Facebook still remains at the top in relation to other social networks, both in terms of the number of active users and its performance as a marketing platform for companies. Interestingly, London is the third country with the largest number of active users, behind only the United States and India. This represents 100 million users, of which at least 90% access the platform monthly via mobile.

Taking this data into account, it is easy to understand why so many companies and ecommerces invest in the platform, through paid ads on Facebook Ads, publishing content within a content marketing strategy and of course, offering assistance through Facebook Messenger – native chat platform of the social network.

Observing how the Facebook chat proves to be an excellent service channel, it is important to be attentive to ensure the satisfaction of visitors and followers. For that, follow our tips on how to better serve on Facebook and see how to leverage your results.

And if you haven’t integrated it with the online chat in your store yet, it’s time to find out how to do it through the integrations offered by Websites Are Us, check it out!

Stay tuned for response time

The speed of service is one of the factors that most influence customer satisfaction with the services provided. Therefore, when deciding to serve your customers through Facebook, you must be aware of the response time. According to a Hubspot survey, the average response time offered by companies on Facebook is one day, three hours and 47 minutes, even though 85% of consumers expect a response within a maximum of six hours.

According to the same study, Facebook is seen as a more robust platform with regard to publications and interactions, which are less frequent compared to other platforms, such as Twitter, for example. This results in greater flexibility in terms of response time, however, it is still absolutely necessary to always be aware, as 71% of complaints made on social networks are posted on Facebook.

So stand out among the other business pages and respond as quickly as possible. In addition to impacting customer satisfaction, this also helps to increase your chances of retention, generating more business opportunities.

Messenger is not the only Facebook channel

It is important to be aware that Facebook provides several means of interaction within its platform and, therefore, you should be aware to identify which channel is being used by your customers. As already mentioned, you must be ready to serve all customers, especially in case of questions or problems.

Ideally, always try to respond using the same channel chosen by the client, whether in the comments of a publication, in the inbox or in direct messages sent to your business page.

It is also important to pay attention to the content of the communication. If it is necessary to offer or request personal data, be sure to bring the customer to an individual communication channel, such as the inbox or even directing it to other channels of your company, in order to appreciate your privacy. You should not ask for contact details in the comments of a publication, for example.

Remember that it is possible to serve customers on Facebook via mobile, since you can access all communication channels of the social network through their iOS and Android applications. That way, regardless of where you are, you can view comments, direct messages and messages sent to Facebook Messenger.

How to Serve Better on Facebook Through Mobile

Offer personalized service

This tip is valid for essentially any service channel offered by your business, whether by digital means or even in the physical store. Avoid responding with pre-made and non-personalized responses to a customer’s situation or need, in addition, remember to register them in your lead base in a segmented way, using this data to improve the efficiency of your marketing campaigns digital.

In addition, remember to always use your company’s language, suitable for the profile of your customers to better serve on Facebook, also taking into account their behavior on the social network itself. That way, you can identify whether emojis, stickers or even more informal language can be applied to maintain your brand’s identity.

If you are an ecommerce owner, remember that often the answers to customer questions are available on the page of your online store. In this case, be sure to take him to the right place via a link and continue the service session while he browses your offers.

Integrate Facebook with your other channels

In the competitive ecommerces market, your business must be available in multiple channels and be ready to work with excellent service. However, this also means that your team must follow multiple platforms, such as email, phone, social networks and online chat on the page, not being an ideal scenario to optimize your team’s performance.

Therefore, to serve you better on Facebook, consider integrating it with the other channels, so that you can offer an omnichannel experience for your visitors and customers. This way, your operators will be able to follow all calls in one place and your visitors will be able to navigate between them without interruptions, or without having to explain your problems or doubts again to a new representative.

Starting to offer omnichannel service is simpler than it seems, for that, just use a complete solution capable of integrating all your communication points and grouping information in a single location, as is the case of Websites Are Us, a platform designed to optimize the performance of your team and help you turn visitors into customers. Are you curious? Then check out the top 5 reasons to integrate Websites Are Us with Facebook.

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