If you are looking for a tool to quickly and easily create your logo, Tailorbrands may be of interest to you. In this test article, we will introduce Tailorbrands in a few words, present the different offers on offer and show you how to create a logo using this tool. Discover our opinion on Tailorbrands.

Summary of our Test & Reviews on Tailorbrands

Tailorbrands in a few words

Tailorbrands is a logo creation service available on the market since 2014. Logo designer certainly, but not only. Its branding tools are designed for companies starting or considering a change of brand identity. It is also ideal for organizations that want to streamline their social media management as well as the production of advertising content. With Tailorbrands, creating your own logo is easy. You go through a generator, which asks you your preferences in terms of logos and fonts. The platform then produces logo suggestions based on your selections in the quiz and your brand brief. In addition, Tailorbrands helps you create publications for social networks with a tool called Tailor Social. This means that you only have to choose a platform, then select a model and customize it. Then you can download what you’ve created and share it across all of your networks. Tailorbrands also has a platform for creating ads via Tailor Ads. Once you’ve selected your logo, created your social media post and your ad, you need to pay before you can use it. There are three packages available that are suitable for small business budgets. This is what we will see in the next point.

Offers & Prices

As you can see, Tailorbrands offers 3 different packages:

  • The entry-level package ” Basic “ is priced at 2.99 € per month (annual billing). With this, you will have high quality logo files, full ownership of your logo, access to the resizing tool, the watermark tool, the event logo generator (Christmas, Mother’s Day etc.) or even a guide. your brand online. This guide will include all the useful information relating to the design of your brand such as spacing, use of colors, sizing etc.
  • The second package is the package “Standard” at the price of 4.99 € per month (annual invoicing). You will find all the functionalities of the Basic offer, plus your logo in vector file, the business card tool, the design of your logo with more than 500,000 free images and icons or a presentation of 14 slides ready to job for your company, modifiable as you wish.
  • Finally, the last package is the package “Premium” at 10.99 € per month (annual invoicing). You will benefit from all the features of the Standard package, plus an auto-programmer for all your social networks, a content library with millions of trendy articles, or a complete performance analysis tool on your social networks.

As you can see, no matter which plan you choose, the rates are very affordable, even for a small business.

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How to create your logo with Tailorbrands?

If you arrive on Tailorbrands, it is mainly to be able to create your logo, simply and quickly.

When you are on the homepage, the first thing you are asked to do is enter your company name and, optionally, your tagline. Next, you will need to select “the item that best suits you” – business owner, self-employed, student, employee or other. Then the solution will ask you what your new logo will be used for:

A little advice from Websites Are Us
To get the most out of Tailorbrands, think about your business before you start. Is it formal or not? Are you going to sell a product or service? Local or national? Determining your company’s identity first will help Tailorbrands create the right logo for you.

Tailorbrands will then ask you about your industry. You can even say more about your activity in a few sentences. Finally, it will ask you for the type of logo you want: from an icon, from a name, or from initials. Once these questions have been answered, the generator will offer you two different logos. You will need to choose the one that you like the most (or neither). This procedure will be repeated a few times so that Tailorbrands offers you logos that are as close as possible to your desires.

And There you go ! Once all the steps have been completed, you will arrive on this page with a dozen different logo proposals, one more than the other. The great thing about this tool is that it stages your logo in different uses. Business card, social networks, notepad, T-shirt, bags etc. you can really project yourself! Is there a logo you like, but not 100% yet? No problem ! You can change the shape, colors and typography. Once you’ve made all the changes you want, it’s time to upload the logo. For this, you will be obliged to subscribe to a paid plan.

Our opinion on other main features of Tailorbrands

It is true that Tailorbrands is above all a very effective tool for generating a logo for your company. But the advantage with this solution is that it has many other features that can be very useful in managing your business:

Social media post templates

Engagement on your content is what makes your social media marketing so powerful. However, it can be difficult to regularly create posts such as articles, photos, and videos. This is why Tailor Social offers publication models for your social networks. For example, you can choose facts and quotes that you can publish to your accounts as soon as you select them. Of course, you also have the choice to change the text, style and color before making them public. Everything must of course correspond to your brand identity.

Social media scheduler

Even if you have to inform and share content daily to your audience, it is not necessary to stay connected to your computer or mobile device all the time to do so. Fortunately! Tailor Social provides you with a publication planner, which guarantees that your publications will go online at the right time. With this, you can focus on other tasks besides content delivery. It also means that you can plan weeks, months, or even a year in advance and make changes only when necessary.

Statistical analysis of your social networks

The social media module of Tailor Social is not limited to a content creator and a publication planner. There is also an advanced analytics tool that can help you track the performance of your content. Using this, you can tell what types of content are successful with your audience, what day of the week and what time of day they are most engaged. So you can optimize your social media strategy for better performance.

Tailor-made ads

As with social media posts, you can choose from dozens of images to use as templates in your ads. Tailor Ads also offers a selection of text styles to best convey your message. In addition to that, you can customize the image with your logo. However, it should be noted that you can only upload a .PNG file to the platform.

Custom fit for different media

If you plan to use your logo on different marketing surfaces such as a cup, business card or even a shirt, you can see how it would look before you print it. The functionality offered by Tailorbrands shows you this “live” during the editing phase of your logo. This way you can be sure that your logo is displayed exactly the way you want it on different media.

Customizable images

Your logo, your social media posts and your ads are all customizable. Before finishing, you always have the possibility to modify them. In this way, you can change the fonts, positioning and color.
Discover the Tailorbrands solution here

Our opinion on Tailorbrands

As this article surely lets you think, Tailorbrands is a very good tool for creating your logo and, more broadly, your brand identity. Affordable and very easy to use, it has, however, not only positive points:

  • Ease of use : This is the first thing to highlight in this Tailorbrands test article. The platform is very easy to use and getting a logo to your image is incredibly easy.
  • Complementary Products : from business cards to email signatures as well as all the functionalities relating to social networks, the full range of products goes beyond the simple creation of logos. Tailorbrands wants to be more than your logo designer; it wants to be a complete solution to your brand needs.
  • Good value for money : A wide range of additional products and services means Tailorbrands is good value for money. The prices are clearly defined on the
    website and each plan provides solid functionality at an additional cost. In addition, you can get a wide range of logos for free.
  • Limited customization : Tailorbrands does not provide individual consultation with a professional designer to provide a unique logo. But it is important to remember that you can make changes (fonts, colors etc.) on all the logos offered. The logos are simply created on the basis of the information that you have communicated to the tool.
  • No free version : you will have to pay something if you want to have your logo, even in classic format.

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