Thinking of a web design without SEO would be ably engaged. Web Design and SEO are an integral part of each other. It is impossible for a website prepared without SEO to appear in the top ranks in search engines. The website, designed and prepared according to SEO methods, is supported by SEO techniques and is ranked in the top ranks in search engines and maintains its position in the top ranks. SEO compatible web design In short, we can say that your SEO work goes to waste. SEO compatible Web design means a fast indexed website that is easy to read by search engines. The bots that the search engines send to review a website examines whether the website complies with the html rules, whether the pages are SEO compliant, whether the website and website pages open quickly, the size and size of the images on the website. Accordingly, by scoring, determines the place and order in the search results. It is important that all elements are SEO compliant, as well as the quality of the content and images contained within a website. The domain of the website, that is the domain name, is also important for SEO. The keyword that the website wants to increase in search engines must be mentioned in the domain name. To give a small example, if the website and SEO work for the keyword keyword will be done, the keyword keyword must be included in the preferred domain name.

  • I
  • I
  • I

Examples like are good domain examples for the keyword keyword. If the SEO work is done with the right methods and techniques, the website will be at the top of the results listed by the search engines. It is also important that the website is mobile compatible. Especially at the end of 2016, it has announced that it will release AMP compatible websites with the updates made in its Google algorithms. It has been determined by the data obtained that people use more mobile internet than other years since 2017 and view and operate on the mobile versions of the websites rather than the desktop version. In order for the website to be mobile compatible, it must be created from pages that can be easily viewed and loaded from mobile phone screens. Because Google warns about this: “Mobile pages should be fast and light.” Google launched a test site to test if the website is mobile-friendly. To test the mobile compatibility of your website, you can use the official testing site of Google, which publishes the name In this process, which is called Mobile Compatibility Test, criteria such as the desktop’s desktop speed, mobile version speed and mobile compatibility status can be tested. You can also find suggestions from Google itself to resolve any problems on your site after the test. Quality and authentic content are as important as the SEO studies of a website. Websites that continue to live with copy content may have negative consequences if copy content is detected by search engine algorithms. The links of the website should be built according to SEO. The URL structure of the website should be arranged according to the content of the page. The URL structure of the page prepared for Shoe Models should be as follows. the The website should be prepared according to the specified keywords. If the keyword of the main page is Shoe, the keywords of the sub-pages should be linked according to the word of the shoe.

  • Shoe Models
  • Shoes Prices
  • Shoe Brands

The website must contain about and contact page. In addition to these, having pages like privacy policy and terms of use is also beneficial for SEO. In short, a web design is unthinkable without SEO.


The biggest wall in front of the targets is the wall built in your mind.

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