Since its inception, Linkedin has attracted the interest of marketers as it has gathered millions of professionals on a promising awareness platform and Lead Generation. It has specialized targeting types that perform well in each niche market.

Some of them are Job titles, Job functions, Skills, groups, Industries, Companies, and other.

But which companies are the ideal channel for success and how they can be used as a dynamic tool? marketing;

AnchorLinkedin & B2B

Undoubtedly, it stands out in B2B companies as it is responsible for 97% of them business social leads! It is the ideal tool for creating B2B Lead Generation. Some of the most successful branches in Linkedin are IT, Health, Construction, Training and Retail.


Examples of excellent campaigns on Linkedin are the case of Adobe with targeted Sponsored Content campaigns focusing on research, infographics and video entertainment, well-known graduate programs such as Utah State University, major software companies such as IR in Australia and HubSpot which scored 60 % increase in CTR in LinkedIn running short targeted text ads.

Notable successes at Linkedin have also come to the fore startups companies that have strategically utilized the most effective techniques focusing on Sponsored Content but also Lead Gen. Forms.

Despite the expensive CPM, the good quality of the traffic and therefore the higher conversion rate from a simple lead to a real customer, make Linkedin an excellent medium for immediate growth.

One of the secrets of success is that in the early stages of the strategy, specialized targeting can be used with a response to a very high quality audience.

AnchorLinkedin & B2C

However, Linkedin is not just about B2B businesses. B2C companies in many industries, non-profit companies, universities, colleges, and other types of businesses can also benefit with great success and growth.


For example, when it comes to retail, Linkedin members have more purchasing power, are more loyal to their favorite brands, consider themselves much more trusted among the rest, and last but not least: behind every business. There is a group of consumers who have declared a favorite hobby, interest but also brands so it is a means of extremely quality targeting.

It is also the most necessary tool for hiring the right workforce as job openings can be advertised to the right audience.