Do you know that saying you heard in childhood, “a bird in the hand is better than two flying”? Well, maybe you have never thought about how it applies well in the daily life of a company.

After all, at the same time that companies invest in several strategies to catch as many “birds” as possible when winning new consumers – such as digital marketing – customer loyalty is more important than ever.

For that, it is necessary to have a specific planning, not only to retain customers, but to make them true defenders of your brand. In this sense, content production has a fundamental role.

See what this role is and how your company can benefit from using content to build customer loyalty and be sure to take advantage of Websites Are Us to send content and turn visitors into customers!

Why content is not just for the first sale

The vast majority of companies that invest seriously in content marketing see an increase in sales, either directly or indirectly. But this need not be limited to the first sale.

In fact, the Inbound Marketing methodology itself, of which content marketing is a part, is designed to educate people from initial contact until after the sale.

The purpose of this is to create a virtuous cycle, in which customers start to bring in new customers. The Inbound methodology works like this:

  • attraction: the person has the first contact with your content, through search on search engines, a link coming from a blog or through a social network;
  • conversion: the person becomes a lead, or possible customer, when downloading deeper material and providing personal information (such as email and phone) in return;
  • closing: after consuming several of your materials, the person feels convinced to buy your product / service;
  • loyalty: by receiving quality after-sales support, the customer feels motivated to buy again and recommend the brand to others.

Do you understand how content is used to connect brand and customer from the first step of the process? When the person makes the purchase, it is much easier to retain them, as they already hear what you have to say.

In other words, the content is not just for the first sale because that was never the goal of Inbound!

On the contrary, it was done in a way that paves the way for loyalty from the first contact.

Discover 4 incredible benefits of content for your business

Customer loyalty

Understanding the benefits of content for your business will be of great help to keep the focus on creating relevant materials, which help to win over even the most demanding customers.

And they are quite significant benefits, as they directly interfere in the financial health of the company, as well as its positioning in the market. Want to see?

Some of the main positive results of content for your business are:

1. Educate the market

Educating customers and prospective buyers about what your company does is an immense competitive advantage over competitors, direct and indirect.

Even indirect competitors are ignored by most companies when marketing and planning a sales process. Who are these?

Any “parallel” alternative to your product or service can be classified as such.

For example, if you sell an accounting service, pen and paper or Excel spreadsheets are indirect competitors, as they can prevent someone from seeing the need to hire what you offer.

The content helps to show that person how advantageous it is to use a service like yours instead of any other solution.

In doing so, your brand achieves at least two benefits:

  1. Achieves authority status in the market;
  2. It creates more sales opportunities.

2. Improve the perception of brand value

Speaking more about reaching an authority status, it is important to remember that brands considered leaders are viewed more favorably by consumers.

In other words, customers will look for your offer before looking for a competitor. It’s a very nice idea, don’t you agree?

In addition, brands with a strong positioning – also called Brand Equity – even achieve a higher profit margin on products and services.

But how does content help with that, after all? It’s simple. Quality content creates value, that is, it helps people solve problems faster, more conveniently or cheaper.

And from the moment your company generates value for customers BEFORE trying to sell a product, you gain their trust and respect.

The public starts to resort to what you have to say when they need to ask questions or seek relevant information, because they know that their goal is to help, not just sell.

The beauty of this is precisely the fact that this approach will result in an increase in sales exactly, as a consequence of the acquired authority.

3. Develop a closer relationship with customers

Given the two previous points, it is easy to understand how content contributes to a natural approach between brand and customers.

The more value you generate for your persona through content, the more inclined they will be to keep looking for what you have to say.

Better yet, she will start to interact in an increasingly engaged way with her materials, by commenting on her posts, sharing them on social networks and, at the right time, seeking to know about the services she offers.

This is what we call the sales funnel. It is a way of guiding customers from initial interest to the purchase decision.

Gradually, the visitor becomes a lead, who after a proper nutrition process, becomes a customer. And the customer, when treated the right way, becomes a brand advocate.

4. Facilitate partnerships

Partnerships are another aspect of great importance in helping companies achieve results more quickly, with reduced costs and on a larger scale than they would normally achieve alone.

Co-marketing is a beautiful example of a partnership that can be signed, and is based on the production of content.

Guest posts are also another type of very profitable partnership that has content as the center of attention. This post, for example, is a co-creation of Rock Content with Websites Are Us.

In both cases, it is essential that your company already produces content, so that potential partners are attracted to join forces and it is possible to generate results for both sides.

Even when we are talking about partnerships that do not involve the direct production of content, it is worth remembering that having such a strategy makes it possible for potential partners to see your company and get in touch.

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The role of content in customer loyalty

Content to get customers

As we have already seen above, content is present in all stages of interaction with customers, but, in terms of loyalty, post-sale is essential.

But how do content and after sales relate?

Think about it: a quality aftermarket requires taking the customer’s questions with the product in hand and helping them get more out of what they bought.

This can be done in several ways, as we can see below:

Specialized support

Initially, a customer support page with common questions answered is already a good way to use the content for loyalty.

In addition, the content can be transmitted by well-trained attendants, ready to help customers in real time with a support or chat system on your website.

In fact, here’s a reminder: content is not just what is on your blog, but all the relevant information you can offer your audience on all pages, Landing Pages, Ebooks and offline communication.

Printed material

Sending printed material with product usage tips and a thank you message can have a big impact on new customers, especially because today everything is digital.

Some brands even send handwritten notes as a way to add a personal touch.

Whether doing this or sending beautiful prints, what matters is the gesture – and the content, of course!

Customer Success

Customer Success is an exceptional form of loyalty, and it makes such a difference that many companies have hired responsible professionals just to ensure that this is a priority.

Basically, Customer Success involves helping those who have purchased a product to achieve better results than expected with it.

When this is done the right way, the person is expected to buy again soon.

E-mail marketing

Email marketing is the most used tool to perform lead nutrition that we talked about earlier.

Using e-mail to present content makes perfect sense, since it is a channel with few interruptions, with high open and conversion rates and, best of all, in a highly personalized way.

Adding all this to the already traditional blog posts and rich materials that you can create aimed especially at those who are already customers, we have a huge range of loyalty options through the content.

Customer loyalty is one of the most critical tasks for a company’s success and longevity. The more loyal people, even willing to promote your brand, the greater your power of influence in the market, both economically and morally.

Want to learn more about customer loyalty? See now everything you need to know about the subject to have customers that propagate your brand!

* This post was produced by the Rock Content team

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