SEO development is a work done by SEO experts. Google is trying to prevent SEO scams by improving its algorithms day by day.

What is SEO Development?

In ancient times, when Google algorithms were not so advanced and were not receiving artificial intelligence support, algorithms could easily be deceived by website owners. It would be better to explain this situation with a small example. For example, in a past, related keywords were published in a meaningless way in a row on a website. When you searched for a word on Google, you couldn’t find any information other than the word you searched on the website you went to. In this case, internet users had the problem of not being able to access the information they were looking for. Google detected this issue and resolved it by making algorithm updates.

For this, SEO experts developed some techniques and worked to add value to the website in the eyes of Google. However, they stated that the published content should consist of meaningful and easily understandable sentences. They checked if the information set up was actually in the content.

Another example is copy content. A website owner was able to go to the top of the list by copying the content originally produced by another website owner on his site and not published anywhere else and publishing it on his site. It is nothing but theft to copy the content of the effort with a few clicks and publish it on its site.

Google has also taken this into account in its algorithm improvements and made it possible to detect duplicate content with its updates. So how does Google detect Copy Content? The Digital Timestamp is called TimesTamp by Google. The Digital Timestamp determines whether a content is a copy, taking into account the date it was first published on the Internet. If an original content published on 01/04/2017 was published elsewhere on 02/04/2017, Google algorithms perceive these dates as Digital Timestamp and marks the first published content as the original content. It marks the second published content as duplicate content and causes its regression in search results. In some cases it even removes it completely from search results.

Although Google tries to prevent deception and deception by updating its algorithms, it has not yet been able to achieve 100%. We don’t know if it can really block 100% one day, but SEO experts, like Google’s algorithms, continue to develop new methods by updating their own methods.

It is understood that the longer a content and the more structured it is, the more valuable it is.

How Should SEO Development Be?

SEO development studies should be done on the basis of user benefits, not on the basis of fooling Google. Moreover, it is not enough to just focus on the user. It is also necessary to organize a website in accordance with SEO by taking into consideration the url structure of the website, the HTML tags used in the content, and the alt tags used in the Images.

Link exits from other websites are also extremely important. The fact that these works called backlinks are natural is very important to be taken at certain times to be natural backlinks.

The backlinks received must be taken from websites with high quality and original content. For example, getting links out of hundreds of websites in one day is considered as unnatural SEO method.


The biggest wall in front of the targets is the wall built in your mind.

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