Anyone who sells on the internet has certainly noticed the weight that Instagram has been gaining and that this social network has become a great sales channel.

Instagram is currently the fastest growing social network on the Internet (32% of users have an Instagram account). In 2017, it reached the mark of 800 million active users and around 500 million daily accesses. According to data from Instagram itself, London has the second largest number of active users, reaching 50 million accounts.

More than 52% of global brands use Instagram as a channel to interact with their customers. With the constant launch of new tools, Instagram gained space as a very representative sales channel. With all this growth, it became much easier to make money on the internet and studies have shown the best ways to make your brand remembered and recognized.

With that in mind, we have put together tips to leverage your e-commerce using your Instagram profile.

1- Have a commercial profile on Instagram:

It is important that your personal profile is separate from your brand profile and that your brand profile is defined as a commercial profile. In this model you have options that do not exist for personal profiles, one of them is the Insights tool, where you have access to important data about the segmentation of your followers and about the interactions in your posts, so you will know if your actions are, or not, working.

2 – Know your market and your customer:

Map your competitors, understand your segment and plan your communication and your actions based on that, so you will be able to reach people interested in your brand. Also define your target audience and a perfect persona, name, gender, salary range, family and routine, so you will be able to think about how to communicate with that person, being able to interact more effectively with your audience.

3- Plan your content:

With your persona already created it is easier to think about how your content will be. The persona is your final consumer, the person you want as a customer, with the persona in mind you will know what content will be relevant to insert in your profile. When posting, avoid very large captions or texts that take up a lot of space within the image, be objective and direct. Think about extensive planning, so you will be able to organize yourself to make specific posts and you will also be able to create a cohesive timeline.


4- Visual Identity:

Having a harmonious feed attracts more followers, facilitates the user experience with your brand and creates memories in the consumer’s mind. If your posts have different content, respect your brand’s color palette or create an identity for your feed. For product photos, avoid photos with polluted backgrounds or too much information, create a pattern. And remember to use the best quality images possible.

5- Have a schedule of posts:

Plan to post one to three times a day, along with Stories posts. Avoid going too long without posting, this causes your followers to stop following your profile. With Insights you get to know the days and times with the highest flow of your profile and also the posts with the most interaction, so you can build a successful schedule.

6- Stories and IGTV:

The Stories tool changed the way of doing marketing on Instagram. It is fast to be consumed and should be easily absorbed, use this ideal space to get closer to your audience. It’s the way to show your company’s culture, create exclusive surveys and promotions. IGTV on the other hand is ideal for larger and more complex content. Currently allows videos of up to 10 minutes, only accounts with many followers and verified can add videos of up to 60 minutes. IGTV videos must be recorded in vertical format, as well as Stories and you can also upload previously edited content, as long as they respect the time and format defined by Instagram.

Instagram Shopping

7- Enjoy Hashtags, Location and Your Followers:

Hashtags are used to gather posts of the same subject in a personalized address. Using hashtags attracts an audience interested in your content, avoid very generic hashtags. Create a personalized hashtag for your brand, use a high search volume and a medium search volume. Posts with hashtags are 12% more engaged. The location is for your followers to find you, so use it without moderation, it is very useful if you are attending an event, so your followers know where to find you. Having a large number of followers is essential for the success of your profile, always attract new followers, interact with them and keep them always nourished with information. The more segmented your audience is, the more return you will have on your profile and, consequently, on your sales.

8- The most useful of all – Instagram Shopping:

Created to facilitate the shopping experience within the social network, the Instagram Shopping feature was launched. Available for commercial accounts, it allows the insertion of contact data, facilitating the approximation of the brand with the customer. You also have the option of inserting price and other information about your products on Instagram posts, with balloons similar to a friend’s tag, in addition to being able to direct the customer directly to your e-commerce or insert a “buy” tab in your posts. With this tool you will be able to increase your sales and reduce the need to answer frequently asked questions in the comments of the post, since information about the product will be in the publication.

Putting these tips into practice is certain that your profile will boom and your sales will increase. But always remember: Every marketing strategy has a time to take effect. Have patience and be objective. If it doesn’t work out at first, rethink, change and apply again, only then will you find the formula for your brand to be a success on Instagram.

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