With nearly 150 million users, Wix has become the best known and most widely used website creation software in the world. When you want to create a website, whether you are an SME, an individual, a trader or a liberal profession, it is difficult to miss the name of Wix.

The solution became known thanks to the quality of its templates, its rich functionality and its ease of use. Wix gives everyone the possibility of creating a professional and elegant website, without needing to know how to code. The software aims to be general and allows you to create all types of websites, from the small showcase site to the e-commerce site. It is aimed at everyone, from the individual to the SME.

Websites Are Us has been helping entrepreneurs for 5 years to realize their web projects. We have tested almost every website building software on the market, especially so-called website builders – all of these platforms that allow anyone to create their site quickly and easily. Wix falls into this category.

In this article, we wanted to give you our objective and detailed opinion on this platform, by sifting through the platform from every angle to help you make your choice knowingly.

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What to think of Wix? Is the notoriety of this software, boosted by offensive advertising campaigns, deserved? For which websites, for which web projects is this website builder best suited? Is Wix as easy to use as it claims to be? What about prices and offers? Are they good value for money? What are the main advantages and disadvantages of this platform, its strengths and its limits?

This article is for anyone who wants to build a website, who has heard of Wix, and who wants to know if it is right for them. Discover our full opinion on this dominant player in the website builders market.

Our opinion on Wix in summary

We wanted to do things well and we did not count our hours to write this article. We wanted to give you the most complete and reasoned opinion on Wix. Suddenly, we may have gotten a little excited since we come to an article of more than 6,000 words … We really wanted you to have all the keys and all the elements of understanding so that you make the best possible choice . But if you do not have the time or the courage to read everything, and want to know right away if Wix is ​​suitable for your project, we offer you a summary of our opinion on Wix.

The main strength of this platform in our opinion is that this platform combines real ease of use with a fairly impressive functional richness. However, a priori, it is not always a good idea to combine the two. Functional richness, in general, is often synonymous with complexity. Think of WordPress or Magento for example. And, conversely, ease of use is often achieved at the expense of functional richness. Now Wix allows you to simply create a website, without the result being a simplistic, basic website.

Of course, everything will depend on the time investment you will be ready to devote to the creation of your website, but if you put the energy and the heart into it, you can really get a result as professional as if you had entrusted the creation of your site to a professional (agency or freelance). It is also due to the quality and variety of the themes. By creating a Wix website, you start from a very nice base (a theme), an already worked design and a pre-built structure. Your job is basically to customize the theme, adding your content, your images, the features you need, etc.

Wix allows you to simply create a website, without the result being a simplistic, basic website.

For what types of projects is this platform suitable? Wix is ​​a website builder which aims to be generalist. Theoretically, it adapts to all projects. In our opinion, Wix effectively allows you to create almost any type of website: company showcase site, personal site (portfolio, blog, online resume, etc.), restaurant site, hotel site, business website. lawyer, architect site, association site, event site … For each type of website, Wix offers a series of dedicated templates. It is only if you want to create a large e-commerce site that we clearly recommend against the Wix option. As we explain later in the article, it is not possible to create fnac.com with Wix. On the other hand, if you want to create a small online store, it is quite possible. We will come back to it.

Regarding prices, Wix is ​​not the cheapest platform on the market, but remains very affordable. If we are interested in the price / quality ratio rather than absolute prices, the price list seems to us more than interesting. After all, paying 15 or 20 euros per month will always be much cheaper than having your site created by an agency – especially since with Wix you don’t have to pay for additional hosting. Besides, the platform offers a flat rate of 4.5 euros per month which may largely be suitable in some cases. So a website created with Wix is ​​not very expensive. Support is also included in all subscriptions and is revealed at level. We will come back to this in detail later.

Before going further, here is a summary table which summarizes the main points of our opinion on the Wix software:

Websites Are Us’s opinion Note
Getting started
  • Wix’s drag & drop editing interface is the most intuitive we’ve tested.
  • We understand in just a few minutes how it works.
  • Creating a site with Wix is ​​(almost) a breeze, in any case it is accessible to everyone.
5 / 5
  • Wix is ​​the general website builder that offers the greatest functional richness.
  • The hundreds of apps available on the App Market complement the already advanced native functionality.
  • If we do not assign a score of 5/5, it is for two reasons:
    • The ecommerce features are less advanced than what specialized platforms like Shopify offer.
    • The functional richness of a website builder will always be lower than that of an open source CMS like Magento or WordPress.
4 / 5

Without hesitation, we give the maximum score. The themes and templates offered by Wix are:

  • Very numerous (more than 500) and very varied. Whatever your need / sector of activity, you will find a theme made for you.
  • All free, unlike other website builders who offer their best themes in premium.
  • Responsive, so that your website is displayed on mobile, tablet and computer.
  • Highly customizable, via the editing interface. It is even possible to modify the code via Wix Corvid.
5 / 5
security Your website is hosted on Wix secure servers around the world. It is the platform that takes care of the maintenance, updates and security of its users’ websites. Wix is ​​renowned for the importance it places on security issues. We have never had any negative feedback on this issue from our readers. 5 / 5
Help & Support Wix offers a high level of support, with several contact channels available: telephone (English), email, web form, social networks… To this is added a YouTube channel, a help center with lots of official tutorials and forums. 4 / 5

Wix, the website creation software for 150 million users

The numbers are impressive. Wix was created in 2006. And since then, that has come a long way. Today, in 2019, this website builder has been chosen by more than 150 million users from 190 countries. Wix’s value proposition is simple: make it possible for everyone to create a professionally designed website for a very affordable price. In this value proposition, there are three things to remember:

  • Wix allows you to create a website without any technical knowledge, without needing to know how to code and in a few minutes thanks to numerous and varied site models as well as to an intuitive drag & drop editor. No matter your level of computer science, Wix is ​​at your fingertips.
  • It allows you to create professional, elegant, classy, ​​beautiful websites. The quality of the templates and designs offered is an argument often put forward in favor of Wix. We’ll see what happens later.
  • It’s an affordable solution. Hiring a developer and a graphic designer, or using a web agency to create your website are very expensive solutions. It is clearly not within everyone’s reach, especially when this “all” includes individuals, small traders, small craftsmen or the liberal professions. Wix allows you to have a website for a few dollars a month. In summary: it democratizes the creation of professional websites. This is the stubborn argument put forward by Wix marketing teams elsewhere: “It has never been easier to create a great site”.

Behind these marketing arguments, we will try to see what it really is. This is the main focus of this Wix review.

Because, let’s be honest, Wix is ​​not the only software that allows you to create your website easily, without code, quickly and at affordable prices. Think of Weebly, Shopify, Squarespace and others Jimdo. All these software are basically quite similar in their operation. These are what we call “website builders”, online platforms for website creation. we also made a comparison of CMS.

They all allow you to create a site without coding from a customizable pre-built template (= a template, or theme). They all include an intuitive drag & drop editor that allows you to add elements to pages by simply “dragging and dropping” with the mouse. Wix is ​​therefore nothing revolutionary in its approach. The Israeli company that developed the platform has never claimed otherwise. What she claims is to make others better, to offer more beautiful designs and a simpler and richer editor than all the others.

Discover our full test of Wix software.

We’ll see what it’s about in a moment, but before we say that Wix, unlike some of its competitors, is “general purpose” software. It allows you to create any kind of site: a showcase site, a restaurant site, a hotel site, a lawyer site, a musicians site, an art gallery site, a photographer site , an online store, a portfolio site, an association site, etc. Wix differs here from a solution like Shopify, which specializes in the creation of e-commerce sites. Whatever your field of activity, your sector of activity, your niche, you will find a site model corresponding more or less to your needs.

The simplicity of using Wix, myth or reality? Our opinion

Most people who are looking for an online website builder, a website builder, are people who have no code knowledge and who are looking to build their website easily. Ease of use is a key point for this type of solution. It’s an essential part of their value proposition. Wix has a reputation for being the easiest software to use. Is it true ?

Since Websites Are Us has existed, we have had the opportunity to collect dozens and dozens of feedback from users of this platform – often people who are perfectly new to it. Overall, the feedback is very positive: for 95% of users, Wix is ​​a pleasant and easy-to-use platform. Many users are amazed at how quickly you can build a website with Wix. On this subject, precisely: we must not take literally the idea that it would be possible to create a website in a few minutes, even in a few clicks. It still takes more time… But it is true that it is possible to lay the foundations of a small personalized showcase site at least in a few minutes using Wix ADI (we will come back to this in a moment). On the other hand, to create an e-commerce site using the classic editor, several days of work and several liters of coffee will be necessary! The more time you spend on your site, the more personalized it will be, the better. So yes, Wix allows you to create your site quickly, but it still takes a little more than a few minutes!

Another element that comes up often in the mouth of Wix users is the level of customization. Users are often amazed how far it is possible to go in terms of personalization, again without having to add code.

So the ease of use of Wix is ​​not a myth. The platform is constantly improving its interface to make it always more simple and intuitive. And the result is clearly there. The editing interface is really pleasant to use and gets started in a few minutes (or a few tens of minutes if you are mad with computers!). We tested all the other platforms, and if we had to choose only one it would definitely be Wix. What is impressive is that this ease of use is combined with a remarkable functional richness. We will return to this point later.

Two words about the two Wix editing modes before we get into another topic. With Wix, you can create your website:

  • Using the classic “drag & drop” editor: You choose a template (= a website template) and personalize it by adding elements and functionalities, your content, your images, your colors, your logo, your products , etc. We will come back to how the editing interface works later, but if you want a detailed presentation, we refer you to our full Wix test.
  • Using Wix ADI, which is an assistant based on artificial intelligence. How it works ? You answer a series of questions asked by the assistant. For example: “What kind of site do you want?” “,” What are your design preferences? »,« What are the adjectives that best characterize you? », Etc. From the answers you give, Wix automatically generates your website for you. You can then further customize your site by switching to the classic editor.

Wix ADI offers a very attractive approach and effectively saves a lot of time in creating your site. But if you want a website that is really your image and personalized, we advise you to opt for the classic mode. Wix ADI is to Wix Editor what video games on smartphones are to console games: it’s easier to handle, easier to use, but in the end you have much less control than on a console game, and the functionalities (therefore the experience) are much less rich.

If you want to know more about Wix ADI and how it works, we invite you to discover the article that we devoted to this subject: “Wix ADI vs Wix Editor: how to choose? “.

Something we really like about Wix is ​​the Wix Corvid app (formerly Wix Code). This application allows more seasoned users, if they wish, to add or modify code and thus to take a step forward in personalizing the website. That Wix gives access to HTML / CSS code is something very appreciable, and ultimately quite rare among website builders (even if more and more software allows it, like Weebly). This allows to overcome certain limits inherent in this type of platform. Wix is ​​in fact one of the “proprietary” software that offers the most freedom and tends to resemble, in some ways, open source software like WordPress.

Check out our full review on Wix Corvid.

wix corvid review

For which websites is Wix software suitable? Our recommendations

As we said above, Wix is ​​a generalist platform and theoretically allows you to create any type of site, from the online CV to the big online store.

wix notice which sites

But we will bring some nuances to this idea. Wix is ​​suitable for most web projects. But in some cases, this website builder is not completely suitable, if at all. A word of advice: don’t get started in Wix until you’ve read this section! So, is Wix suitable for your website project? We will discuss the main types of website and give you our opinion on each one.

You want to create a showcase site to present your company, your activity, your offer

Showcase sites are Wix’s livelihood. Wix is ​​particularly suited to the creation of showcase sites. If this is your project, then yes Wix is ​​clearly a solution to consider. This is the category of website for which Wix offers the largest number of templates. Whatever the sector of activity in which you operate, you will find a site template corresponding to your field: from carpentry to consulting through construction, IT, real estate or even law. Wix also offers a large number of functions designed for showcase sites: the contact form, the appointment booking form, email marketing, etc.

wix avis site showcase

You want to create an e-commerce site (an online store)

Our opinion will be more nuanced here. If you want to sell a few products on Wix and have a small catalog, Wix is ​​clearly an option to consider. The quality of the Wix templates allows you to highlight your products, to create beautiful product pages. If you opt for an e-commerce package, Wix provides you with a lot of useful features to manage an online store. Theoretically, you can add as many products as you want to your store, be it physical products, digital products or services. You can create promotions, offer discounts, adjust your delivery options and even manage your sales from the Wix mobile app.

wix ecommerce website review

However, we can only advise you against Wix if you want to create a large e-commerce site involving heavy logistics. You will need a heavier platform, specialized in e-commerce, like Magento, BigCommerce or Shopify. Do not lie: you will not create a Darty.com on Wix! On the other hand, Wix is ​​completely suitable if you are, for example, a small craftsman who wishes to market his collection online, or else a small SME which has around thirty products in its catalog.

To learn more about e-commerce features, we invite you to discover our full review on Wix Ecommerce.

You want to create a small personal site (an online CV, a portfolio…)

In this case, Wix is ​​recommended. With storefront sites, personal sites are the second type of site that Wix is ​​best suited for. Whether you want to create an event site, a portfolio or an online CV, Wix will offer you a template tailored to your needs. The Wix editor will then allow you to customize your site in great detail to create the personal site that suits you. If you are a graphic designer or an artist and your website design is of decisive importance, you can also test Squarespace, which is a software very similar to Wix but which offers truly magnificent designs, perhaps even more beautiful than those of Wix. On the other hand, Squarespace offers much less choice of themes than Wix.

wix personal website reviews

You want to create a blog

Wix provides all the basic functionality you need to start a blog. So Wix is ​​a choice that makes sense if your plan is to launch a blogging site. Especially since Wix offers blog templates covering most needs: beauty blog, fashion blog, business blog, family blog, travel blog, news blog, etc.

wix notice site blog

After, let’s be honest, we are quite far from the functional richness of software like WordPress. If you are very demanding and have complex needs, Wix is ​​not necessarily the best choice. But Wix will do the job if you have simple needs, just want to post blog posts, categorize them, put social sharing buttons, use tags, manage comments, embed a bar research, etc. Wix is ​​also a good choice if you want to create a website with a blog section (vs a 100% blog site).

If you think you can’t do what you want with Wix but don’t have the courage to create a WordPress site, we encourage you to take a look at Weebly. Weebly is very close to Wix, it’s also a website builder, but its blogging features are more advanced.

Now we’ve covered the main types of websites you can build. Before focusing on designs and templates, let’s answer a question that is often asked by our readers: “I anticipate continued growth in my business. So, is Wix a good choice? Will Wix always be suitable when my business has grown? “. In other words: is Wix scalable? Let’s be clear: yes, Wix is ​​scalable in most cases. Wix, contrary to popular belief, allows you to manage “big sites”: it is not only a platform for beginners who want to create their small website. By the time Wix shows its limits, you have room. Especially since Wix relies on a very high-quality application store (we’ll come back to this) and regularly enriched with new features. So many applications that improve your site and enrich its functionality as your activity grows in importance.

Ultimately, there is only if you plan to get into e-commerce and you plan to set up a big online store that Wix is ​​unsuitable. In all other cases, Wix can become a faithful and precious ally in the success of your project.

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

What are Wix designs and templates worth?

Wix is ​​a very intuitive editor, but it is also a library of high-quality themes. Wix currently offers more than 500 templates (August 2019) and releases new ones regularly. The themes are classified by category. Just take a look at the theme category menu to see that Wix covers just about every industry, every field, every niche.

wix notice templates

You will inevitably find a theme corresponding to your activity, even if it is an unusual activity. Beyond their variety, these themes (we also speak of “templates”) have the characteristic of being all beautiful, elegant. They are “pro” and are more original than those offered by Weebly and Squarespace.

So yes, the templates are a strong point of Wix, very clearly. Note that all themes are responsive design, that is to say that they are designed to display correctly regardless of the size of the user’s screen. Wix automatically generates a mobile version of your website, which you can modify at your convenience.

wix mobile review

One of the disadvantages of Wix, however, is that it is not possible to change themes once you have published your website, otherwise you will lose all your content and all your customizations. So a word of advice: take care to choose your template, once chosen, it’s for life! If this inconvenience is prohibitive for you, you can turn to Squarespace. The themes of Squarespace are less flexible than those of Wix, less varied, but you can change the theme whenever you want.

Wix templates are very easy to customize from the editor. To edit a text for example, you just have to click on it and write your text. A pop-up window allows you to choose the right Hn tag, font, font size, etc.

wix editor review

It’s the same process regardless of the type of content you want to modify on the page: an image, a video, a map, a contact form, a gallery, a reservation form, social media buttons, etc. . Only the pop-up window varies depending on the type of content. If you have a creative mind, you will fall in love with the features offered by Wix. Wix allows you, for example, to add animations to any element of the page, zoom options, etc.

To move an item on the page, simply click on it with the mouse and move it to the desired location. You can add new elements to your website to enrich it. The list of possibilities is endless. Once you’ve selected the item you want to add, just click on it and move it around on your page. In short, child’s play.

So, to sum up, the Wix templates are really very qualitative and are highly customizable. Undeniably, a big highlight of Wix.

Our opinion on Wix applications

Website creation platforms all offer applications, whatever they call them: extension, plugin, module, tool, etc. These applications allow you to add new functional bricks to your website. We can for example think of reservation applications, which allow you to add a reservation form to your site. The richness, variety and quality of the applications offered by a website builder are a very important criterion. We are going to say a few words about the Wix applications and give our opinion.

It would take days and days, and tens of thousands of words to present the full range of Wix applications. Because the Wix App Market has an impressive number of applications. Today there are almost 300 of them and Wix regularly publishes new ones. These applications are very varied in their destination. If you can’t do what you want with native Wix functionality, tell yourself that there is probably an app that can. The applications are classified by category. As we can see, they cover a lot of areas, from analytics to marketing, including business applications (events, hotels and travel, music, etc.):

wix application reviews

Some applications are developed by Wix itself. Others are offered by partners. One thing is certain: Wix applications are popular, with more than 50,000 installations per day (almost 20 million per year!).

wix app market

For each application presented in the Marketing App, you have a full description, user reviews and demo videos. Convenient to get a good idea of ​​the content of the application.

wix notice detail application

Let us quote some examples of applications:

  • 123FormBuilder, which allows you to create and manage forms, questionnaires, quizzes or surveys for your website.
  • Wix Forum, which allows you to set up a forum space on your site.
  • ShoutOut, to manage your newsletters.
  • Wix Chat which allows you to integrate a livechat to your site.
  • Wix FAQ, which allows you to offer a smart FAQ to your visitors.
  • Etc.

We are often amazed by the wealth of applications. I am thinking, for example, of Wix Reservations, designed for restaurateurs and hoteliers. Once the application is installed, you have access to a dedicated interface which allows you to manage your card and your reservations from A to Z.

wix avis reservations

There is, however, a downside, which is the price of applications. Some are free, but not all of them. Most are freemium: they are accessible in free version but with many functional limitations, and in premium version if you pay a monthly subscription.

Take the opportunity now to address a few other topics: support, SEO, domain name, etc.

Our opinion on Wix support

Having professional and responsive technical support is something important. Let’s face it, Wix does the job. Wix offers support by phone (during the day) and by email. Add to that a chat on social networks, forums, a help center and a Youtube channel with a number of very useful short tutorial videos.

wix support notice

On the other hand, unlike Shopify for example, Wix does not offer a livechat accessible on the website or directly from the publisher. Another disadvantage of Wix: telephone support is in English. Donc globalement, le support de Wix est plus que correct, même si on peut regretter le fait qu’il ne soit pas possible de parler à un interlocuteur français (mais ça devrait évoluer, en tous cas on l’espère !).

Nom de domaine et intégration avec les réseaux sociaux

Si vous choisissez un forfait premium, Wix vous offre un nom de domaine pour la première année. Le montant du renouvellement du nom de domaine (qui doit se faire tous les ans) est d’environ 15€. Si vous voulez créer un site web Wix et que vous avez déjà un nom de domaine, sachez qu’il est possible de le connecter à votre site Wix. C’est plutôt pratique, même si dans les faits 95% des plateformes de création de site web proposent ce service ! Ce n’est clairement pas là que Wix se différencie de ses concurrents.

Concernant la connectivité avec les réseaux sociaux, il n’y a rien à redire. Vous pouvez ajouter des boutons de partage sur les réseaux sociaux où vous voulez sur votre site web. Tous les réseaux sociaux sont gérés. En revanche, il n’est pas possible de vendre les produits de votre site Wix directement sur vos réseaux sociaux ou sur des marketplaces comme Amazon ou eBay. C’est dommage et on espère que Wix le proposera à l’avenir…comme le proposent déjà Shopify et BigCommerce.

Notre avis sur Wix et le SEO

Le SEO est capital. Avoir un site web, c’est bien, mais votre site ne sera que de peu d’utilité s’il n’est pas bien référencé dans les moteurs de recherche et en premier lieu dans Google, le plus gros de tous. Il faut que les individus que vous ciblez et qui tapent dans Google des mots-clés associés à votre activité puissent tomber sur votre site web. Pour cela, il faut que votre site s’affiche en haut des résultats de recherche. Pour y parvenir, il faut optimiser le référencement naturel, c’est-à-dire faire du SEO. Pour l’essentiel, c’est en produisant des contenus nombreux et de qualité que l’on finit par améliorer son référencement. Mais le SEO, ça consiste aussi à ajouter un Title à toutes ses pages, à structurer leur contenu avec des balises Hn, à ajouter une meta description, à personnaliser l’url, à ajouter des balises alt aux images, voire même à modifier un peu le header code. Eh bien, Wix permet de faire tout ça.

Wix propose par ailleurs plusieurs applications pour vous aider dans l’optimisation SEO de votre site web, dont l’excellente application Wix SEO. Il s’agit d’un assistant personnel qui vous accompagne étape par étape dans l’amélioration de votre SEO. Il s’agit de Wix SEO Wiz.

En termes de paramétrage SEO, il n’y a que Weebly qui propose des fonctionnalités de même niveau.

Découvrez notre guide complet sur le sujet : « Wix SEO – Comment bien référencer un site web Wix ?« .

Notre avis concernant la sécurité, les sauvegardes, les restaurations

Tous les sites web créés sur Wix ont un certificat SSL et sont donc en HTTPS. Les visiteurs qui arrivent sur votre site savent, grâce à l’icône qui s’affiche dans la barre de recherche de leur navigateur web, que votre site est sûr. C’est un élément de réassurance non négligeable, surtout si votre site web supporte des transactions financières.

Par ailleurs, Wix effectue des sauvegardes automatiques de votre site web. Plusieurs versions de votre site sont enregistrées, ce qui permet de restaurer une sauvegarde en quelques clics en cas de problème. Wix coche toutes les bonnes cases ici.

Un mot de Wix Ascend, la suite marketing de Wix

Depuis 2019, Wix propose une suite marketing complète appelée Wix Ascend. Comme son nom l’indique, l’objectif de cette suite est de vous aider à faire monter votre site, à le faire connaître, à en augmenter son audience, à gagner plus de clients, etc. C’est une solution all-in-one qui intègre des modules de CRM, de marketing automation, de promotions, d’email marketing, de livechat. En réalité, Wix Ascend intègre l’ensemble des applications marketing de Wix.

wix avis ascend

Wix Ascend n’en est qu’à ses débuts, mais l’idée est vraiment ambitieuse et le résultat pour le moment est très séduisant. Wix Ascend est déjà un nouvel argument en faveur de Wix.

Pour en savoir plus sur Wix Ascend, nous vous renvoyons vers l’article complet que nous avons écrit sur ce sujet : « A la découverte de Wix Ascend, la nouvelle suite marketing de Wix« .

Wix, un bon rapport qualité/prix ?

Pour terminer, abordons la question des tarifs. Last but not least comme disent nos amis anglo-saxons. On ne peut pas donner notre avis sur Wix sans donner un avis sur le prix des abonnements. Il faut savoir que Wix propose un abonnement 100% gratuit qui peut convenir si vous voulez créer un petit site personnel. Le problème de Wix gratuit, c’est que vous ne pouvez pas utiliser de nom de domaine (vous avez un sous-domaine seulement) et que votre site web affiche des publicités Wix. Pas très professionnel…si vous voulez créer un site professionnel justement ! Par ailleurs, les fonctionnalités de Wix gratuit sont très limitées. Pas possible de vendre des produits par exemple avec ce forfait.

Wix propose plusieurs abonnements payants, entre 5€ et 35€ par mois. Plus l’abonnement est cher, plus vous avez accès à un nombre important de fonctionnalités et à des services premium. Tous les abonnements payants sont sans pubs Wix et offrent le nom de domaine la première année. Wix propose une garantie satisfait ou remboursé valable les 14 premiers jours et pratique pour tester les forfaits les plus chers sans prendre de risque.

Voici les 4 premiers forfaits (destinés aux particuliers et aux TPE essentiellement) :

wix avis prix

Voici maintenant les trois forfaits destinés aux grandes entreprises et aux e-commerçants :

wix avis prix 2

Wix propose des tarifs dégressifs suivant votre durée d’engagement. Si vous vous engagez un an, vous économisez 25% du prix de l’abonnement. Si vous vous engagez deux ans, vous économisez 43%.

Le prix des abonnements Wix est dans la moyenne de ceux pratiqués par les autres acteurs du marché. Globalement, ça reste très abordable au vu de ce que Wix permet de faire. Il ne faut pas oublier qu’avant, quand on voulait un site web professionnel, il fallait recruter des professionnels ou faire appel à des agences qui facturaient la prestation plusieurs milliers d’euros (au bas mot). Il n’y a donc pas photo. Wix propose un excellent rapport qualité / prix.

Toutefois, il ne faut pas oublier que le coût d’un site Wix ne se résume pas au prix de l’abonnement. Nous parlions tout à l’heure du fait que certaines applications étaient payantes. Il y a d’autres coûts à anticiper, comme celui du nom de domaine par exemple.

Pour aller plus, découvrez notre article complet sur le sujet : « Combien coûte la création d’un site web Wix ?« .

Conclusion – Notre avis général sur Wix

Wix mérite la réputation qui est la sienne. La plateforme démocratise la création de sites web, c’est indéniable. Elle donne la possibilité à n’importe qui de créer un site web digne de ce nom, rapidement, facilement, sans connaissance en code, en partant d’un modèle choisi parmi l’impressionnante bibliothèque de templates proposée. A condition bien sûr de mettre un peu les mains dans le cambouis, il est tout à fait possible de créer avec Wix un site web aussi beau et aussi personnalisé qu’un site commandé à une agence pour plusieurs milliers d’euros.

Wix convient à pratiquement tous les projets. Que vous vouliez créer un petit site personnel, un site de restaurant, un site événementiel ou bien le site vitrine de votre entreprise, nous vous recommandons Wix sans la moindre hésitation. Il n’y a que pour créer de gros sites ecommerce que Wix se montre trop limité. Dans ce cas, nous vous invitons plutôt à vous tourner vers un logiciel comme Shopify ou Magento.

En guise de conclusion, nous vous invitons à tester Wix pour vous faire une propre idée de la plateforme…et conclure par vous-même ! Vous pouvez utiliser l’offre gratuite de Wix pour tester, ou bien souscrire une offre payante et demander le remboursement si vous n’êtes pas satisfait. Bref, vous ne prenez aucuns risques.

A vous de jouer !

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