There is no lack of publications and posts – including those on our blog – informing about the most diverse platforms to assist in some aspect of a business, whatever it may be. However, less common are posts that show different criteria and characteristics to take into account.

In addition to the types of tools and some tips for them – such as Google Analytics -, we brought you a list with 12 of these criteria to be evaluated when looking for an online chat platform for WordPress websites and blogs. Through it, it will be easier to parameterize which are the most important for your business needs and thus know how to evaluate each platform in question. And while reading this article, take advantage and download our own Websites Are Us wordpress plugin to quickly set up our chat on your website by clicking here

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1. Clean and easy to use interface


As well as explaining jokes, the need to explain how to use an interface automatically makes it not so good. Professionals and users of ecommerce chat systems – whether native to your site or WordPress – are not necessarily experts in programming or have a great command of computers and such qualification should not be required of them.

Therefore, one of the most important criteria when evaluating ecommerce chat platforms for your WordPress is the ease of using it and finding its features and settings. There is no use in a bold platform full of advanced functions if users cannot find or handle the most basic ones.

2. Compatibility with mobile devices

The world is already mobile, with a vast majority of people accessing stores and pages through these devices. Because of this, it is necessary that your chat platform for WordPress has what is called responsive design. In other words, the tool should automatically adjust to fit the screen size where it is being accessed, improving compatibility. Try looking for images of a particular platform on different devices to see how they look on different screens.

Jivochat for WordPress

3. Receive messages even when the service is offline

It is important that messages continue to arrive even when your service is offline. Because of this, it is interesting to check if the platform you are considering including in your business allows you to receive these messages and allow your attendants to respond when they are logged in or if, at least, questions are sent via email. Or both, preferably.

4. Possibility for a customer to pick up where they left off

Most calls are closed the moment the window is closed. Although this was common in the past, currently some online chat plugins on WordPress allow customers to continue their service from where they left off, even if they closed the window.

The termination must come only from the operator or an attendant, as the accidental collision on a closing button or a lock on the device – whether computer or mobile – can bring down the call. Without this, the customer is forced to start the whole process over again, wasting valuable time and possibly ending up frustrated with his ecommerce to the point of giving up the service and even his company.

wordpress chat

5. Support for audio or video calls

This specific criterion must be evaluated according to your business. Not every company really needs the possibility of making audio or video calls, although it makes it useful to make your service more humane, bringing your business closer to the customer. If your clientele has a preference to be served in this way, it is worth considering looking for a tool that allows them to make these calls.

6. Count on analytical tools

As important as selling is to evaluate the results. This applies not only to sales but also to customer service. One of the most important aspects to take into consideration, your WordPress platform should allow you to return to calls made in the past so that your numbers or call quality can be analyzed. If the tool does not allow you to perform this analysis, you may well exclude it from your options, as an important part of your support area will not be covered by the tool.

jivochat on wordpress

7. Bring all service channels together in one place

Also an optional criterion, but that can save a lot of time and that of your team, is to acquire a tool that encompasses all your service channels in addition to online chat, such as emails and social networks. With this, it will not be necessary to designate an attendant for each channel, but divide the tasks among your team, which will use the same software. In addition, this makes it easier to evaluate results, removing the need to use different applications to evaluate each sector.

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8. Customize the look

Some free online chat tools for WordPress may force you to adopt your look or rely on some kind of advertising from them. For sites that have little budget, it may not be exactly a problem, but having a service according to your visual identity will undoubtedly give a more professional look to the page. This will make the site more reliable in the eyes of visitors and customers.

9. Possibility of communication between the team

To avoid using a third party software for communication between your team, it may be a good option to select a chat tool for WordPress that allows internal communication. In this way, it prevents your team from dispersing, at the same time that it can clear up doubts between you during an appointment without leaving your seat.

10. Providing backups of conversations

Forget any tools that do not offer an option to record service transcripts. A platform that does not offer the backup of the chat between your team and the visitors or customer makes your company unprotected in relation to possible dishonest actions. In addition, the non-recording of copies prevents you from evaluating the quality of your service.

chat tips for wordpress

11. Allow you to serve multiple users simultaneously

It is possible that your first calls via ecommerce chat do not require you to deal with multiple visitors and customers at the same time, but it will not last for long. Therefore, we recommend that you pay close attention to the presence of this functionality in chats for WordPress. Enabling an operator to serve several customers simultaneously makes the service queue rotate more quickly, even if there is a limit for these simultaneous calls per person.

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12. Count on the possibility of creating response templates

A minor criterion in relation to a portion of the examples that we mentioned in this list, the possibility of creating answer models also fall into the category of “greater productivity”, saving your time. The creation of response models is not a rare feature, being quite common to be found on platforms, such as Websites Are Us itself. However, it is worth considering the preference for a system that allows you and your team to create the models, and not just offering generic models. Especially those who don’t have London as their language.

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It is worth remembering that these are not the only criteria to be taken into account, since some types of businesses have very particular needs that cannot be included in this list, which addresses useful tools in a general context. Anyway, we believe that the presentation of these criteria – most of them possible in Websites Are Us for WordPress – will make it easier to choose the most suitable platform for your business.

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