Having your own business is a dream of many Brazilians and today, in addition to having the opportunity to work in the physical environment, you can also open an online business and sell products or services directly over the internet.

In this article, you will learn how to start an online business and learn 25 ideas to awaken the entrepreneur within you.

We present online business ideas that work in the most varied niches so that you can identify options that fit your expertise.

First, know exactly what you need to consider before making a final decision about your venture and, from that, you can evaluate the ideas presented taking into account your planning and more assertively. Come on?

How to start an online business

Before introducing online business ideas, it is important that you make some necessary considerations to improve your chances of success and decrease your risks.

Simply having an idea and creating a website for your business is not enough for you to really achieve the success you envision. For this, it is necessary to have a strategic plan and consider its current reality.

Check out some critical points that you need to consider before starting to invest and start online.

Digital structure and sales channels

First, it is important to have the answers to some key questions related to your structure, presence and how your business will work. From the ideas presented in this article, you will have answers such as:

  • What will your sales channels be?

  • Will you need to have your own website or will you use an existing platform?

  • What digital channels do you intend to advertise your products on?

  • What systems, platforms and tools will you need to use to get your work done and differentiate yourself from the competition?

The answer to each of these questions will depend entirely on the market niche of your online business, as well as your budget – the next critical point.

Online sales channels

Investment and budget

Entrepreneurship means investing and, therefore, it is important to understand that there are few business ideas that allow you to achieve the desired numbers and results without any investment.

It is true that this can happen if you have contacts that can leverage your brand in the digital environment, but realistically, you will need to invest in digital marketing strategies, tools and solutions designed to boost business in your niche.

So how much do you can and intends invest in your digital business? Keep a budget in mind before choosing the market in which you will operate, as some options ask for less initial investment, while others may be more expensive – and present greater risks.


Thinking about scalability is nothing more than asking yourself what level you want your business to reach in the medium and long term and what marketing and sales strategies you intend to employ to achieve these goals in your online business.

A critical point related to scalability is customer service. Initially, you will probably be able to talk to and serve all consumers and ask questions, but as you gain more customers and leverage your brand online, you will need to scale this sector – as well as adjust processes – to maintain your quality standard.

It is important to have medium and long term planning, considering your goals and objectives so that you know exactly what to do as you acquire more customers.

Knowledge level

When considering the online business ideas presented in this content or contemplating any other idea you already have in mind, it is important to take into account your level of expertise and knowledge in the area.

So that you really have a good chance of success, do not choose a digital venture based on its profitability, but on the quality of the service or product that you will be able to offer to consumers.

Especially since, the chances are that there are already competitors in essentially every niche chosen by you and it is exactly your level of expertise that will allow you to innovate and differentiate yourself from what already exists.

Target Audience

Finally, but definitely not least, you need to consider who your target audience will be.

This aspect will be very important for you to decide your visual identity and create digital marketing strategies that are really capable of engaging people, as well as for the creation of your persona – a fictional figure that represents the ideal consumer for your product – and has a full knowledge of who you will be serving.

For this, it is important to keep in mind the answer to indexes such as:

  • Age group;

  • Genre;

  • Which digital channels reach them;

  • What type of content your audience consumes (videos, articles, live streams, etc.);

An excellent way to obtain the questions for these answers is through the evaluation of your future competitors, that is, companies that already operate in the market in which you want to enter.

Online business ideas to get started

Now that you know how to plan to launch your online business, we can finally come up with several ideas!

1. Create an online store

The first option on our list is also one of the most obvious for those who are thinking of starting and launching their own digital business.

Today, it is possible to create virtual stores with tremendous ease through ecommerce platforms – even several offer this option for free.

So, if you want to market your own products and have complete autonomy over inventory, delivery and transaction processing, just choose your niche market or check our list with more than 100 ideas of what to sell on the internet.

Create your own online store

2. Create a B2B or SaaS Ecommerce

You also choose to create a B2B Ecommerce (business to business) or a company offering SaaS (software as a service), that is, a company that sells products, services or systems to other companies.

To exemplify, we ourselves at Websites Are Us are a SaaS company, we offer an online chat so that entrepreneurs can serve customers and optimize their online service in their own businesses – which means that our tool is not sold to the final consumer.

Some online business ideas for B2B or SaaS companies involve:

  • Creation of an ecommerce platform;

  • Creation of a CRM, ERP system;

  • Creation of project management systems;

Among many other options – just assess your degree of knowledge in a given area.

3. Selling on marketplaces

Another idea for those who want to sell online is the marketing of products through marketplaces.

Marketplaces are platforms designed for retailers and merchants to advertise their products online without having to create their own online stores – although many ecommerce entrepreneurs work with both sales channels.

Meet some of the largest marketplaces in London are:

  • Free market;

  • American;

  • Submarine;

  • Amazon;

  • Shoptime;

  • Netshoes;

  • Zattini;

  • Magazine Luiza;

  • Cold spot;

  • Extra;

Among several others. The advantage is that the structure is already ready and, essentially, all you need to do is register and start advertising.

4. Dropshipping

Dropshipping is a form of logistics for online businesses. It has become increasingly popular as it is more affordable and has low initial costs.

The difference between a dropshipping store and its own virtual store is that, here, you have no control over inventory or delivery logistics.

Its online store sells products from dropshipping suppliers. In this way, customers buy from your store, you receive your share and forward the order to the supplier, who will be responsible for delivering the product.

Dropshipping Ecommerce

5. Digital marketing agency

If you do not want to create an online business to market products, but rather services in your area of ​​expertise and work with digital marketing, consider creating your own online digital marketing agency.

Thousands of companies outsource their digital marketing sector and hire specialists from digital agencies to manage aspects such as:

  • Creation of online advertisements;

  • Content production;

  • Website optimization for SEO (Search Engine Optimization);

  • Creation of websites;

  • Administration of social networks;

Among other works related to the presence and promotion of the brand in digital channels.

6. Website development

If you have advanced knowledge in web programming and have mastered the work of creating websites, there is a great online market for this type of online business.

Offer your services as part of a digital agency – as mentioned above – or even consider launching your own website creation platform, such as SITE123, Webnode, WordPress, etc.

7. Software and mobile application development

Now, if your area of ​​expertise is not web development, but you have mastered the development of mobile systems and applications, this is another market that continues to grow.

According to Rankmyapp data, in 2019, there was a 20% increase in revenue generated by the apps and Google earned more than 56 billion over the year.

In addition, this is an extremely comprehensive market, as the alternatives for application development are endless.

You can create a better solution than something that already exists or have an innovative idea and start your online business by selling an app.

Mobile application development

8. Affiliate marketing

In the affiliate market, you become a seller of existing products, services and solutions. Your role as an affiliate is to promote such products and generate results for companies that offer affiliate programs.

These results may vary according to each producer, some companies pay for lead generation, registration, new customers, among other ways.

To exemplify, we at Websites Are Us offer an affiliate program that pays recurring commissions of 30% on the value of the plans purchased by customers indicated through their affiliate link.

The advantage is that you do not need to do inventory control and you are not responsible for the development and maintenance of the tools or solutions sold – your role is essentially that of a digital seller.

9. Freelance copywriter

We couldn’t help but talk about the opportunity to freelance on our list of online business ideas.

If you are a good writer of news, articles and similar materials, you can offer your work as a self-employed worker to companies looking for such services.

For this, as well as the other freelancing options presented in the list, we recommend the use of platforms designed to connect you to companies that seek professionals with their expertise, such as:

Among several other options. In addition, it is worth mentioning that if you master English or other languages, you can expand your customer base to contractors from other countries or the whole world.

10. Freelance software developer

In addition to article writing and content production services, you can also become a freelance developer and offer your online expertise to companies looking for programmers, for example.

In this online business, your role will usually be to develop projects, solutions and applications, alone or by participating in a remote team.

Freelancer Developer

11. Freelance graphic design

You would be impressed to know how many people look for graphic designers to create their own marketing materials, as well as other visual elements, such as logos, brand identity, among others.

So, if this is your area of ​​expertise, take advantage of the same freelancing platforms presented above and start working on the internet and building your online business.

12. Freelance translator

Closing online business ideas related to freelancers, if you master multiple languages ​​or even just English, you can find content translation jobs.

Multiple companies look for translators to:

  • General, medical or legal documents;

  • Website translation;

  • Translation of applications or systems;

  • Creating subtitles for videos;

  • Transcription of videos to translated texts;

13. Monetized blog

Now, if you don’t want to work for contracting companies and want to own your own business, creating a blog and monetizing it in different ways can be an excellent option.

For this, you will need to understand SEO (Search Engine Optimization), that is, optimization for search engines – such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc. That’s because attracting organic traffic, generated through search results, is one of the best ways to bring people to your articles.

Regarding monetization, it is possible to do it in multiple ways, such as:

  • Displaying Google Adsense banners and ads;

  • Selling as an affiliate by sharing your links through blog articles;

  • Selling more complete eBooks and materials within your own blog;

  • Making paid evaluations of other products and solutions;

In the latter case, you will already need to have a high traffic of visitors so that companies are interested in appearing on your blog!

Create your own blog

14. YouTube channel

For those who prefer the production of video content instead of articles or other written content, YouTube can be the platform to leverage your online business.

Stop for a second and think about how many companies and professionals live on their YouTube channels, creating videos from different areas and monetizing them through platform ads, Patreon accounts, sponsors, partnerships with companies and more.

You can also do this – just invest, be an expert in the field and produce quality videos, as well as start to relate to your audience and other content producers who already work on the platform.

15. Live broadcast channel

Have you ever thought about making money by broadcasting what you are an expert or like to do live as entertainment for other people? Thousands of people already do this through platforms like Twitch, Mixer, or on YouTube itself.

Digital games are one of the main niches of people who have made live streaming their online business.

However, today, at Twitch – which stands out for being the leading platform for streaming – you can also achieve impressive results in other categories, such as playing live music, cooking, among others.

To give you an idea of ​​the potential of this type of digital business, an extremely popular streamer known online as Ninja reached, on Twitch, before migrating from platform, more than 14 million followers and had an average income of US $ 712 thousand per month .

However, today, achieving this type of value is extremely difficult and the player himself admitted having to stay live for about 18 hours daily to reach the amount.

16. Teaching online

In a similar way to coaching, but focused on specific subjects, you can create your own student base and teach classes online through distance learning platforms or directly via other live broadcast systems.

Some examples of common areas of knowledge for teaching online include:

  • Music classes;

  • English and other language classes;

  • Mathematics, Science, History, Geography, Biology and school reinforcements;

  • Programming classes;

  • Administration, marketing and digital marketing classes;

Among several others. Platforms like Udemy, for example, serve as a great opportunity for those who want to create an online distance learning business.

Online classes

17. Coaching

Do you master a field of knowledge and believe that you can help others who need advice or information? In this case, coaching can be an excellent online business option for you.

Today, there are platforms like Coach.me and Coaching Cloud, designed for people to find expert professionals in areas in which they need assistance.

And of course, if you don’t want to depend on a platform to sell your services and knowledge, you can choose to create your own website, develop courses and offer them online.

18. Infoproduct creator

In addition to teaching classes, you can focus exclusively on creating infoproducts, such as:

  • Online courses;

  • Webinars;

  • eBooks;

  • Screencasts;

  • Podcasts;

  • Audiobooks;

  • Infographics;

  • Electronic magazines;

Among other types of digital information materials. Like other ideas presented, they can be sold directly through your own page and, even, you can offer them through affiliate platforms such as Hotmart or Monetizze, so that people can help you promote them.

19. SEO consultant

We have already mentioned SEO a few times in this article. That’s because optimizing pages to rank on search engines is really important for digital businesses, and this optimization job can, in fact, become your own online business.

If you are an SEO expert and know how to do SEO on page and off page, you can offer your consulting services to other companies that are trying to improve the positioning of their pages in Google results.

Furthermore, there is nothing to prevent you from engaging other roles or even creating your own blog while offering this service – this is what Neil Patel himself does, one of the greatest “gurus” of modern digital marketing.

Online SEO Consulting

20. Sale of photographs

Did you know that there are several platforms that allow you to sell professional photographs online?

Shopify itself has a list of 20 websites for which you can provide photos and sell them so that companies or individuals can use them legally.

So, if photography is your passion, know that it is possible to turn it into an online business to monetize your work.

21. Digital game developer

According to a report and research presented by Newzoo, the gaming market moved more than $ 152.1 billion during 2019, with the United States as the main focus after overtaking China.

This opens up a huge opportunity for you to create a game development studio or even develop digital games yourself – an extremely challenging feat, but already achieved by some professionals in the field, such as Eric Barone, creator of Stardew Valley, a game that has already sold more than 1 million copies.

Also, don’t forget that the market for games for mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, already surpasses the market for games for desktop and other devices.

22. Stock exchange investment

If you already have a good amount and would like to invest in the stock exchange, you can do it directly through digital platforms.

For this, it is important to have in-depth knowledge of economics – and not just national – and to know exactly how to calculate your risks so that investments are profitable and generate profit.

It is a dangerous market, but also with a great potential for return for those who know what they are doing. To start, collect information and evaluate data from portals like The Economist and then choose your trading site.

Investing in the stock exchange

23. Reseller hosting

If you have what it takes to invest in a structure for hosting websites, systems and even games, you can offer this type of service to other companies.

Companies like Hostgator and Hostinger already do this and provide VPS and cloud servers both for hosting WordPress pages and for hosting projects.

Several companies do not have the necessary structure to support their own servers and make use of this type of service, renting available servers and having all the advantages of hiring a professional team.

24. Personal trainer online

Healthcare professionals like personal trainers and fitness coaching can also offer their services through digital channels, transforming the profession into an online business.

Especially during times of crisis, such as the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19), this type of solution gained ground among consumers who wanted to continue exercising without leaving home, but needed the assistance of a personal.

25. Food delivery platform

You may have heard of iFood, Uber Eats and other online platforms for food delivery.

Well, this is a niche market that can be considered saturated for some areas, but there are several cities in London where there is still no website or delivery platform like these.

This opens up opportunities for you to launch your own business and start working with deliveries. In fact, there are even companies dedicated to making other types of deliveries besides food, such as transporting documents between companies, etc.

Food delivery

Ready to start your online business?

So, have you found an ideal online business idea for you? We hope that our tips and ideas serve as a guide for you to idealize your own digital venture and start making money on the internet.

But don’t forget, if you are going to create your own website, it is important to be ready to serve customers and take questions from your consumers in real time. To do this, install Websites Are Us for free and provide a professional online chat. Good sales!

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