Smartphones are part of our daily lives, being used for different types of tasks and needs, we can chat with our contacts, access social networks, watch videos, among others. But can the cell phone also be used as a platform for customer service? The answer is yes, all you need is a good mobile chat application.

In our current competitive market, we must always be ready to answer our customers’ problems or questions through our online chat platform. But what if you are not in your office? Don’t worry, with the Websites Are Us mobile app you can do this without any difficulty.

In addition, we also have tips that will help you to increase your efficiency while performing the service by cell phone. Remember, good customer service is about speed, accuracy of information and troubleshooting.

Installing and configuring

After installing Websites Are Us on your page, all you need to do is download and install the WAU application on your smartphone. Use the links below for iOS and Android systems.

Remember, WAU has powerful integrations that allow you to serve customers from different sources, such as Facebook Messenger, Viber, and more. This means that you only need a single app to perform your mobile service.

With our app, you can still collect contact data and share files with your customers. In addition, the entire service history is kept and can be accessed in the future in its analyzes and evaluations.

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Mobile service on smartphone

Tips to increase your efficiency in mobile service

Now that you’re ready and have the WAU app installed, we can get started. Follow our excellent tips that will help you impress your customers from any platform. We have listed 5 ideas that you can use to perform well and maintain a high standard of service.

1. Use Websites Are Us’s quick answers

Quick responses can be configured in your Websites Are Us control panel and will also work in the mobile app. This means that you can send ready-made phrases faster, an excellent option for answering frequently asked questions and sending links.

Another great tip is to create a knowledge base on your page and keep it updated with answers to common questions that your visitors have. Evaluate your service history and check what can be included in this database to offer convenience to your visitors.

Mobile service JivoChat application

2. Create an image bank

If your company produces promotional material, images with details and product specifications, or even flyers and posters with promotions, make sure they are available in an image bank in the cloud, which can be easily accessed through your cell phone.

We recommend keeping a folder in Google Drive with all the images of your products, for example. This allows you to quickly share them with your customers whenever necessary, without having to search for them on your website or even leave the Websites Are Us application.

Want to know how to have great images in your store? Take a look at our excellent suggestions that can solve this problem.

3. Use WAU Telephony and Callback

Often, the best way to make a call by cell phone is to actually call them, using our callback tool or Websites Are Us Telephony. This is an excellent way to use the mobile or phone chat application to streamline your service and quickly find the solution for your customer.

Telephony WAU also allows you to transfer calls, or even to register a phone number for your company that can be used to receive calls from your customers. In addition, you can record calls and keep a history.

Mobile telephony and callback service

4. Use our widget and the translation tools

Websites Are Us has an excellent widget for smartphones, allowing quick access to messages and chat sessions with its customers. In addition, the application memorizes everything that is written, improving your experience and speed when typing during mobile service.

You can also speak to customers in almost any language. Using our translator for up to 90 languages, write as you prefer and your message will be automatically translated for the client.

5. Have a document with useful links

This is as useful as an image bank, just save a document in a bank in the cloud, like Google Drive, with all the links you may need to send to your customers. As links to your registration page, shopping cart, product categories, among others.

Going to one place and having access to these links will increase your efficiency and speed in service by cell phone. Responsiveness in responses is a crucial factor in ensuring customer satisfaction.

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Mobile support useful documents

Always be available to your visitors with Websites Are Us

Even if you are in a situation where you cannot access your work computer, or are out of the office, don’t worry, we can help. With Websites Are Us you will never fail to respond to your customers. The best part is that you can try our services for free for up to 5 support agents, access now!

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