In the increasingly digital world we live in today, being connected to the internet is already almost a “basic requirement” for life in society. The number of connected people has grown a lot and London is part of this scenario as a protagonist. The fact is that, according to the IBGE, more than 60% of the London population accesses the internet, that is, almost 116 million people.

It is worth remembering that these users perform a good part of their daily tasks online, from paying bills, shopping, to personal and professional relationships, which take place through websites, applications and social networks. Therefore, the presence of companies in online advertising channels is no longer an option, but essential, after all, that is where your target audience is.

Thus, companies that are not in the most used social networks in London, for example, are at great risk of losing many sales. This is because consumers also use social networks to seek information and assessments about brands.

In addition, according to a Sprout Social survey, customers prefer to use social media than other channels to receive support. Therefore, it is necessary to know how to use this trend of public behavior to start ahead of the competition and increase the growth opportunities for your business.

For that, taking strategic actions of digital marketing on social networks can enhance the results of your company and help establish it among the best in your sector. Using social networks as a relationship channel with your customers is more effective than using them only as a showcase for your products.

The production of differentiated content that connects with your audience and takes into account the characteristics of each social network is a much more assertive practice. And to outline the most efficient digital marketing strategy for your company, it is very important to know which are the best social networks to invest in and also the particularities of each one.

Best Social Networks for your company to invest

Social networks are a fundamental channel to stand out and overcome competition in the context of business competitiveness. But, many entrepreneurs make the mistake of owing to social networks only as a means of relating to customers and solving their problems.

However, they are valuable tools, which if used well can generate positive results for your company, such as increased sales.

Therefore, we have listed below the 5 best social networks for your company to invest:

1. Facebook

Today, in the ranking of social networks, Facebook occupies the first position with the incredible number of 103 million users. The network created by Mark Zuckerberg deserves attention.

The content here needs to add something to the public, therefore, the images must always refer to the product or service and when posted next to a link they must be related to the subject. Always with short and direct texts. For more extensive readings, directing the user to your company’s blog or website is more effective.

Facebook also offers tools that can help you analyze the results of your digital marketing campaigns, monitoring the reach and involvement of your publications.



Focused on sharing photos, Instagram is today one of the most consolidated social networks, having reached in 2018 the mark of 1 billion monthly active users.

Do you know the phrase: “a picture is worth a thousand words”? So, this is the maximum that defines Instagram. That way, attractive images and videos are a good choice. Hashtags relevant to your niche are essential, as they will help to disseminate your content to people interested in this type of material on this social network.

Like Facebook, Instagram also offers great functions to analyze the performance of ads and publications, data that can guide your next actions on it.


Twitter is, in the business environment, the second most used digital media. The instant messaging social network is great for performing Digital Marketing actions to bring good results to advertising campaigns.

The news comes first on Twitter, so you need to be here if you want to stay tuned. But, remember that you will only have 280 characters per tweet to communicate.

So, training copywriting will be of great value. If on Instagram the use of hashtags is important, on Twitter it is essential. Without them your publication will not reach, so stay tuned to trending topics and the most used hashtags in your segment, to know what your audience is looking for.


Totally focused on professionals, LinkedIn is used by companies in the process of recruiting and selecting candidates, as well as sharing experiences from the corporate world.

Unlike other social networks, LinkedIn users like to read, so invest in texts. Professional articles, reflections and tips are welcome, as is news sharing.

LinkedIn has 25 million active users in London, so it is a great option to increase the visibility of your company.

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Another social network focused on image sharing, Pinterest has 70 million registered users. In this social network it is possible to share and manage thematic images.

The differential is the directing links, which can take the user of the image bank to the website or blog of your company.

Pinterest is widely used as a source of inspiration, so creativity is indispensable to generate good results through it. Producing attractive images and including links to your website is a great way to generate traffic and even sales.

So #ficaadica!

Now that you know the importance of having your company present in the most used social networks in London, it’s time to put it into practice. So, after creating your business profiles on social networks, get involved with your target audience, offering appropriate content to attract more and more people to your business.

Post regularly during the hot hours of your audience, so that the reach of your publications will be greater. Relationship should be the focus of your digital marketing strategy on social networks, so try to engage your audience. Interact with your followers, share relevant content, respond to their comments and the messages they send you. Stay tuned to do this quickly, because in the digital world, instant interaction is what people want.

When the user has his comment answered, or his request answered on social networks, he feels special and creates an affection for his company. Make good customer service on social media a way to beat the competition and win the business competitiveness race.

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