You want to create an online store, are you interested in Shopify and would like to know how much a site created with this software costs? You will find all the information you are looking for in this full article.

We will introduce you to the different subscription plans offered by Shopify so that you can choose the one that best suits your needs and ambitions.

We will see in a second step that the price of a Shopify site is far from being reduced to the cost of the monthly subscription. We will review the main cost items to anticipate.

Shopify Price – Which subscription plan to choose?

Shopify’s prices range from $ 9 to $ 299 per month, or even more if you opt for the “enterprise” plan. Simply choosing your Shopify plan based on price alone is not a good idea. For a product to be worth it, it must have effective tools and functionality to allow your business to grow and develop. That’s why it’s important to pay close attention to the features offered by each plan so that you know when to upgrade as you progress. Discounts are available for one or two year commitments rather than on a monthly plan. So make the most of your Shopify trial to save even more.

What is Shopify Lite?

This is the $ 9 / month plan that includes nothing more than a “Buy Now” button. It’s a good plan for small merchants who want to sell their products on Facebook, promote products on their website, and have an easy way to accept credit card payments. It’s not a complete online store with a shopping cart, but it will do the job for people who only need a few “buy now” buttons on the products on their site. This works great if you already have a WordPress site and don’t need the shopping cart and other ecommerce features.

Shopify Basic: a great plan for testing the basics of e-commerce

This plan is $ 29 / month and allows unlimited sale of products, including digital products. Customers can create an account to log in quickly and easily if they decide to make another purchase later. However, it lacks features such as:

  • Support for gift cards
  • Generation of advanced and professional reports
  • Track a package in real time

It’s an ideal choice for people who want a fully functional website with a blog included, on the same platform as their store. You will receive a free SSL certificate to protect customer information, manual order creation, shipping labels and 24 hour support. You no longer have to worry about storage with Shopify plans. If you sign up with the annual plan, you will pay $ 26.10 per month for a 10% savings. If you sign up for the two-year plan, you’ll pay $ 23.20 a month for 20% savings.

Shopify: the most popular plan

This is the $ 79 / month plan with which you get a lot more features. You will get professional reports, as well as the recovery of the abandoned basket, in addition to everything that the basic plan offers. Many people opt for this plan because it is easier to get the contact details of people who do not finish their orders, and therefore to relaunch them. Analysis of 24 studies reveals that an average of 67.89%, or two out of three potential customers who add products to their cart, will not complete their purchase. Analyze precisely how it affects your bottom line – so you can see how the Shopify Basic plan can be the best solution for your business.

Suppose you have 100 customers per month, with an average order of $ 50, earning you $ 5,000 in sales per month. Based on the previous statistic, another 200 customers started but haven’t finished buying from you, which cost you $ 10,000 in sales. That’s when you realize that $ 79 a month is not that expensive. This plan is ideal for companies that want to grow quickly. If your store generates income of $ 5,000 or more per month, this plan is a good idea because if you opt for an external payment gateway, your transaction costs will drop due to the volume.

Plus, with the abandoned cart recovery tool, you can increase your sales without much extra work. If you sign up with the annual plan, you will pay $ 71.10 per month for a 10% savings. If you sign up with the two-year plan, you’ll pay $ 63.20 per month for a 20% savings.

Shopify Advanced: the top of the range

For $ 299 / month, you get all the benefits of Shopify, as well as the advanced report generator and real-time carrier delivery. With this feature, shipping costs are automatically calculated by a third party. Advanced reporting features allow you to customize your own professional reports. If you sign up with the annual plan, you’ll pay $ 269.10 per month for a 10% savings. If you sign up with the two-year plan, you will pay $ 239.20 per month for a savings of 20%.

Shopify Plus: enterprise level

This solution is intended for companies looking for a completely scalable platform. Prices start from $ 2,000 per month and are customized to your needs. However, this represents a fairly expensive jump compared to the “Shopify Advanced” package. So what is the real difference? You will have a dedicated support team to help you get started, as well as 24/7 priority support. Your development team has access to more settings in the Shopify system for customizing your website.

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Additional costs to create a Shopify site

The price of a Shopify site is not reduced to the cost of the monthly plan. So that you have no unpleasant surprises, here is the list of additional costs to integrate into your overall calculation.

Shopify apps

Apps are available to add features that aren’t native to Shopify. While many apps are available for free, there are several that require additional costs. When you factor this in for your monthly costs, it may be worth comparing Shopify to BigCommerce or Volusion to make sure it meets your needs at the most affordable price. You will need additional applications for features such as:

  • Product search – on all plans
  • Subscriptions / recurring billing – on all plans
  • Personalized products – on all packages
  • Real-time shipping / tracking – required only for the Shopify plan. This is not an option for the Basic package and is included with the Advanced package.
  • Reward Points – on all plans
  • Incentive and cross-selling – on all packages
  • Google Trusted Stores – on all plans
  • Ebay synchronization – on all plans

If you want to add upselling, you can use Smart Upsells. After a free seven-day trial period, you will pay $ 34.99 / month. This works by controlling the content of your customer’s basket and deciding whether or not to display an upsell. When this happens, a pop-up window will appear asking them to add another item to the cart. If you need subscriptions or recurring billing, you can use ReCharge. It will cost $ 19.99 more per month. Adding customer support can cost you from $ 19 to $ 60 / month, depending on the application you choose. There are a ton of awesome features you can add to create a truly robust Shopify store with an exceptional marketing platform and customer support.

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Domain name and email

A domain is not included in any Shopify plan. You can buy a domain through Shopify for $ 13 a year, or redirect one of your existing domains to your Shopify store. E-mail accounts are also not included. You are free to configure an unlimited number of email addresses, but you must manage them yourself through your own email hosting provider.

Credit Card Fees on Shopify

Shopify does not charge transaction fees. However, there are costs associated with processing the merchant, regardless of the merchant you choose. If you choose Shopify payments in the United States, you will pay 2.9% + 30 cents with the Basic Shopify plan, 2.5% + 30 cents per transaction with the Shopify plan and 2.25% + 30 cents per transaction with the Shopify Advanced plan. plan. Prices vary slightly in other countries.

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

Which Shopify plan to choose?

The following table is from the Shopify website and lists all of the features of each plan:

If you look at the table above, you will notice a few things. First, the Shopify Lite plan and Shopify Plus plan comparison tables are missing. Why ? The reason is that the Shopify Plus plan and the Shopify Lite plan have very specific use cases.

Second, there is very little difference between basic, regular, and advanced plans apart from a few features and processing fees. Therefore, your decision between Shopify Basic, Lite and Advanced depends mainly on your monthly sales volume and the cost of the additional functions you want to add to your site.

Make your choice

Shopify is one of the best platforms on the market and for good reason. However, it can quickly become expensive. Add-ons can add up and the bill can go up. Sure, you can easily sell on Amazon, but you have to pay a percentage on each transaction, unless you’re willing to pay monthly fees for unlimited sales. Also, you don’t get a custom storefront on your own domain. Shopify is a great platform for small and large businesses. Just be sure to study the feature table and try Shopify if it meets your needs. You can always start a trial to see if the platform is right for you before opting for a paid plan.

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