Another traditional area that can benefit a lot from online chat. Learn how to use the tool to sell and rent property

In another article in our series that talks about how businesses considered traditional that can benefit a lot from an online chat system, it is time to offer tips on how to use Websites Are Us in the real estate sector. We have already talked about the experience of Itajaí Shopping with our tool and how it was positive to understand that the fact that your business does not use the internet a lot means that there is a great opportunity to be taken advantage of if you start adopting digital marketing practices and online service](/blog/comunicacao/melhorar-atendimento-online.html) in your business. Check out some of the best tips for using Websites Are Us online chat for real estate agents!

1. Use forms to capture email from visitors

Websites Are Us allows you to leave a small form for the visitor to fill in with their contact information, such as name and email. This is an ideal opportunity to grow your email list and increase your number of leads. That is, even if that user will never buy or rent a property, his contact base will be larger and will have more chances of converting him into a customer through email markting.


Although you can request all kinds of information from the visitor through this form, our recommendation is that you keep it as simple as possible, limiting yourself to your name and email if there is no other type of information essential for your business. It is worth remembering that your operator can request other information during the conversation and that the visitor loses interest if he needs to enter a lot of personal information.

2. Schedule visits with online chat and integrations with CRM

The main function that online chat will have in the real estate business is scheduling visits. The tool is ideal for visitors interested in seeing a property to be able to make an appointment quickly, without having to hang up on a call. It is worth noting that Websites Are Us can integrate with a wide variety of CRM systems, allowing operators of your online service to manage the consultants’ agenda, as well as add new prospects to the system.

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3. There is no need to abandon phone calls

Using Websites Are Us does not imply abandoning the telephone service, as there are many individuals who prefer to talk by voice than through text messages. Our platform has its own telephone system, which allows you to make and receive calls directly from our program. In addition, it can also enable the visitor to request a call back – called a callback – made by the Websites Are Us system in up to 27 seconds. Click on the link to find out how the callback system works.


4. Use online chat as well to demonstrate your properties

Even before the visit, it is already possible to show your properties through online chat. Websites Are Us allows you to share photos and files, which can be used to demonstrate some properties that you are selling or renting. That is, you can already start selling a property and use the images to convince visitors to schedule a visit with a broker.

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5. Schedule visits with the proactive invitation

One of the best online chat tools to increase conversions on a website, the proactive invitation is ideal for speeding up the process of scheduling a visit. Instead of waiting for the site visitor to click on the chat button to start answering, you can set up automatic messages to get in touch first. Websites Are Us allows you to establish different types of rules for these messages to be sent, such as accessing a specific page or if they are browsing the site for some time, among others.

Remember that the message can be personalized. For example, if the visitor is viewing the page for a specific property, his automatic message could be “hello, did you like that property? We can schedule a face-to-face visit so you know all the details! ”. If the visitor responds, he will be immediately referred to an attendant who is online.

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Try Websites Are Us at your property for free for 14 days!

Now that you know how to use Websites Are Us to serve visitors to your website and increase the number of scheduled visits, you can learn more about all of our features. We released 14 days of FREE full access, allowing you to install Websites Are Us on your website as soon as you complete your registration. Click on the link to register and start immediately!


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