It’s as old as mobile telephony. If we want to categorize it, we would say that it belongs to direct marketing, even though it turns a blind eye to digital marketing. At times, the use of SMS for communication purposes was considered old-fashioned. It is now an increasingly important method.

If you take a look at the statistics, the opening percentage of advertising emails does not exceed 24% while the corresponding one for SMS is overwhelming and reaches 90%! We also check our mobile phone 85 times a day for notifications, news, messages… This is the device closest to us, the one that helps us in all searches.

So far, despite the fact that messages are gaining ground as an effective channel of promotion, they are little used by retailers. Specifically, only 29%, according to a survey, not very recent but quite indicative. From the same research, we learn that 97% of businesses use email as a way to promote their products. Even if we assume that in the years since the survey, the percentage has increased, we can consider it unlikely to be more than double.


Which companies prefer SMS?

Those who mainly use SMS are the big retail companies as well as some D2C (Direct to Consumer) companies, ie those that sell directly to the consumer.

Of course, the above does not mean that other companies are excluded from the use of messages as a marketing channel. The opposite. With SMS we can take it for granted that messages will find their way, unlike other forms, such as email, which cannot be taken for granted that someone will see it and open it.

SMS is simple, straightforward, clear and achieves its goal!

What are the advantages of SMS?

1. Engagement

It surpasses all other types of communication by far, as it is almost immediately received, opened and read. Emails may remain unread for days and calls may go unanswered… Even PPC ads have a 2% click through rate.

But you should pay special attention to having the consent of the recipients because otherwise it may be easy to send an SMS or conduct an SMS contest to cost you legal costs.

2. Trace

You can see who and how many opened the message, who and how many ignored it, which link opened. All messaging platforms provide such statistics.

3. Interactive content

SMS is now advanced and can offer the ability to interact with the content of the message via link and instructions to the recipient.

4. Speed

With the SEND click, the message is delivered. Are you thinking of something faster?

5. Personalized message

The immediacy of the medium also serves as the immediacy of the message. Using words like “you”, “I” significantly increases engagement.


What are the issues of SMS?

Promotion, order delivery information, abandoned baskets, customer service and reminders (eg coupons that are about to expire) are just some of the uses of SMS.

In particular, the following actions are very suitable for campaigns with messages:

1. Coupons and discount offers. However, be careful that the discount codes are unique and cannot be used by anyone.

2. Automatic campaigns depending on how long someone has been on the recipient list, so here we are talking about another form of marketing automation.

3. Conducting competitions and research

4. Sending photos or video. You do not need to send text. You can also send audiovisual material.

For all this there are platforms on which you can rely to set up any communication that suits your business and products.

What do consumers think about SMS?

Fifty-one percent of respondents said they would like to have a message relationship with the company or brand and would like to receive discounts via text message, which is why a large percentage of consumers have agreed to receive messages.



One of the reasons businesses prefer messages is the high ROI they observe. It is a low cost and highly efficient channel, as 2/3 of those who receive a message respond by making a purchase.

According to various researches, the combination of SMS and email can prove to be extremely effective and with multiplier benefits, while at the same time promoting personalized communication.

Why is all this important?

All retailers need to incorporate technology and accelerate the use of digital marketing channels, much less because of the CoVid-19 conjuncture.

With the right application, messaging marketing can increase engagement and loyalty and bring in lower cost sales than other channels, especially paid ones.

Conclusion: put your commercial demon to work and see the work grow.

Article Writing: Filalithi Happiness