Box e-commerce is an online store creation solution specially designed for artisans, traders, auto-entrepreneurs or liberal professions with no technical skills. Ease of use is the main strength of Box e-commerce.

Do you want to create an online store easily, quickly and without using an agency? Box e-commerce may interest you.

We have tested the solution for you. Discover the opinion of Websites Are Us.

General presentation of Box e-commerce

Created in 2009 and bought in 2016 by La Poste, Box e-commerce is an online store creation software. It is a 100% Cloud tool, in SaaS mode. Concretely, to access your account and manage your online store, all you have to do is connect to the Box e-commerce site (the overwhelming majority of website builders work this way). So you have nothing to install.

Box e-commerce clearly targets VSEs and small SMEs who want to develop an online sales activity but do not have:

  • Neither the in-house technical skills to develop a tailor-made site, a Prestashop, Magento or Shopify site.
  • Nor the budget to call on the services of an agency or freelance developers.

One of the big strengths of Box e-commerce is its very easy to use. Anyone can create an online store with Box e-commerce. Another strong point is the level of support: you are supported at all stages of creating your online store and the support team is very responsive. We will repeat a word from the support below.

Good to know: Box e-commerce manages the hosting of your online store, its maintenance, its security. No need to subscribe to an accommodation offer elsewhere, Box e-commerce takes care of everything.

Here are the main features of Box e-commerce:

  • All the templates are responsive, designed for optimal display on all screen sizes: computer, tablet, mobile.
  • You can add up to 1,000 different products (from the Pro form). The number of pages that your site can contain is unlimited.
  • Box e-commerce offers a domain name reservation service.
  • Regarding the means of payment, Box e-commerce is compatible with Stripe, Mollie, Paypal and almost all banks.
  • Box e-commerce offers So colissimo delivery solutions from La Poste.
  • The solution integrates a complete order, customer, product and inventory management interface.
  • You can analyze the performance of your store from your Box e-commerce account. It is also possible to connect your site to Google Analytics.

Offers & Prices

Box e-commerce offers a free trial period of one month. You can thus test the solution before committing. The trial version provides access to all of the functionality of Box e-commerce.

Before presenting the three paid formulas, note that Box e-commerce does not charge any commission on your sales, regardless of the subscription chosen. This is an important point to note, because some solutions do it (like Shopify for example).

Here are the three formulas:

  • Box Start, € 29.90 excl.VAT / month : This package allows you to add up to 100 different products on its site, only integrates the PayPal payment method, gives access to all templates and automatic inventory management.
  • Box Pro, € 39.90 excl.VAT / month : This formula gives access to all the functionalities of the Start formula. The Pro offer offers three additional services: the possibility of displaying your products on eBay / Amazon (marketplaces), access to payment operators Stripe, Ingenico, Skrill, Mollie, etc. + free access to a service for sending newsletters (CleverReach). In addition, Box Pro allows you to add up to 1,000 products, compared to 100 in the Start formula, and to create an English version of your store.
  • Business Box, € 99.90 excl.VAT / month : This formula allows you to use Amazon Payments and create a multilingual site (12 languages ​​available). It is intended for companies wishing to sell internationally.

A word now from support. We said earlier that this is one of the strong points of Box e-commerce. When you create an account (including a trial version), you get one hour of free support from a platform expert.

ecommerce coaching box

In addition, Box offers:

  • A 25-page getting started guide that explains, screenshots supported, how to get started with the solution.

  • A YouTube channel including fifteen short video tutorials.
  • A help center totaling several dozen tutorial articles.

You can contact the Box e-commerce teams by email or phone (non-surcharged number open from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Monday to Friday). Box e-commerce is undoubtedly one of the publishers offering the most complete support. This justifies the subscription prices (slightly) higher than those on the market.

Design & Templates

The choice of theme is made once the account is created, from the management panel of your store. The choice of themes cannot be said to be enormous. All in all, Box e-commerce offers 7 different themes, each theme being available in three variants. These themes are not very original and are very similar to each other (they actually have the same structure).

ecommerce theme box

However, a few positive points are worth noting:

  • These themes are 100% responsive design, they are designed so that your website displays correctly on all screens (from computer to mobile).
  • They are simple, but effective and easy to customize.
  • Their design is very neat. We were pleasantly surprised by the aesthetic quality of the sites created with Box e-commerce.
  • All themes have the same structure. There’s not a lot of variety, sure, but that has an advantage: you can change the theme at any time with a click, without having to recreate your content.

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

Create an online store with Box e-commerce

To create a Box e-commerce store, simply go to the publisher’s site and click on “Start”. You are then invited to give a name to your shop and to provide some information about yourself.

ecommerce account creation box

Account creation takes just a few minutes. You then arrive on the management interface of your account. You then have the possibility of reserving a domain name (12 € per year). From this interface you can manage Box e-commerce invoices, modify your account information, register for free in the Hoodspot online directory and access Box e-commerce support.

ecommerce account interface box

By clicking on the “Shops” menu, you are invited to enter some information about the store you want to create:

ecommerce box store data

You are then redirected to the management interface of your store. This is where you can manage your orders, your customers, your products, your stock, your deliveries and of course edit the pages of your site.

ecommerce interface box

This is your back office:

  • Orders> This is where you can manage your orders, invoices and delivery notes.
  • Products> This is where you manage your product catalog and categories.
  • Customers> This is the menu which gives access to the customer management module (information, contact details, purchase history).
  • Editor> Access the drag & drop editing interface of your site. This is where you can create and modify the pages of your online store (excluding product pages).
  • Themes> This is where you need to click to choose (and change if necessary) the theme of your ecommerce site.
  • Marketing> This entry gives access to marketing functionalities: coupons, Google Analytics, Google Ads, eBay & Amazon marketplaces, Trusted Shops certification.
  • Applications> Provides access to the Box e-commerce application store.
  • Rules> This is where you configure the delivery and payment methods + the other parameters of your store.

Create a page with Box e-commerce

The page editor offered by Box e-commerce is of the drag & drop type. To customize the content of your pages, you only have to click on the element of your choice:

publisher ecommerce box

This editor is very simple to use. It is used to edit the basic pages of your store: the home page, the category pages (to present the products in each category), the “About” page, the “Who are we?” “, The page” Legal notices “, the page” General conditions of sale “, etc. The “product” pages are not edited via this editor, we will come back to this.

This editor is quite basic in its functionality, but fulfills its role. The principle is simple: you personalize each of the pages with your content, your images, your videos if necessary … You can delete page blocks, add new content by dragging and dropping menu items onto the page. It’s a classic drag & drop editor, less advanced than those offered by other players, but an editor that still holds up.

ecommerce box drag drop

Classic pages are pre-edited by Box e-commerce, but you can create as many pages as you want.

E-commerce features

Now let’s test the ecommerce features offered by Box e-commerce. We have now returned to the main interface.

ecommerce box order

Orders are processed in the Orders menu. When you click on it, you arrive on a list showing all the orders made on your online store. The table presents in column: the order number, the date of the order, the customer identifier, the amount of the order, the payment and delivery methods chosen, the status of the order. To access the details of an order, just click on it. You arrive on a page summarizing all the information on the order (see screenshot). Order management is very simple, the module is very complete. No complaints.

Let’s move on to product management. By clicking on “Display products”, all the products presented on your site appear in the form of a list:

ecommerce box products

To add a product, just click on “Add”. You then arrive at the editing interface of the product page, which looks like this:

ecommerce box product page

In the “Categories” section, you can determine on which page (s) you want your product to be displayed. Here’s what a product page published on the site looks like:

ecommerce box front product page

It’s simple, fairly minimalist, but effective. The result is satisfactory. Product management is a breeze. Keep in mind that the bulk of the work in creating your online store will be to edit these famous product sheets, so it’s important to have a user-friendly interface. And that’s the case.

A few words about the other functionalities / modules:

  • The “Customers” menu looks a bit like the order menu: you can view the list of all your customers and click to access the details of each customer’s information. This “Customers” menu.
  • From the “Marketing” menu, you can create and manage your coupons, that is to say your promotional offers: discount with fixed amount, percentage discount, free delivery. You can also paste the Google Analytics tracking code to be able to follow more closely the performance of your site. It is also from this menu that you can integrate the Global site tag from your Google Ads account (if you use this platform to broadcast advertising campaigns) or display your products on Amazon and eBay.

ecommerce box coupons

  • The app store is pretty sparse, but the apps on offer clearly hold water. These include: Form Builder, an application to add forms to your site, SendCloud, a delivery management application, Smartsupp, which lets you add a livechat to its online store, CleverReach, an email marketing solution, Logaster , a logo generator, etc.

ecommerce applications box

  • The Settings section is where you configure all the general parameters of your shop: shop information, multilingual management, taxes (VAT), delivery, payment… Note also that you can, from this menu, import or export your product catalog in .csv format. This feature can potentially save you a lot of time in creating your product pages!

ecommerce payment box

You can configure several delivery methods on your store. For example: “standard delivery”, “express delivery”. You then have the option of associating a carrier with each delivery method (for example associating express delivery with Chronopost). Here is the delivery methods management interface, accessible from the “Settings” menu:

ecommerce delivery box

Box e-commerce and SEO

Google and the other search engines are by far the largest providers of traffic, the first gateway to your site. If you want people to discover and visit your online store, you must work on your SEO, seek to optimize it. In short, do “SEO”.

The level of SEO configuration of the pages of Box e-commerce sites is satisfactory. You can customize the Title of the page and the Meta Description.

seo ecommerce box

ecommerce alt tag boxYou can also use alt tags for images. It is however not possible (to our knowledge …) to customize URLs. Too bad. The structuring of pages via the Hn tags is consistent. In short, the main thing is there. Obviously, it is the richness (quality and quantity) of the content of your pages that will have the most impact on your SEO. And that, Box e-commerce cannot do it for you!

The Box e-commerce App Store offers two SEO management applications:

  • Unamo (free trial, from $ 19 per month), which is a monitoring tool allowing you to follow your SEO positions on your key requests, analyze the performance of your competitors and identify your backlinks.
  • RankingCoach (€ 24.95), an SEO assistant that offers you a personalized checklist of actions to perform to improve your SEO.

Conclusion – Our opinion on Box e-commerce

The team that took over the development of this software in 2016 did a very good job. Box e-commerce is an ecommerce site creation solution that is definitely worth a visit. It may interest you if you are looking above all for an easy to use and affordable solution, if you want to benefit from support worthy of the name, that you are not ultra-demanding on design and that your functional needs are relatively simple. To make up your own mind, feel free to test the tool using the one month trial period.

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