As we have written before, the Prestashop platform is one of the best solutions for building an online store. Although it is a complete platform with powerful features, it is always necessary to add additional applications and extensions so that the end result, that is, the store, fits perfectly with the needs of each customer.

Extensions / additions usually concern:

The safety,

The SEO,

The reviews,

The social media,

Back up,

Payment applications,

Shipping applications,

Navigation applications,

Product Display Applications,

Additions that increase functionality.

Let’s take them one by one and look at them in more detail.


Why they are needed security additions; Because if you don’t add them, it will be like setting up a physical store with a door and a lock but no alarms and cameras. Therefore it is good for security extensions to work properly.

Examples: watermark application to protect your photos from illegal use. Ή application that controls user action.


Why are extensions related to SEO; Because simply without SEO, that is, without a site being properly read by search engines, there is no one. And obviously no one wants to set up a shop that will be ‘invisible’.

Two of the main SEO plugins are:

SEO Expert Module

SEO Expert Module with 4 star reviews and over 5000 downloads.

Allows you to auto-complete meta tags and social meta tags, saving time for the store administrator and making it more user-friendly on both search engines and social media platforms.

Pretty URLs

Pretty URLs are another add on that contributes to SEO.

It removes all text numbers and identities from the URL by helping SEO as it automatically becomes search engine friendly. 301 redirecting works perfectly and error 404 is avoided.

It has 5 star reviews and also more than 5000 downloads.


Why they are needed review extensions; Because user reviews are the driving force of a store. Users trust the reviews of other users and thus create a chain of recommendations that can continuously feed new customers. Let a store without reviews create no confidence in its potential customers.

Social Media

Why they are needed extensions for social media; There are several reasons. Social media is a parallel universe that influences real life both through the so-called peer group, that is, the peer group, and through ads that run on various social media platforms. The store with its own standalone presence on social media can function as a meeting point for users, as a troubleshooting point, as a service point that facilitates user life, and even as a relaxation point. Because in a nutshell, a business that doesn’t exist on social media doesn’t exist in practice.

Examples: application for log in in multiple ways which is placed in the header of your site. Ή application that allows the user to be involved in real time social activities.

Official Pixel Facebook Module

One of the most widely used Facebook plugins is the Official Pixel Facebook Module. 4 star reviews and over 5000 downloads.

Thanks to this module, set up Facebook pixels to reach new customers and easily analyze your store activity and performance. Thanks to Pixel you can create and upload your product list on Facebook and advertise and sell on both Facebook and Instagram.

Back up

Why they are needed extensions back up; The answer is almost obvious. Back up is the guarantee of security! This is the only way to ensure that your files and databases can be replaced in the event of an accident. Because one can never predict when something will go wrong. On the other hand, preventing it is better than curing it.

1-Click Upgrade Module

Back up is also needed for site upgrades and here comes the 1 Click Upgrade Module which enables you to upgrade to the latest Prestashop version with just a few clicks.

It has 5 star reviews and over 5000 downloads.


Why they are needed payment extensions; Because built-in features are often not enough to meet the needs of a complex payment system.

Beyond the obvious payment methods and there are others, quite popular such as:


In this case, we have the following:

Offline card payments,

Prepayments (in the event that a customer wants to “load” money into their account and withdraw as they go into transactions,

Universal Payment Module which allows you to create your own payment method.

How to Send

Why extensions are necessary shipping methods; Because it is not enough for the customer to place an order, he must receive it immediately. Thanks to the various additions available for Prestashop, you will make exactly what you have in mind.


Why add navigation applications; This will improve the user experience and make it easier to navigate within your store. The easier it is to move to the store to find what you are looking for, the more likely you are to make a purchase.

This category includes: filters, megamenu and search.


Why add apps product display; Because they will help you view your products exactly the way you want them to. And the better way the more sales.

Some examples: 360 degree viewing, video viewing, LookBook application ie how products look (worn, mounted etc.), slider, mosaic, related products (ideal for cross selling), zoomer to show product details, blog and much more.


Why embed applications increased functionality; Because these are the additions that will differentiate your store and make it stand out from the rest. It can be anything from speeding up the check out process to finding ways to keep the customer longer in the store.

These can be: layout, product management, day offer, newsletter subscription, one-click ordering, wish list, product carousel and more.

There are many plug ins in this category. For example:

Advance Search 4

Advance Search 4, which has won the Best Module Award, is also recommended to improve your search.

The best and most popular module for layered search. It helps the user in the search and improves the site’s presence in the search engines. Critics; 5 stars. Downloads; 5000+

Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro Module

One remarketing module that reminds the user that they have an abandoned cart is the Abandoned Cart Reminder Pro Module.

With 4-star reviews and thousands of downloads this module encourages the user to convert using their abandoned cart. Thanks to the automated emails it sends, it increases conversions by 15% and helps you save time.

Google Merchant Center Module

Here’s the most advanced module for uploading your products to Google Shopping and gaining thousands of new visitors. This is the Google Merchant Center Module which has 5 star reviews and means thousands of downloads.

A module like this helps the presence of your products in price comparisons and of course helps in attracting new customers.

All in one Rewards

All-in-one-Rewards is the TOP module for integrated loyalty programs: sponsorships, awards, affiliation, Facebook all in one account. He does everything well and has 5 stars in his reviews. Together with thousands of downloads.

In this case, we have the following:

EU Cookie Policy Banner

Do you need GDPR compliance? The following module is then appropriate: EU cookie policy banner GDPR Compliant. It helps you prepare the banner that will appear on your site with just a few clicks.

Its reviews are 5 stars and downloads over 5000.

Google Analytics

The following modules are suggested for better statistics monitoring:

Google Analytics Module and Premium Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce Module.

Both are 5 star with thousands of downloads. They will help you keep track of site statistics to benefit your sales.

In this case, we have the following:

The second (premium) is the most complete package you will find on the market as it contains all the current monitoring technology and enables you to manage everything from one module.

One Page Check Out

For one quick and easy check out trust the One Page Check out PS Module.

This is a 5-star module that solves one of the biggest problems that online stores face: many visits, few conversions. A problem often due to the complicated check out process. With this easy, simple and friendly module.

Page Cache Ultimate Module

If you want a store that loads fast and does not tire the user then check out the Page Cache Ultimate Module. This also benefits you: it improves the SEO of the site. His reviews are 5 stars and downloads more than 5000.

Cost plug ins

Looking at the list of Prestashop’s best-selling plug ins for 2019, we see prices starting at $ 12 and reaching $ 104.

In any case, a discussion with a digital consulting firm will suggest solutions and help you make the decisions you need to make.