Companies are always seeking excellence in the level of service with their customers, seeking to create a strong and lasting bond based on satisfactory experiences in the face of doubts, problems and guidelines. A first position regarding customer service made by companies is to join an Online Chat to open a direct dialogue with customers. But there are effective strategies to not only serve, but build relationships with the customer.

In this article, you will understand the dynamics behind relationship strategies that give results, what are the main market practices and how to join relationship strategy + customer service tools, focusing on online chat.

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The core of a customer relationship strategy that generates results

Behind the efforts to build a good relationship with customers, there are strategies with specific objectives. Some of the most frequent are:

  • Conquer new customers;
  • Recover old customers who had some dissatisfaction with the service or resume lost negotiations for points that have already been improved;
  • Loyalty to active customers, favoring an environment in which:
  • Buy more often or evolve in service plans;
  • Invest in more robust solutions, even if more expensive;
  • Maintain a long-term relationship with your company;
  • Receive referrals from your customers and be defended by them.

But the point of attention resides in something common in all these strategies: the intelligent use of information.

There are several points of contact that a company can have with its customer. In general, we can mention the contact via marketing campaign, purchase journey and after-sales training. Regardless of these different points of contact, it is always possible to extract information and data from the interaction between Client and Company. A customer relationship strategy can be effective following market trends or established models, but it will have much more results if it is guided by the information collected through interaction with your customer.

As much as one imagines that a customer relationship strategy means a good service or product delivery, it is about ensuring a good experience. And before any other factor, information is the first step towards a good experience mainly because it guarantees personalization. A customer relationship strategy is directly linked to knowing the customer deeply, which involves having successfully mapped the real needs, directing the company’s efforts with intelligence. This intelligence reflects a service at all levels that is not only satisfactory, but exceeds expectations.

This environment in which information is strategically feeding the way the relationship is built, favors more and more significant sales conversations, with the right offer, for the right customer, at the right time and through the right channels. Information creates value. This practice also extends to after sales service, transforming the customers’ trust into loyalty, both to buy more of your service or product and to wear your shirt on the market.

With information being recognized as the fuel for a customer relationship strategy, what are the options to bring this positioning to your company?

How to generate results with Online Chat in Customer Relationships

The 3 main customer relationship strategies

Communication channels with your customers

The most common channels are the Website, Blog and Social Networks.

The Site has specific information about your company and your product / service, comparisons with competitors, successful cases and specific materials about your business and market.

The Blog, on the other hand, generally has content marketing focused on attracting customers, prospects and visitors seeking knowledge on the subject in which the company is a reference. It serves, in addition to other purposes, to educate the market, engage leads, and create authority and value for the brand.

Social networks, on the other hand, allow direct, informative and even relaxed communication with the target audience.

This relationship strategy opens a range for companies and brands to have a specific and objective communication with the different moments of purchase of possible customers, being technical on the Site, consultative on the Blog and informative on Social Networks. In addition, these channels also serve to communicate directly with the market, positioning itself strategically in the face of emerging trends.

Information Technology for the Shopping Journey

During the purchase journey is where the use of information can be decisive in creating a relationship of trust and getting a new customer. How can technology help with this?

A CRM tool, which aims to manage the relationship with the customer, is able to optimally maintain the entire history of interactions with customers, ensuring always personalized service. CRM is the salesperson’s memory and serves as the most instant way for the company to communicate with the customer with as much customization as possible.

In addition, CRM also allows all customers to be served at the same level of quality through well-defined cadences, reminder of tasks and reports on the health of negotiations, so that the manager can analyze his team and the seller to locate the error in the construction relationship with potential buyers.

As a CRM platform tip, there is the London solution from NectarCRM that integrates natively with Online Chats like Websites Are Us. Nectar’s CRM offers a complete free plan for those who want to start professionalizing customer relationship management and also robust plans that guarantee an acceleration of sales and loyalty through a dynamic tool for salespeople and analytics for managers.

Customer Success

Customer Success (CS), is a recent and increasingly recognized relationship strategy with the customer. It is already present in post-sale, at the moment of customer loyalty.

The idea is to always be one step ahead of the customer, anticipating his needs and providing everything possible so that he quickly realizes the advantages and the value of the solution he has acquired. How does this strategy guarantee customer loyalty? First, ensuring your success with the contracted service. This strategy is essentially focused on results. A good CS is responsible for the customer’s complete success with the company’s product or service.

Unlike traditional customer service, which is reactive, Customer Success is an action to proactively retain customers by going to them before they feel the need for help, thus preventing their loss. This is only possible with analysis of metrics and indicators of success with your product or service plus a job of monitoring customers.

Linking Online Chat to Customer Relationships

How to combine a customer relationship strategy with online chat

For customer service, one of the most chosen solutions in the market is online chats. An example of a robust solution in Online Chat for those who want a competitive advantage, there is the Websites Are Us solution that has all the customer service resources necessary for excellence in this sector.

But how can an online chat optimize and increase the results of a customer relationship strategy?

An online chat is a great ally of a customer relationship strategy mainly because it allows instant access to the customer’s needs, which can streamline a sales process for very interested buyers and also allows quick service for questions and problems.

In addition, online chat contributes to the main input of a customer relationship strategy: information. The online chat acts as a “source channel”, available both on the website and blog as well as on social networks, capable of providing important information to its customers.

Some situations can be used to exemplify Chat Online and the 3 main relationship strategies working together:

  • An e-book produced by Marketing has generated a high demand for complex doubts on the subject, which are made in the chat to the service team. Upon learning of this information, Marketing plans an action such as Webinar to further deepen the subject of the E-book and generate leads.
  • The sales team has already realized, together with the CRM data, that users who go to the chat with doubts about values ​​are more mature in the purchase journey. Therefore, the moment a price message is left in the chat, the sales team will contact you over the phone to ensure further conversion.
  • Many customers lose contact with their CS (Customer Success) and turn to Chat Online to answer questions. It was noticed that, as part of the process, the SC must pass on direct contacts to its clients so that the two can have a more effective communication.

These situations are general examples within a gigantic universe of possibilities in which online chat and a customer relationship strategy go hand in hand.

What is the next step?

Now that we have explored the dynamics and types of customer relationship strategies most used by mature companies in the market, what is the next step?

If you already have an online chat as a service tool, like Websites Are Us, or a customer relationship strategy, like Nectar’s CRM, but you have NOT joined the two together to work together and accelerate results, it’s time to go for it! Professional service and more loyal customers are waiting for you at the finish line.

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