Today, the vast majority of companies are found through various communication channels, such as: WhatsApp, phones, Facebook, Instagram, websites, e-mails, etc. We can no longer say that social networks are a communication channel, as each network has its particularity of use by the customer, so, every day we have new channels to attract customers.

But after all … what is a communication channel?

A communication channel, basically, is a medium that takes a message from the sender to the receiver. These media are classified as visual, auditory and synesthetic channels.

Being visual which has visual components, such as images, graphics, texts, that is, everything that can be seen. Hearing aids are channels related to sound, such as speech, conversation, music, noise, etc. Synesthetic they are related to non-verbal language, such as the facial expression of a person who communicates joy or sadness.

Phones, social networks, e-mails, online chat, websites, radio, TV, among others, are considered means of communication.

On your website, the banner written “write a message to our team” plays the role of emitter, sending a visual message by text and images, the user becomes the recipient of that message. The contact form is a receptive communication channel and when the user triggers a message, he becomes the sender and you who receive on the other side, the receiver.

TV and websites for example, are considered multimedia communication channels for using different media such as audio, text, image and video to send or receive a message.

Problems with communication channels

What happens is that many companies invest heavily in these channels, but they sin in things that are simple, but can ruin a business if not resolved in time and you may be making some of these mistakes in your company and you don’t even know it. So, now that you understand what these channels are, message and information exchange, we separate some tips to help you!

JivoChat Dashboard

1. The best communication channel for your business

There is no point in wanting to be in all media at the same time. If your main customer searches for your services on Google, you need a good website to capture that customer and within the website to promote the best communication tool your customer wants to be served. Phone or email? Online chat or contact form?

In practice

These days, a friend and client Speaker asked me to hide the WhatsApp button that he had on his service website, because most of the people who entered the website and called WhatsApp, were fans and not interested in hiring a lecture. He explained to me that email and phone are his main channels and that I should highlight this on his website.

That way, every business needs understand your customer enough to offer him the best communication channel for service.

With the main channel defined, you save money by not investing in means that do not bring return and gain more positioning with quality service.

So, if your business is a B2B business (from company to company), it may be that a Facebook page is not so interesting, because you noticed that they don’t usually look for the types of services you offer there. Of course, it is recommended that you create a page even if static, but with updated contact information, but in this case, you would not need to focus on Facebook as a major channel for your company.

It may be that the best channel in this case is e-mail. Because it is by e-mails that customers usually find you and get in touch.

Knowing this, you will be able to focus on having a good email manager to keep them organized, among other management tools.

Are you not losing money by investing in channels that add little to your company’s external communication?

Investing in channels that aren't worth it

2. The (expensive) cost of outdated channels

It is more common than you think! Imagine someone interested in your services looking for your company on Google, and he finally finds your website, takes out his cell phone, dials the phone number on the contact page and finds out that this number no longer exists. So, he tries to send a message to the e-mail that is at the bottom of the site and the e-mail comes back… it is sad, but it is what happens most today: companies that create a website and forget to update them.

And when that happens, you lose money by making that prospect buy from your competitor and not you.

That is why the construction of websites must be planned step-by-step, always focusing on the user experience. The same thing should apply to social networks: if it doesn’t act as a funnel to direct the customer to an action, you may end up throwing that customer away. That’s why you should always keep your channels up to date.

Other examples of outdated channels:

  • The company buys a domain, makes a private e-mail, for example: [email protected], places these e-mails on social networks, on the website, in online directories, but continues to use the old e-mail and forgets to redirect messages from the new email. The private e-mail expires the subscription period and is disconnected, so the e-mails sent to this account return to the sender and never reach the company;
  • The company creates several social networks and does not use none, forget them there and continue with the activities, but leave old information from old phones and even addresses that no longer have to do with the company, creating a barrier of communication with the customer through social networks;
  • The creation of different sites for the same company, being an obsolete;
  • The company changes the phone number and does not change the number in the communication channels;
  • The company uses channels that are already out of date, such as Fax, letters (for certain businesses);
  • Among others.

3. The high costs of a poorly structured channel

If there is someone who knows exactly how to increase your company’s revenue, that someone is your customer, because he is a user of your services or products… and who else could give you valuable information about them?

Many companies have a call center (SAC – Customer Service) that receives complaints, doubts and suggestions, but many companies do not manage such information, where such an attitude can be the beginning of several problems.

If your channel is flawed and information management is poor, your business can suffer huge damage and an example of this is the Streisand Effect, which in the business field, happens when a company tries to cover up a failure or hide information and that attempted omission becomes its biggest (negative) publicity. It happens a lot when some companies make contact with the client difficult, which is experiencing some problem with the contracted services, making him want to give up for not finding a solution, but the problem is when he even opens a lawsuit or goes public and calls attention to the neglected problem.

An example of this phenomenon was the case “It is not a Brastemp” in 2011. What happened was that a consumer named, Oswaldo Borelli, bought a refrigerator from Brastemp which over time became defective and after some technicians sometimes tried to repair it, the repair amount reached the value of a new refrigerator. Mr. Borelli was 90 days trying to contact a SAC, all this time without a refrigerator. Outraged, he recorded a video telling his account and his indignation. The video had many hits and popular identification, enough to smudge Brastemp’s image for some time.

On the same day, the brand became aware of the video and provided clarification in the media.

In an interview with Mundo do Marketing, Cláudia Sender, Marketing Director at Brastemp, said: “Our first position was to solve the consumer problem. The second was to check where the service failed. From that, we retrained all our professionals who work in customer service, to ensure that this type of problem would not happen again ”.

The video today has almost one million views and was enough to create a negative image of the company, all of this due to the poor management of one of its communication channels.

In a time when things go viral quickly, it is very easy for a brand to be destroyed by the consequences of a consumer furious with his services or products.

To serve with agility, to follow up in the post-sale, to offer practical information through the website and, mainly, to manage this information, is to avoid that all your marketing investment goes down the drain, no matter if you are a small e-commerce or a large multibrand.

4. The Claim Here and its reputation

Who has never made a complaint on the Reclame Aqui website? Well, whenever we have a problem that we can’t solve by contacting a company, we go there and try to mediate in some way.

Many companies, despite having several complaints there, ignore customers or simply do not have a team to manage this communication channel. Any customer sees this behavior with a negative eye and it obviously impacts on the sales of this company.

Today, consumers are smarter and, long before hiring a service, research on Reclame Aqui to find out if they may have any problems when doing business with that brand. Few unanswered complaints on the site are enough to change the customer’s purchase intention.

In addition, all complaints are registered with Reclame Aqui and appear easily when someone searches on Google for the name of a certain company that has complaints there.

With the lack of management of this channel, the company may be destroying its reputation for not serving customers honestly, quickly and resolutely. In addition to constantly losing customers causing a bad first impression.

Complain here

How to improve your company’s communication channels?

  • Keep the information always up to date on all channels, even those few used by customers;
  • Make redirects – if you are going to abandon the current email, have it redirect the message to the new email, just like any other channel.
  • Omnichannel (Omnichannel) Strategy – which basically connects several communication channels into one. Today, there are several companies that offer this type of tool;
  • Always answer the customer! It does not matter if it is a meaningless question, something very simple, always answer in the best way, as this avoids any misunderstanding in the future;
  • Eliminate unused communication channels;
  • Discover the best channel for your client and invest in it;
  • Improve the internal communication of your company with conversation records of each customer with comments from all the attendance so that when another attendant gives continuity, know exactly what the customer needs;
  • Create video guides of using your products and services and leaving them highlighted in your communication channels, this avoids many unnecessary calls;
  • Thank customers for suggestions and complaints as well;
  • Take suggestions and complaints to important company meetings;
  • Delight your customer with a great rate of response time, education and affection, which he will surely buy from you again.

We hope that these tips will help you to see that the means of communication with your client are very important parts of your business and the lack of care with them, can be very expensive.

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