When you send a message to a LinkedIn member whose email address you already have, the message is free.

However, if you send an InMail instead of a free message, you can monitor the effectiveness of your communication and evaluate if the money you are investing returns a profit.

We will realize how important this efficiency is for everyone, given that InMail messages have a success rate of 10-25%, or 300% higher than e-mail messages with the same content.

InMail has the potential to be a very powerful networking and marketing tool, but like any other messaging system, how useful it is for your business will depend on how well you can use it. That’s why we’ve put together 5 mistakes you shouldn’t make to help your InMail messages get attention and get results.


Avoid these 5 basic mistakes

Wrong # 1: Send InMail to random recipients

InMail does not assign random message sending to random recipients. You must have reached the common goal with demographics and other relevant information or a specific mailing list consisting of businesses or individuals with whom you want to interact. Targeted InMail can give you real results, as it can increase response rates by up to 15%.

Mistake # 2: InMail shipments that are not really personalized

The personification of a sales message is more than just entering the name of the prospective customer and the name of his company in a standard text. This type of “personalization” tells the buyer that you know who they are and who they are working for. Almost impressive, but not so effective. Personalization is achieved only when communication makes the buyer feel as if you understand his unique situation and are in tune with his needs.

Before sending the message, ask yourself, “Can I change the name of the prospective client and the name of the company I work for and send the exact same message to someone else?” If the answer is yes, your message is not as personal as it should be.


Create an email template that touches all of your talk points and transmits your message, but before you click “send”, modify each InMail message to target that particular recipient. Make a personal connection by mentioning similarities between your businesses or even a proposed charity. This level of targeting can increase response rates even further, causing interest not only in your message, but also in your own business.

With very few changes, a well-designed InMail can convey to the recipient that you have taken the time to research carefully and understand his business, so that you have real value to offer him.

Mistake # 3: Writing long texts for sending

Big InMail messages that are full of details are not easy to read. At best, the recipient will miss your message and will probably miss the point where you would like to get their attention. In the worst case, he will see a text wall and simply click “delete”. Keep the sentences short and make sure your messages range between 200 and 500 characters.

The best way to get a professional to trust you and follow you is to show respect for their valuable time.


Mistake # 4: CTA (Call To Action) omission

Nobody likes it when sales talk stops, especially buyers who need to solve a problem. By using an action-oriented CTA, you can make it easier for your customers to move on to the next steps, which will lead to a possible solution to their problem.

The use of certain CTAs, eg “Call us”, “Contact us” etc. also increases the response rates. Open invitations to start a conversation without any pressure are usually much more acceptable than aggressive messages suggesting specific times and dates.


Wrong # 5: Search for the right day & time to send InMail

There are many who waste time looking for the right moment to send an InMail. The truth is that synchronization does not really affect response rates. A recent in-depth analysis shows that there is almost no effect in finding the best time to send an InMail.

It doesn’t matter when your InMail message arrives, most people reply to emails when they have time to do so regardless of when you sent it.

LinkedIn InMail can help you get the attention of potential customers you don’t know yet. This of course can be achieved by following best practices and avoiding the above 5 common mistakes in order to earn their respect.

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