Are you a web project manager, do you want to develop a mobile application or a website? This article will interest you. We interviewed Jean Ashton, co-founder of Galadrim, an agile web and mobile application development agency. What are the phases of website development? What are the important points when you want to create an ecommerce site? What are the best tips to apply to make your project a success? Discover the answers of Jean Ashton.

Can you introduce yourself in a few words and describe the agency?

Jean Ashton Galadrim
Jean Ashton, co-founder of the Galadrim agency.

After studying science at the École Polytechnique and a master’s degree in computer science at EPFL, I co-founded a company developing a SaaS for cinemas. A year later, the company found a buyer and I then co-founded Galadrim, an agile web and mobile application development agency. After 2 to 20 employees in three years, we support startups, SMEs and large groups on various projects: a box ordering site for a large cosmetic group, a dating application with several thousand active users per day or another cash application for an SME with a turnover of 20 million euros.

How do you differentiate yourself from other agencies?

The differentiating points at Galadrim are the use of an internal IDE Cloud which allows us to accelerate our developments, our development method which maximizes the collection of feedback and our expertise in the digital support of startups and growing SMEs. In particular, we have many clients who trade online and several clients in the health field.

What advice would you give to a project leader who compares different agencies?

I advise a project leader to collect and study different data in order to make an informed choice. Here are some examples: demonstrations of projects carried out and references, a written reformulation of the need, an explanation of the solution provided and the working method, a roadmap, the CV of the directors, the number of people in the agency and the resources that will be allocated to the project. Oral contact also makes it possible to assess the way of communicating and the capacity for analysis.

Could you simply explain to our readers the main phases of creating a website?

The creation of a website or mobile application goes through several stages. First, we express a need and define in broad terms the functionality that will meet it. Secondly, a designer creates screens in black and white which are called wireframes and which allow the user journeys to be represented. The advantage of this phase is to be able to make modifications easily. Once the routes have been set, the designer produces models whose appearance is the same as that of the finalized application. The development team then uses these models to implement the functionalities, which are tested regularly during development.


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Regarding the creation of an e-commerce site, what are the most important points to take into account before getting started?

Before launching, it is good to have an overall vision on the whole chain: acquisition and retention strategy, inventory management, payment, logistics, accounting… On the technical level, it is important to define the key features and long-term vision, which will determine the services and technologies to be used. There is usually a choice between custom development and the use of SaaS.

Can you give us some examples of customers who make money from the web or mobile applications you have developed for them?

Many of our clients sell goods or services online, in which case the business model is fairly immediate. There are other examples, such as a grouping of several hundred companies that provides a B2C mobile app to its members for a monthly subscription. We are also working with a company that used a SaaS taking commissions on its sales which has redeveloped this service in-house and paid for its investment after a few months. One of our clients has also developed a B2C application with high traffic and manages to redirect this traffic to his e-commerce site to increase his sales.

And a little word of conclusion?

Having accompanied dozens of project leaders and having several repeat customers for 3 years, we have acquired both technical and business expertise on good and bad practices to launch and grow a business using applications web and mobile. We are always happy to advise project leaders so do not hesitate to contact us by email at [email protected] !

Zoom – Galadrim client case

health leader

health leader

Leadersanté is a group of several hundred pharmacies which offers its members a range of digital services.
In order to expand its offer, Leadersanté entrusted us with the development of a mobile application (“My Leadersanté Pharmacy”) which gives patients the possibility of scanning a prescription on the application, making an appointment with their pharmacist or even order products to have them delivered to their homes.

The application was deployed in Leadersanté pharmacies and experienced a peak in use during the Covid-19 crisis, particularly in the functionality of Scan Prescription.

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