You are a VSE, an SME or you work on your own account and you are looking for an easy to use software to manage all of your invoices, quotes or even your payment reminders? Zervant software may interest you. In this article, we’ll take a closer look at Zervant’s offer. Free quote, electronic invoicing, payment reminders, time management, online payment without forgetting the presentation of the mobile application, we will zoom in on the main features offered. You will know at the end of this article if Zervant is for you!

Zervant’s offer in summary

Zervant is 100% free billing software intended mainly for the self-employed, merchants and owners of small businesses. The software is generally very user-friendly and helps people with little or no financial management or billing experience to get started quickly. To make things even better, Zervant is an international billing system that works in six languages ​​and has recently been recognized as the most promising fintech startup in the Nordic countries.

Zervant comes with a set of features allowing you to manage the financial aspects of your business from A to Z, but not only … The solution allows you to easily choose a client when creating your quotes, add a product and send your invoices. It comes with a variety of models for all types of invoices. With Zervant, you can issue paper invoices, in PDF format or even electronic invoices. In addition to generating invoices, Zervant also allows you to create receipts and quotes for potential customers. But you will see that the software does not stop there. Before presenting you in more detail the main functionalities of this tool, here are the different formulas offered:

As you can see, the rates are very affordable if you want to upgrade to Premium. However, the free version offers a wide range of features, sometimes sufficient for most companies.

  • With the “Start” formula at € 8 per month (annual billing), you can manage up to 50 customers and issue 3 e-invoices, invoices or reminders by post per month.
  • With the “Pro” formula at 15 € per month (annual billing), you can manage an unlimited number of customers, access the time management functionality but also recurring billing profiles.
  • Finally, with the “Growth” formula at 35 € per month (annual billing), you will have all the features of the Pro plan and will be able to issue at least 30 e-invoices, invoices or reminders by post per month.

Free quote software

When you have created (for free) your account by simply entering your last name, first name and email address, you will come across your dashboard. To create a quote, simply click on “quote” in the top menu. You will arrive on the page where all of your quotes are listed. You will see the number, the date, the name of the customer, the price and the status (finished, draft…). To create one, simply click on “new quote”, you will arrive on this page (photo below).

Nothing complicated here. You enter the customer name, date, description, price, VAT rate etc. all the information necessary to create a professional quote. In the settings, located on the right of the page, you can change your currency (among more than a hundred available), but also the language (London, English, German, Dutch, Swedish, Finnish) or the columns that you want to display (Price, VAT etc.). Finally, you can personalize your documents by adding your bank details directly to the quote. In summary, it’s a breeze to create professional quotes.

Electronic invoicing

The invoicing part is similar to the estimate part in its design. Also available from your dashboard, you can customize it as you see fit.

As you can see in the image above, you can also pretty much customize everything. The main differences with the quotes are that here you can add a recurrence, a payment schedule but also add a deposit request. These different features are available with Premium plans. However, you can try them free for 14 days.

Payment reminders

We all know, time is money. Zervant understood this by implementing an extremely useful payment reminder functionality. With this feature, you will have two possibilities:

  • Sends automatic payment reminders. Here you can send reminders for all of your invoices as soon as you notice a delay.
  • Select the most important invoices. You can select each invoice individually to allow you to relaunch those that are most important to you.

Manually, this reminder is done in the Invoice tab. You can send it by email or by post. If you choose to send automatic reminders, you can choose whether to send this reminder before, after, or on the invoice due date. Please note that reminders before or on the due date can only be sent by email. Finally, it is also important to note that this feature is only available with a Premium plan.

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Management of time

The Time Management feature is extremely useful for tracking your work. No more puzzles trying to calculate the number of hours spent looking after a customer. With this functionality you follow all working hours very precisely. Track the time you spend at work and bill your customer instantly. With Zervant, you can have an overview of all the hours that you have recorded for your customers. Managing your work is then greatly simplified. In addition, with the billing option, all these recorded hours are automatically added to your invoices. Your customers will be sure to pay the right price.

Note that time management is one of the Premium features available only with a subscription.

Recurring invoice

The goal with this software is to save you time, and the recurring invoice option is a great example of that. If you are used to billing your customers exactly the same thing every month, then this is the feature for you. When this option is activated, Zervant takes care of creating and sending an invoice to your client every month, all automatically.

As you can see from the image above, setting this option is very simple. Zervant estimates that you can save up to 80% time in issuing invoices, over a period of only 6 months. Note that this option is available with a Premium package.

Online payments

With Zervant, give your customers the opportunity to pay you directly by credit or debit card. This option is particularly interesting because it allows your customers to pay you wherever they are in the world and in more than 135 currencies. In addition, you will have no monthly fees to pay. Transaction fees amount to only 1.9% of the total value of the invoice + 0.25 € (for European cards). This online payment functionality is generated by Stripe. No worries about securing sensitive customer data.

The mobile app

Are you on the road and not able to have a computer with you? With the Zervant app, billing on the go is also possible. Thanks to this application, you can create quickly and easily, send them by email or share them directly via your favorite messengers. You can also track their status, pending, late, or paid, to find out exactly where you are.


But that’s not all. The mobile application also gives you access to automated reports, automatic payment reminders, recurring invoices or even the possibility of sending e-invoices. Note that the mobile application is free up to 10 users.

Our opinion on Zervant

If you’re looking for easy-to-use billing software but with a number of great features, Zervant is made for you. Indeed, what could be worse than spending hours issuing invoices or calculating the hours spent managing a client? Creation of quotes, electronic invoicing, payment reminders, time management etc. without forgetting the very interesting mobile application, you will be able to manage all the aspects necessary for the proper functioning of your business, even if you are a novice with this type of software.


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