If you’re looking for a tool to manage your company’s projects and processes collaboratively, monday.com may be of interest to you. We have tested the solution for you and will show you the main features. We will give you our opinion at the end of the article.

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Summary of our Test & Reviews on monday.com

Monday.com’s offer in a few words

As we have just told you, monday.com is a tool for managing and organizing a business. The latter allows you and your team to communicate and work via a single online workspace. This workspace is built on a simple principle: tables.

Indeed, all your tasks and work will be organized on different tables. By this we mean that the management of your long and short term projects will be fully taken care of by the latter. So, you only need to refer to it to find out how a project is progressing, which teams are late if there are any, where is something stuck?

All these tables can be automated without having to write even a single line of code, and therefore to save considerable time on small but time-consuming but compulsory tasks … enough to focus on most of your work.

Before we dwell on the different features of monday.com, let’s focus on the pricing of this tool to understand how it is within the reach of any business.

Offers and Prices

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The fame of monday.com is no longer in the making today, so one would expect that such a service would be reserved for large multinationals. However, and this is what makes monday.com so successful, you will see that this tool is actually much more affordable than we think.

As you can see above, monday.com is available in different plans and prices, cut according to the needs of your business:

As we said in the introduction to this section, monday.com offers rates tailored to the needs of each business. Obviously, there was no point in citing all of the features available at different rates. Therefore, if you want to go into more detail, we invite you to go directly to inquire on the prices page of monday.com.

The main features of monday.com

Until now, we have only presented this management tool to you in a superficial way. This is why in this section, we will try to see some key features of monday.com, and understand how they will be valuable to your business.

# 1 Tables, where the ultimate time management tool

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We talked about it at the beginning of the article, but one of the main features of monday.com is the creation of tables for the organization of your tasks. Indeed, when you have an important task to complete before a deadline, you can quite create a table for it. So, you will be able to see how your project is progressing, who is working on it, who is ahead, behind schedule, what is the deadline …

Each time one of your employees completes their assignment on a task, they can declare their work as “finished”. In this way, you will be able to see in real time if one of your employees (or yourself!) Is late on his mission, and to take the necessary measures before the deadline is exceeded.

# 2 Work from home as if you were at the office

Beyond these tables, monday.com is a service that offers you to put your employees in touch. This is the main objective of this tool: that everyone is connected to each other to optimize everyone’s productivity.

To achieve this objective, monday.com provides you with a chat, in which all users can interact with each other. Like any social network, you can therefore create conversations between certain employees working on the same project, and thus avoid incessant comings and goings in each office.

Thanks to this functionality, you allow all your teams to work not only more efficiently, but also and above all, more independently!

# 3 Organize your time to optimize your work

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As we have said since the beginning of this article, monday.com is a tool dedicated to organization within a company. It’s also a mission that he succeeds hands down with features like the ones mentioned above.

But for a company to be truly productive, it is essential that each person working there can organize their day, week, month themselves… monday.com offers its users the calendar tool, where they can individually register their timetable, and thus organize themselves in the best way. This calendar will allow them to see what work they are late or ahead of, what is planned for the next few days. In short, it will have a more than positive impact on the organization of everyone who has access to monday.com.

Conclusion – Websites Are Us’s opinion on monday.com

You may have understood by reading these lines, but our opinion on this management tool is more than positive. Nevertheless, a small weakness deserves to be highlighted, and that is what we will do in this conclusion.

This monday.com overview article is now complete. We sincerely hope that it will have allowed you to discover a beautiful business management tool, and that it will have given you all the keys to determine if it would be useful for your business.

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