Make money on Instagram? ” Impossible ! It’s not for me ”… After all, you never had the ambition to become an influencer! Think again, Websites Are Us presents three effective strategies for earning a little money with Instagram (even more than a little).

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Zoom on the 3 main strategies to earn money on Instagram

Strategy N ° 1: Post sponsored content

earn money instagram post sponsor

One of the easiest ways to make money on Instagram is to make sponsored content. What is it exactly? Simply an article or a ticket which allows a professional of an Internet site or an Instagram account to earn profits on a product sent by the brand. Some sponsored content is worth more than others!

Please note, not everyone can post sponsored content. Indeed, you must already have a certain number of followers on Instagram and a real community. It is necessary to be appreciated by others on the Internet, which is not necessarily an easy thing.

You can be yourself when you publish sponsored content, but keep in mind that brands expect return on investment. The positive side is that you don’t need to create a service or a product, you just need to highlight it for the brand.

Sponsored content still has some drawbacks: not all brands are created equal. And when you first start out, it is certainly not the most powerful that will come to you. Also pay attention to the different contracts you accept. Like everywhere, some are more honest than others.

Note also that the different brands that approach you must be in line with your values. In fact, it is your image that is at stake and Internet users appreciate authenticity more. In other words, you shouldn’t think only on the financial side. Easy to say…

We will give you the techniques to become an Instagram influencer in a simple and effective way. It only takes a few steps to get started:

Step # 1: Choose a niche

You are the precursor of your own brand. So you have to be sure you like it and enter a niche that suits you. We also note that more than half of the brands say they prefer micro-influencers that they find much more authentic. So you have a card to play!

Step # 2: Gain the trust of Internet users and increase the audience

81% of influencers on Instagram have between 15,000 and 100,000 subscribers on their favorite social network. If you are not there yet, do not panic! There are techniques for you to quickly and easily increase your audience. Post regularly and don’t forget to post content that matches your target. This is one of the best ways to increase your audience.

Instagram statistical influencers

Step # 3: Create a partnership with brands

For this, there are two steps to follow: you can perfectly approach the brands, but you will have to be (really) convincing during your presentation. So think about your arguments. Or you can simply sign up for an influencer marketing platform.

Step # 4: Publish content transparently

It is best to give the names of the brands you work with. Use the hashtags and the various tools offered by Instagram for advertising.

As you can see, earning money on Instagram is quite simple via sponsored content. But there are other ways you can think of.

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Strategy # 2: Embark on the Affiliate Marketing Adventure

Affiliate marketing is also a great way to make money on social media, including Instagram. Unlike sponsored content, you make your audience much less aware. Note also that you will not be paid on your sales, but indeed on the sales of your followers. In other words, you share a very specific link, and all customers who click on it and buy a product or service via this link will allow you to be paid. In general, this represents a percentage of the brand’s turnover.

However, affiliate marketing has one major drawback: you really need to develop a solid strategy. It is rather difficult to earn a living through affiliation if you do not have a concrete strategy behind it.

Be careful, you should also know that affiliate marketing has a rather bad reputation, in particular because of certain advertisements which can be fraudulent.

Rest assured, more and more people are choosing to buy products or services on Instagram. Now is a good time to get on the network.

Let’s discover together the different steps to do affiliate marketing on Instagram:

Step # 1: Find a niche that suits you

So you can be a lot more product oriented than anything else. If you are just starting out, you still have the luxury of choosing which type of product / service you wish to be affiliated with. (example dog)

Step # 2: Find brands to join

You can try to join a brand directly or join an affiliate network. Obviously, it is possible to opt for both to hope to earn a maximum of money. But what is an affiliate network? It is, quite simply, a platform that manages the connection between companies offering affiliation and influencers who are looking for products to affiliate with.

Step # 3: Publish an article related to the product

You should generally remain transparent when you affiliate with a product or brand. Keep in mind that your authenticity will pay off.

If you want to make money with Instagram this way, think carefully about your strategy. Then you just have to take the plunge.

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Strategy N ° 3: Sell your own products

sell instagram products

The last strategy is to sell your own products and therefore create your brand. Know that you can sell products as well as services. Big advantage, it is now possible to create an online store quickly and easily. We can take the example of Shopify for e-commerce.

Let’s discover together the different steps to follow so that you can sell your own products effectively:

Step # 1: Imagine your product

Choose a product / service that you know at your fingertips and that will be easy for you to create. It must resemble you, and convey values ​​that are important to you. Very often it is better not to follow fashion and trends. Stay focused on your goals and believe in your product.

Step # 2: Build your product

Do not hesitate to contact different suppliers, if only to obtain and compare quotes. In the same way, the choice of suppliers must really fit in with your values ​​and your convictions.

Step # 3: Set up your Instagram account

Indeed, if you want to sell products through the network, you must install the different configurations that correspond to a business account. It may sound silly, but we can sometimes forget to show the “buy” button on a post. In this case, the shortfall is enormous. Also, don’t forget to create a catalog so everyone can see all of your products.

Step # 4: Develop your e-commerce strategy

Set up a website that will reassure your customers about delivery times, means of payment, or any other important information. Also, don’t forget to create a landing page. This will allow your customers to complete their purchase, simply and efficiently.

Step # 5: Post your products on your Instagram account

Don’t forget to study the performance of your posts. This will tell you what is working and what is not working as well. Instagram has many very intuitive analytics that you shouldn’t overlook.

Step # 6: Process your orders

Depending on the products you are going to sell, you can subcontract (or not) the logistics part to a third party company. In any case, it is essential to manage the first orders well, on time. This will allow you to keep your customers, but also to earn more.

When used well, Instagram is an important lever if you want to sell your products and earn money fairly easily on social networks.

Some tips for earning money on Instagram

To conclude this article, here are some additional tips to better prepare your project:

  • You must know your value. If you start on social networks, this is certainly due to your high self-confidence or your goals. Note also that an influential person must know certain things, such as the publication rate in relation to the number of subscribers or what is the price to pay to distribute a brand. It is also important to know how to negotiate prices with brands in the case of sponsored content.
  • Always keep an eye on your competitors. Watch them and refine your position to hope to gain market share. There is software to install a watch on your direct competitors, in a very simple way.
  • Respond quickly to customer requests. You will certainly be the first to appreciate having a quick response. Be reactive and do the same with your audience. Currently, 71% of people expect an answer in less than an hour.
  • Always be professional. This is the basis ! As an influencer, you can’t be late or just ignore a contract, for example.
  • Don’t buy fake followers. There is no point in buying fake follower accounts just to give the impression of having a larger audience. You’re only going to lose money and credibility.
  • Use Instagram tools to save time. Example: you will be able to automate your publications, which will be of great help to you as your business grows. There are dozens of handy tools for all kinds of things to do.
  • Promote on other channels. You will reach more people and probably make more sales. Depending on your product or service, consider using the networks corresponding to your audience: Facebook, LinkedIn, You Tube, Pinterest, Snapchat, etc.

It’s a fact, Instagram can really make you money. Nevertheless, it takes patience, be transparent, authentic, and above all have an excellent strategy. We hope to have guided you at best, it’s your turn!

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