Have you always wanted to create a website but you don’t know how to do it or where to start? Perhaps you think that you need to acquire advanced technical knowledge? Or that you are obliged to call on a service provider? We are pleased to announce that this is not at all the case. In 2020, it is now possible to create a website, even if you are a beginner and you have no technical knowledge.

To help you, we have prepared an ultra-complete guide to guide you step by step in creating a website. Most of these resources are accessible to beginner profiles, but some sections are aimed more at experienced web marketers. Follow the guide !

Step # 1 – Preparation and framing of the project

Some ideas before starting production

Are you thinking of creating a website, but the steps to get there are unclear and you don’t know where to start? Before choosing your accommodation or even the CMS which will be in charge of supporting you in the realization of the site, you must take the time to define your project and your objectives, in the form of a brief or a specification. You will have to carry out this essential work beforehand so as not to be mistaken in the choice of software and / or provider.

Drafting the specifications

The specifications are the most important document at each start of a project. Whether for the creation of a website, a mobile application, the launch of a new product or the construction of a house, each project has its specifications. You will have to include technical constraints, budget, list of needs, list of speakers and any other useful element to understand the different features of the site. This document can range from a few pages to over a hundred. Make sure you are as specific as possible so that everyone who reads this document knows where you want to go.

Step # 2 – Choice of tools and providers

The choice of tools

Now that your project is well framed and you know where you are going, you will have to choose the tools you will use. What are you going to choose to build your website? There are dozens of solutions more or less adapted to your profile and your skill level. Would you like to create a blog? An e-commerce site? A portfolio? There is one solution per project or almost, so do not make a mistake in your choice at the risk of having to start all over again.

The choice of providers

Tools to develop and improve a website are essential. But what about providers? Maybe you don’t have time to develop your own website. Perhaps, despite reading a guide as detailed and precise as this one, the task seems far too complicated. This is where providers come in. Whether it is to create your website, improve your natural referencing or even take care of your social networks, there is one for all jobs. The important thing is to choose them well without falling into any trap. This is where we come in.

Step # 3 – Project management

The minimum technical basis for managing a website

The world has changed and so has the Internet. Today, it is possible to create a very professional looking website without any technical skills, thanks in particular to some CMS that offer this option. No line of code to write, only blocks (images, texts, videos etc.) to move. But beware, you will still need to acquire certain minimum basics. Web hosting, domain name, web design, ergonomics, user journey, web tree structure etc. here are some of the terms that you will need to learn to avoid going wrong. This is an essential step because, it is almost certain, that you will come across these words when creating your website.

The art of project management

Your project ? Create a website as efficient as possible. This success depends much more on its execution than on your initial idea. So how do you put the odds in your favor and achieve the goals you have set for yourself? This is where project management comes into play. A well-managed project is a project that will work. A precise methodology and a well-oiled strategy should allow you to go in the right direction. Let’s see how:

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.


Step # 4 – Development of a website

The most popular CMS

If you want to build a website, you will obviously need several tools. It’s no secret, but there are hundreds of tools. Often practical, sometimes heavy in learning, sometimes free, they can be useful for your natural referencing, to install payment gateways, to manage your social networks, to create forms or to automate certain tasks. To help you with the daily management and development of your website, we have selected the best tools to use.

Compare before choosing

You now have several examples of the most popular CMS present on the market as well as their main characteristics. But how do you really make the right choice between all these proposals? With a comparison, it’s much simpler. Price, handling, extension, functionalities etc. the main features of CMS are compared in our articles that we offer below.

Step # 5 – Promotion of a website

The main tools

Now that you’ve developed your website with all of our great resources, it’s time to get it out there. What is the use of an e-commerce site / blog if nobody visits it? Again, there are hundreds of more awesome tools than the others. Whether to monitor your positions in the SERPs, analyze your incoming traffic, automate publications on your social networks or even enrich your database, here are some articles selected for you.

Other solutions for promoting your site

Now that you know a little more about the main tools for promoting your website, you can work with a little more specialized tools. Whether to analyze the strategy of your competitors, test growth hacking techniques, collect customer reviews or work with influencers, we have selected a few articles to let you know about these other solutions.

Step # 6 – SEO of a website

Understand what SEO is

How to talk about website creation without talking about natural referencing or SEO. This is one of the most important aspects of web marketing. From the writing of your specifications, until the final delivery of your website, you will have to think about this. Indeed, a well done SEO on and off your website will allow you to be more easily found by Internet users, which is the basis of any online business. To understand what SEO is and all that revolves around it, we have selected a series of articles that should help your understanding.

Levers to improve your SEO

Now that you know more about the broad and complex subject of SEO, you now need to focus on the tools to do a good job. And, there again, there are many. Whether for social networks, for backlinks or for creating content, there are countless more or less effective techniques. Find out which ones.


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