Everybody occasionally uses a computer late opening of internet pages he experiences his complaint. Now the internet is part of our daily lives. We make all our payments online, all day long. We watch the series or movies I want to watch via the internet. We reach all the world news on the internet. In short, we need the internet at every stage of our lives. We are also in the technology age. We can access any information we want in an easy way. We also provide this access over the internet. However, there are some problems with the internet that we use so much during the day. At the beginning of these problems that annoy people on the internet connection late opening of internet pages or freezing of internet pages. This situation is quite annoying and frustrating. While watching a full movie, a frozen web page may be a delight for people. Or waiting for a web page opened late can be quite annoying. Therefore, it will first be necessary to find out why the web pages open late and solve the problem.

If we are having trouble connecting to a website, there could be many reasons. If we are having problems with internet speed, it may be due to internet DNS setting not being done. This problem is the problem that people encounter most at the internet speed point. Another problem is virus infection on the computer. Because slow computer causes slow internet. The problem of opening websites late may not be a computer related problem.

You may experience this problem even if your adsl speed is low. Adsl speed slow causes the internet to open too late or slow down when downloading something from the internet. Perhaps the only reason the internet is slow is a processor problem. All of these can cause you to have problems on the internet. For this reason, if you are having problems opening the web pages too late; all these settings need to be checked.

How is DNS Setting Checked?

Türk Telekom has a filtering feature in its infrastructure. In this case, it means that those who use Türk Telekom infrastructure cannot access every site. Some sites are prohibited. Or, when entering some sites, many errors can be encountered. For this reason, DNS setting must be done manually.

There are some standard DNS settings used all over the world. DNS settings that are generally used in the world are: 4. 4. 4. 2, 4. 4. 2. 1 or 208. 67. 222. 222, 208. 67. 220. 220. These are generally used DNS. There is also a DNS setting offered by Türk Telekom. This is: 195. 175. 39. 39, 195. 175. 39. 40 DNS settings. If your DNS setting is in Türk Telekom settings, you may have problems with late opening on the internet pages. In this case, you can return to the commonly used DNS settings around the world. So you might have solved the internet slowdown problem.

How is Speedtest Applied?

Although you control the DNS setting of your internet; If you have not solved the problem of opening the web pages late, speedtest should also be applied. This test is an internet speed test. Speedtest is one of the most used internet tests on the internet. In this way, you can measure the speed of your internet connection. When applying Speedtest, you select the internet speed in the first section and select a province where you live. Then your data starts coming to you. The incoming internet is usually between 1 and 8 mb. As a result of the data received, the better your internet speed approaches 8 mb, the better. Approaching 1 mb; indicates that your internet is slow. Average 4 mb and above is good. However, if your data came under 4 mb; This is the biggest reason why your internet opens late. In this case, you can complain on the internet. In this case, you provide control of your internet speed. As a result of your complaint, your internet speed will increase in a day or two.

Late opening of internet pages Those who have problems with this can increase their speed by doing these few checks. In addition, your computer is extremely vulnerable to internet use. Therefore, an effective antivirus program must be present on the computer. Having a virus on your computer also causes freezing and late opening on the internet. After all these adjustments are made; you have the chance to provide the speed you expect on your internet. To measure your page speed Google Speed ​​Test Finally, we can recommend using the tool.