We all know what bridges are and what they serve. But there are also bridge programs that allow, facilitate, and implement it interface two foreign software between them.


1. you have a physical store and an online store with the same object. You need a bridge program to connect your warehouse.

2. you have an online store and you want to link it to an online marketplace such as amazon. You need a bridge program.

With these latest links, the bridges, we will deal with today’s article. And especially the Prestashop bridges with Ebay and Amazon.

amazon-prestashopIn this case, we have the following:

The idea behind these links to marketplaces is that you are taking advantage of the multitude of users (and talking about the millions) who have and who can get in touch with your products. The more people see them, the more they may be interested in buying them. That is, you could have many different stores with the same products, but instead of cloning stores you can simply register it on more than one third site and increase the visibility of your products.

Multi Channel

The statistics are relentless. Those who have posted their products on marketplaces have seen an 80% increase in sales!

And it’s not just this benefit. There are more. Such as being able to fully exploit your stock and play at your own prices at will to achieve the best possible outcome.

Practically, from a commercial point of view, it is true that it would apply to physical stores as well. In as many as e.g. the more supermarkets you have your products, the more you increase their sales.

Two of the largest marketplaces currently in the world are Ebay and Amazon. Any business that has an extroversion tendency should be there!

How are links to marketplaces made?

This is where the hardships begin. Marketplaces were not made to work together. The opposite is true. So registering a product on Amazon is completely different from Ebay. That they can follow the same philosophy does not change much. Each platform has its own way of importing data.

Imagine wanting to work with many such platforms and having to include descriptions, photos and a whole host of other things in each one. Not even your life is enough. And instead of selling, you register. That’s why you have to use bridges!

Bridges are modules that fasten onto your store and allow you to mass export products to any platform, refresh their details and place orders.


Do you know the saying that “whoever is missing is missing his luck”?

Well, that’s the way it is with Ebay. You may not want to increase your sales or reach the international market and be missing Ebay.

The Prestashop module for connecting to Ebay will be purchased once. Renewals are free. It will save you a lot of time and bring a lot of sales. You upload products, synchronize warehouses and prices, move categories easily and quickly.

How does it work;

ebay In this case, we have the following:

Exporting products to eBay

  • Create product listings exported to eBay
  • Targeting products in specific markets (USA, UK, London, Germany, Italy, Spain, Australia, Austria, Belgium, Canada, London, Sweden, Switzerland, Hong Kong, India, Ireland, Malaysia, Netherlands, Philippines)
  • Creating and adapting export settings
  • Export products together
  • Configure PrestaShop categories in eBay categories automatically or manually
  • Configuration of fields to be exported ie title, description, photos etc.
  • Use built-in scripting for custom product presentation
  • Automatically export products thanks to the programming tool


synch-presta-ebayIn this case, we have the following:

  • Product renewal (stocks, prices, descriptions etc.),
  • Configure sync for easy updates,
  • Ability to schedule updates for work automation,
  • Price adjustments.

Auction settings

  • Select auction type,
  • Set the formula for the auction height,
  • Arranging the beginning and the end of the auction,
  • Selecting a payment method from among many,
  • Select shipping method.

Technical specifications

  • Latest version of Store Manager for Prestashop,
  • Ebay account,
  • Windows.


Everything that matters in terms of Ebay is also true of Amazon. It is a huge marketplace with millions of users. If a business wants to become a cosmopolitan, it only has to be registered on that platform.

That’s why there’s a Prestashop module that makes it easy to interface. Synchronizes prices, availability, descriptions, categories Whatever a proper and complete bridge needs to do.

amazon - prestashopIn this case, we have the following:

In this case, we have the following:

Possibilities of the bridge

  • Selection of specific geographical area of ​​product display (USA, UK, Italy, Spain, Germany, London)
  • Automatic or manual operation

mapping method in amazon addonIn this case, we have the following:

  • Easy classification and sorting of product domains and categories,
  • Manage orders directly on the module,
  • Programming of exporting and importing,
  • Easy control and intervention at all stages of the process


Both links have great 4 and 5 star reviews so let’s see what those who have used them say.


For the Ebay module they wrote: “Super support team!”, “It works well with Ebay!”, “Nothing more than a HUGE!”, “We’ve saved hours of work!”


For the Amazon module they wrote: “Easy, simple and with great customer service!”, “Unique features!”, “I found the bridge I was looking for!”.

So if you are interested in being open to overseas users, you only have to add these modules to your Prestashop store.

Today we deal with the two biggest but there are bridges for other marketplaces like Rakuten, Cdiscount, Spartoo, Wish etc.

There are also bridges to show your products at Skroutz and Best Price. Start and then the sky is the limit…

Technical specifications

Store manager for Prestahop Amazon Account

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