Finteza is a little known web analytics solution in SaaS mode in London. However, it deserves to be more, because it is a very solid platform with very interesting features. Easy to use (with its very ergonomic interface) and at the same time of great functional richness, Finteza is worth the detour. We have tested the solution for you. Discover the opinion of Websites Are Us.

finteza test reviews

Finteza in a few words

Finteza is a complete SaaS platform for web analytics. Its double strength lies in its simplicity of use (with a very user-friendly interface) and its functional richness. Unlike competing more specialized platforms like Google Analytics, Kissmetrics or Mixpanel, Finteza allows you to manage all the needs of today’s digital marketer: web analysis (traffic analysis, audience, traffic sources …) ), tracking and optimizing conversions in real time, funnel management (funnel sales) and even analyzing the performance of banner ads…

Finteza integrates with virtually all CMS and website builders. The editor offers 6 plugins for WordPress, Drupal, Joomla !, Prestashop, Shopware and OpenCart. If you use another website creation solution, you only have to copy the Finteza tracking code into the source code of your site. It takes two minutes at most! Finteza also provides its users with a development kit (SDK) for the most experienced.

finteza plugins

Like any web analysis software, Finteza allows you to analyze the performance of your website (or your mobile application): number of visitors, number of page views, number of sessions, etc.

finteza general dashboard

But Finteza allows us to go much further, as we will see in a moment. Compared to a tool like Google Analytics, Finteza has three significant advantages:

  • Lack of data sampling. In general, web analysis solutions sample data beyond a certain volume of analyzed data. Clearly, only part (a sample) of the data is analyzed to produce the reports. This leads to approximations. With Finteza, no data sampling.
  • Real time. The data is analyzed in real time, without any lag, which is not always the case with web analysis solutions on the market.
  • Measuring traffic quality. Finteza is one of the few web analysis solutions to analyze the quality of traffic, beyond the quantitative aspect. We will come back to this point in a moment.

Note before talking about the rates that Finteza is not available in London for the moment. You can use use the English version or the London, Spanish, German, Chinese or Russian versions!

Offers & Prices

Finteza’s prices are calculated based on the number of unique users of your website, regardless of the number of page views and other metrics. Finteza offers a package at $ 25 per month for up to 100,000 unique visitors. Then, the rates increase in proportion to the number of visitors to your site. If you use the advertising management module, you must add $ 4 per 100,000 impression per month. We will say a word later in this module.

Finteza offers a 30-day trial period for you to test the solution for free. You can also test the advertising management module, the first 100,000 impressions being free.

finteza pricing

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

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Focus on the main functionalities of Finteza

As we have seen, one of the main added values ​​of Finteza lies in the width of its functional coverage. This is what we will see now by presenting some of the main features of the solution.

Audience analysis

Like any self-respecting web analysis solution, Finteza allows you to analyze the audience of your website in detail. You can find out exactly where visitors to your website come from (geographic area), in which company they work (very interesting data in B2B!), What devices, OS and browsers they use, etc. All in strict compliance with the regulations on the protection of users’ privacy. Finteza is RGPD-friendly.

This information allows you to filter / segment your audience and create personalized reports. Overall, we really appreciated this module, and in particular the possibility of knowing the companies in which the visitors of your site work. Web analytics solutions rarely provide access to this information. On the other hand, Finteza does not allow you to analyze the interests of your users as on Google Analytics.

Analysis of the audience by devices:

finteza audience devices

Analysis of the audience by organizations:

finteza organizations

Analysis of the audience by geographic area:

finteza geography

Traffic quality measurement

All web analysis solutions allow you to analyze web traffic in terms of quantity, number and volume. But few offer an analysis of the quality of traffic like Finteza. Finteza classifies traffic according to its quality:

traffic quality finteza 1

Green traffic corresponds to “real traffic”, that generated by real flesh and blood users. Yellow traffic is that coming from proxy servers or VPNs for example. Red traffic refers to traffic generated by spam IP addresses, hackers or individuals seeking to falsify request parameters and cookies. Finteza also indicates “gray” traffic, which means that generated by bots from social networks, instant messengers or search engines (Google bot, etc.).

finteza quality traffic 2

This qualitative approach makes it possible to exclude from the analysis the share of traffic which does not come from human / normal users, to identify attacks, to identify spammers or even to optimize the costs of your marketing actions (in targeting only real visitors).

Analysis of conversions and funnel management (funnel sales)

A successful website is a site which generates traffic but it is also and above all a site which offers good conversion rates, which succeeds in converting the maximum of visitors. In web analysis, conversion analysis occupies a large place. It is this analysis that allows us to draw lessons that then allow us to optimize the performance of your site. Finteza gives access to simple and complete reports to track in detail and in real time the conversions on your site or your mobile application.

finteza conversions

You can follow the number of conversions made, that is to say the number of visitors who achieve a goal that you have determined: click on such or such button, open such or such page (page prices for example), s ” subscribe to your newsletter, buy a product, subscribe the trial period for your product, download your white paper, etc. What is interesting is that you can analyze your conversions by traffic source and therefore know which traffic sources convert best (organic traffic, direct traffic, referral, etc.) from a marketing attribution perspective.

You can also create custom funnels to analyze the behavior of your visitors through the different stages of the conversion journey. The funnel analysis is particularly useful for analyzing the performance of each stage of the route and identifying those that cause abandonment on the part of your visitors. This is clearly a must-have for any marketer wishing to improve the conversion of a website.

You can create personalized funeral homes in a very simple and intuitive way. It is also a strong point of Finteza. Some software offers management modules for ultra-basic funnels which are almost useless from an operational point of view (there is nothing you can do …). Others, like Google Analytics, on the contrary offer funnel editors which are very complete but also very complex to set up. Finteza is one of the few solutions that has found the right balance between ease of use and functional depth. It takes just a few clicks to, for example, create a funnel for Android users from London who landed on the mobile app via Facebook ad. You can create even more specific funnels since you can add up to 15 criteria per funnel!

funnel finteza We were quite impressed to see that one of the criteria was the hover over an element. This overview can be an event and a stage in the conversion journey!

finteza conversions

At each stage of the conversion tunnel, you can access detailed information concerning:

  • The characteristics of the audience: device, OS, browser, geographic area, language, screen resolution, etc.
  • The quality of traffic (green, orange, red).

Last thing worth mentioning: Finteza automatically generates funnels when you use the same prefix to combine multiple events. For example, you can add the name of your website A as a prefix for all events related to your website A: Site A Registration, Site A Add basket, Site A Purchase, etc. Finteza then automatically generates a funnel using all the events with the prefix. This saves a lot of time in setting up the funnels.

Funnel conversion for

Analysis of on-site advertising banners

This last feature, secondary but very successful, illustrates the all-in-one side of the Finteza solution. Finteza allows you to analyze the performance of banner ads displayed on your website or on your mobile application. From a dedicated menu, you can follow in real time the number of impressions of your banners, the number of clicks and the banner conversion rate.

finteza advertising space management

This feature of Finteza can be very useful if you plan to rent advertising space on your site. You can give your advertising partners access to this menu so that they can learn about campaign performance and pay you directly from the interface.

You can analyze your advertising performance campaign by campaign, banner by banner. For each campaign or banner, you can analyze performance by device, by OS, by browser, by geographic area and by language.

finteza management of advertising space details

Conclusion – Websites Are Us’s opinion

To conclude, Finteza is clearly a good web analysis solution. In our opinion, the two main advantages are: its great simplicity of use (the interface design is really very pleasant) and its functional richness. Finteza is positioned as a complete solution for analyzing the performance of your site in digital marketing. We remind you that the publisher offers a free trial offer, so do not hesitate to test the platform if you are interested in the features offered and the tool in general. It does not eat bread as they say!

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