A LinkedIn corporate page helps LinkedIn members learn about your business, your brand and job opportunities within your company. LinkedIn corporate pages are also a great way to establish yourself as a professional in your field.

LinkedIn’s corporate pages were originally considered a tool for every company’s HR department, with the goal of finding prospective employees. While this is still one way to use LinkedIn, it has now become an ideal place to increase your business recognition, promote career opportunities and train potential customers for your products and services. Rich content and continuous updates related to the business, current affairs and trends of your sector, can make your brand a leader in your industry.

Read below how you can create a LinkedIn Corporate page for your business. Keep in mind that if you do not have a personal LinkedIn profile, you will need to create one before creating a page for your company.

Create a page for your company

Go to the LinkedIn Marketing Solutions website and click the “Create your page” button.


Enter the official name of your company and select the URL that will lead users to your official website. Caution! You cannot change this URL later. Then add all the necessary information required by the form, such as your industry & the size of your business.


Add your logo and cover photo

Ideal logo specifications on LinkedIn:

  • Dimensions: 300px x 300px
  • Form: PNG
  • Maximum size: 8 MB
  • Proportion: 1: 1

Ideal cover photo specifications on LinkedIn

  • Dimensions: 1536px x 768px
  • Form: PNG
  • Maximum size: 8 MB
  • Proportion: 2: 1

Caution! Don’t miss this step. Research shows that companies with logos receive 6 times more traffic on their corporate pages.

Create a description of your company

You have 2,000 characters to describe what your company does and why potential followers should be interested. This text is very important for the promotion of your brand. You need to include your positioning in the market – your competitive advantage that makes you stand out in your industry, and everything you want to communicate in a small paragraph, with the brand voice you have chosen to address your audience.

The first 156 characters are especially important, as this will appear in the preview of your company’s Google page. Choose wisely what this content will be.

Under your company description, you can add up to 20 tags or keywords related to your business that will help users find your LinkedIn page. To find the right tags, think like your potential followers. How would they look for you? What do they say online about your company name? What words do people already use to talk about you and your industry on the internet?


Add LinkedIn Groups

If you already belong to relevant LinkedIn groups that you want to appear on your company’s page, you can enter them in the appropriate section either before your page is published, or later leaving the field blank.

Why should you follow other teams?

LinkedIn teams are places where professionals in the same field or with similar interests share content, give answers, publish jobs, and build their name as industry experts.

Caution! LinkedIn Groups is not the place to advertise, but a channel for sharing valuable content with those who can get value from it.

You can greatly enhance your company’s brand by participating in these Groups. Search for groups related to your industry to start interacting with posts and members. Once you’ve created a positive presence by interacting with the community, you can begin to share your own content and build trust with your brand as an expert.

Sharing relevant content is one way to attract more visitors to your site. Team members have already shown interest in your industry by choosing to belong to these groups, which makes them valuable as potential customers.

Create a page with career opportunities in your business

LinkedIn’s Career Pages is the primary reason for setting up the platform, and it’s the perfect place to add value to the work your company produces every day. It is also the most direct way to find the right staff for your jobs, as the platform itself immediately informs you how many of the criteria you have set are available to applicants.

Try to include a URL in each post, for example, which leads to your ad on the official website: LinkedIn reports that linking with links is 45% more interactive.

Ask existing human resources to link their personal profile to the company in order to grow your network and constantly highlight the size of your company.

Highlight through #kudos moments from your existing human resources, recognizing their value and illuminating your role and culture within the business.


Post your corporate page on LinkedIn

Click the Post button and your company’s page will now be visible to LinkedIn members. To see exactly how it appears, go to a simple member by clicking the “View as a Member” button in the upper right corner of your page. If you want to make changes or add-ons, click Page Management and make the necessary changes to make it look as you wish.

LinkedIn is a professional tool that allows businesses to use it as a means of recognition, establishing the business in the eyes of potential customers, as an expert in its category.

Post content on your page

Once you have completed the right setup of your company page, the most key point, to enhance your LinkedIn network recognition, is to treat it like any other social network, by uploading valuable content and updating the status of your professional profile.

Here are some tips to start interacting with the network:

· Post content regularly

Linkedin’s research shows that companies that publish each week see a twofold increase in interaction with their content. We recommend that you publish daily to maintain a consistent presence.

· Include images or videos

Research has shown that images generally have a 2% higher comment rate and the video is 5 times more likely to be chatted or shared by other users than any other form of content shared on LinkedIn.


· Make the most of Hashtags

This feature allows page owners to add hashtags related to their product or service, even with other Brands they may provide. Use your own brand name as a hashtag to enhance its dynamics and interact, commenting on feeds with the hashtags associated with your business, as an expert.

· Interact with your own people

Do not underestimate the authenticity and resonance of your employees. When they link their personal profiles to your Page and often reuse content that is pulverized by your body, they promote your brand name in new networks, rapidly enhancing the development of your LinkedIn Page. Re-share the best @mentions and Linkedln posts of your employees on your corporate page.

Whether you are a well-established company in your field, a budding company or a new brand in the market, LinkedIn is a networking and recognition space for both your potential customers and the relevant brands in the market.