In the digital environment, customer service can be one of the biggest competitive advantages of your business. But, for that, it is necessary to identify the preferences and expectations of the modern consumer and to work with solutions designed to serve them in the best possible way.

Whether you are the owner of your own ecommerce or an entrepreneur interested in creating your online store, it is time to know the differentials of live chat and find out how this online service channel has the potential to impact your results. Do not fall behind the competition and be able to turn visitors into customers with a professional live chat solution on your page, such as Websites Are Us, for example. Follow us.

Why offer a live chat?

The best way to answer this question is through real data, obtained from different surveys conducted by companies operating in the digital market. But before going to the statistics, it is important to consider the main factors that differentiate this service channel from other alternatives. Check out:

Service from within the page

To begin with, there is a big difference between consumers looking for their service channels through a “contact us” page and simply opening a live chat window on the website and starting to chat with your team.

In this second scenario, your business is offering convenience and, in fact, from the first moment that the consumer entered the page and identified the online chat, he will already know that he can count on this channel – as long as he is online – to have his questions answered without the need to call or wait for an email, for example.

The online chat helps to win the trust of customers, especially for new businesses and brands entering the competitive market of ecommerces. Even when comparing two digital companies, customers are 62% more likely to return to the one that offers a chat, as shown by an evaluation by Emarketer.

Better response speed

A survey conducted by SuperOffice comparing the main online service channels – email, social networks, telephone and live chat – points out that chat offers the shortest response time and the greatest convenience to customers. According to them, when sending a question in the chat, consumers are answered within an average of 2 minutes and 40 seconds.

Meanwhile, in email the average response time is 12 hours and in social networks, 10 hours. On the phone, the response time may not differ much from the chat, but it is still considered the service channel with the lowest customer satisfaction index, as shown by Econsultancy data.

Among the main reasons for this, it is important to note the waiting time on the line, the uncertainty as to whether its operators are available and functioning, the impossibility of carrying out other activities normally (especially on mobile devices) and also the lack of agility to contact directly with a human representative – another extremely important factor to improve your service and sell more.

Ideal for mobile

Today, every digital business must be ready to offer convenience and serve the mobile consumer with excellence. That’s because Statista data shows that more than 52% of online traffic worldwide is already coming from devices such as smartphones and tablets. As for more centralized data in the national market, Mundo do Marketing points out that, in 2018, fashion, multicategories and furniture ecommerces made most of their sales to consumers accessing via mobile.

Taking these numbers into account, it is not only your virtual store website that must be compatible with mobile, but also your own service channels. If you stop to note the popularity of messaging applications for communication via mobile devices, you can see how live chat is already a form of communication widely accepted by the London consumer.

However, WhatsApp and other alternatives do not offer professional features designed to help you track your calls and really impact your company’s results. So it’s time to talk about how live chat really helps you sell more.

To check out more online chat statistics, be sure to check out this content.

Live chat to sell more on your ecommerce

How does live chat help increase sales?

In addition to the differentials already presented in relation to the other online service channels for your e-commerce, there are other factors of live chat that can really make all the difference. We are talking about the resources that professional chat solutions provide for your business, check out the main ones and find out how their use helps you improve service and impacts your sales.

Proactive invitations

By far, proactive invitations are one of the most powerful features that a live chat solution can offer your digital business. This is because, unlike a physical store where representatives can approach potential consumers as soon as they enter the establishment, in the online environment this is usually not possible.

However, the proactive invitation is designed exactly to break this communication barrier and allow your team to be able to draw consumers’ attention to the chat window and start conversations, instead of acting reactively in relation to the service.

In addition to simply using proactive invitations to send messages like “Hello, can I help you?”, You also have the opportunity to set them up to offer discount coupons, highlight new products in your store, alert customers to events and promotions and essentially any kind of statement you would like to make.

Resources to streamline service

Online chat is already a channel that allows real-time communication between consumers and their operators, but that is not all. Professional solutions feature features such as recorded responses, shortcuts to messages and even the ability to read what the visitor is writing before he sends the message.

All of these features are designed to streamline customer service and improve the consumer’s online shopping experience through live chat. Remember, satisfied customers are much more likely to buy and recommend your brand in your contact circle.


If you are interested in a live chat, you probably also have at least heard of chatbots. Chatbots are computer programs based on artificial intelligence that aim to simulate a natural conversation between customers and your business.

Chatbots are a great advantage of online chat and also a significant difference in relation to other service channels. It is important to highlight that they do not replace humanized service, as we mentioned earlier, but help to complement it, increasing the efficiency of your team and even covering hours of work in which your operators are unavailable.

In addition, it is important to mention other important resources, such as:

  • Automatic translation;
  • File transference;
  • Service forms to collect information and register leads;
  • Monitoring visitors to your page in real time.

All of these are important resources to help you achieve excellence in customer service.

Chatbots for customer service

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How to serve well by live chat?

Now that you know everything about live chat, we could not fail to give you tips on how to optimize your service so that you can really enjoy this service channel to the fullest. Check out:

Offer a personalized experience

No customer likes to be treated as just “another consumer” in their business. So be sure to train your team and ensure that operators are ready to really hear what visitors have to say.

Often, instead of simply sending a recorded response, it is possible to leverage customer service and generate more business opportunities if your team really stops to understand the demands, needs, challenges and interests of the consumer.

In addition, all this data is crucial for you to be able to segment your lead base and optimize other actions in your digital business, such as your own digital marketing campaigns and email marketing shots, for example.

Upsell and cross sell

Another great advantage of online chat is the possibility of putting in practice sales strategies such as upsell and cross sell. Here, the objective is to consider the customer’s needs, as well as his initial product choice and then offer better variations that meet all his requirements or offer bundled purchases to increase the value of the average ticket in his negotiation.

To learn more about how to upsell and cross sell through live chat, be sure to check out our complete guide.

Request feedback

Last but definitely not least than any other customer service tip, it is crucial that you solicit feedback from your customers. There is no better way to find out if your strategies and actions are working, as well as to find out if customers are really satisfied with the live chat service.

Give your customers a voice and closely follow all service reports and assessments so you can quickly identify problems and resolve them before they can negatively impact the experience of multiple prospects in your business.

It’s time to offer live chat

To conclude our material, we cannot say anything other than that it is really time to consider investing in a live chat for your business page. Considering all the differentials of this service channel, it is not difficult to identify why it is considered the preferred means of communication for the modern consumer.

So, if you still don’t know which chat offers all the mentioned features, get to know Websites Are Us and find out how it can impact your results and help you turn customer service into a competitive advantage in your business. Convert visitors into customers and good sales!

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