a hosting, especially for virtual stores, where traffic is higher and data is more sensitive.

As predicted by the new LGPD Law (General Data Protection Law), the company that works with the handling and control of personal or confidential information of its customers must be responsible for the security and privacy of the information.

There are currently thousands of hackers working and trying to break into any system and your website could be one of them. Constant server monitoring ensures proactivity if the provider is targeted, and precautions can be taken.

It is important to give credibility to your customers using security and trust seals, such as the SiteLock (a tool that allows security analysis against malware on your site) and the green HTTPS padlock (acquired by contracting an SSL Certificate).

Although these factors are important when choosing a good web hosting, there are still other features that can weigh a lot in your choice.

The resources that hosting companies offer in their plans may be responsible for their final decision.

How to choose the best hosting for your website

Web Site Hosting Site Speed

When looking for accommodation think about your goals!

One of the most sought after objectives for this type of model is the number of accesses. Since one of the main sources of revenue for blogs is through ads that are set up in specific locations on the site.

If you work with Conversion Funnel (Attraction, Conversion, Relationship, Sale and Loyalty), you know how attraction is essential for increasing the number of conversions and, consequently, the number of sales.

Because in a perfect setting, the more people we have in the attraction stage, the greater the chances of making a sale.

The “X” of the question is: Is your hosting infrastructure scalable as well?

For example, if your hosting doesn’t support 5 simultaneous accesses (number of people browsing your site at the same time) that there are already falls on the site and slowness for users, so it is not possible to imagine a scalable scenario where your site has more than 20, 30 or 50 simultaneous accesses.

Because of this, look for environments that provide you with the schedule and that do not trap you in “packages” of which no longer meet your needs.

In addition, search for companies that provide the management of your hosting, this way you will always be notified if your server needs more resources.

How to choose the best hosting for your e-commerce

Website Hosting Choosing Ecommerce

Hosting providers need to adapt to changing market conditions. As with e-commerce itself, there were changes, the hosting infrastructure is also undergoing its “transformation” (and this transformation will only grow in the coming years).

The focus now is on your success, the growth of the “hosted” business. The hosting service, in addition to delivering availability, needs to offer value and benefit to those who use it. This goes beyond configuring the best infrastructure for your platform (Magento, WordPress / WooCommerce, Opencart, Prestashop). It is about ensuring the stability of your store on the internet and making the usability of visitors faster.

Hosting allows you to optimize your E-commerce processes such as:

  • Performance optimization;
  • Security optimization;
  • Optimization in the Marketing process;
  • Reduce expenses / increase profit;
  • Save time in activities.

This transformation will have a major impact on e-commerce and the greater the communication between hosting and the online store, the greater the results.

I believe that, in case of problems, you want agile and proactive solutions, not excuses and “simple tips” for correction. And internal errors are often not reported, such as lack of resources on the server.

Just like you, your client is also concerned with the speed of service and site navigation.

Speed ​​is a clear example that your website is really prepared to offer an excellent user experience.

A fast website, with security seals, generates more confidence for its customers, guarantees the feeling of “progress”.

The KissMetrics survey showed that this 1 second delay in loading a page will decrease customer satisfaction by about 16%. Affecting directly on your sales.

Some research data:

The preventive work of Hosting is also important, such as, for example, prior notification of expired SSL Certificates, or limit of use of e-mail disks. Your team wastes no time!

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The type of hosting changes according to the needs of e-commerce. For smaller stores or sites with a low number of accesses, there is no need for a highly managed and robust environment, but a hosting prepared and optimized to support the necessary, the demand it offers.

Do you want to evaluate the performance of your website in the SECNET environment? Request a free demo of our service. And don’t forget to further strengthen your online presence with an omnichannel service platform. To do this, use Websites Are Us, free for up to 5 agents!

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