Linkedin, with 467 million users worldwide, is the most suitable place for networking and not just because one can find a job or just connect with people in the same field. But because he may have the opportunity to communicate with the biggest names in his field without having to attend an event. All from the comfort of his home and his computer or cell phone.

So what are the effective networking ways to help your career or business thrive?

AnchorCreate a profile that stands out

The first impression is always very important, both in the real and digital world. Try to create a profile that stands out. The first step is to make sure you have completed your profile so that there are no “gaps”. Consider that your LinkedIn profile is like your resume, so it should look as professional as possible with all the necessary information. And also a professional profile photo is always important.


Connections and Interactions with people

Once the profile completion part is complete, you should start (if you haven’t already) to connect with other people on the platform. But the choice of these people must be careful. You want to connect with people who belong to your niche, people with whom you may want a future partnership, and people who have content related to you and who can help you develop your career or business. A good move on your part would be, after sending a request for connection, to send a personal message in which you will mention why you are seeking the connection with that particular person. That way, it won’t be considered a “random” request. And of course when you get a respectable number of connections, you have to interact with them in ways like a comment, a like or even a share.


Join LinkedIn Groups

If you want to have connections that appeal to you, remember you and make everything more organic, it’s a good idea to find and join LinkedIn Groups that are relevant to your field. Of course you should try to be an active member of this group. Participating in discussions, a like in a post you found interesting, answering a question (to show that you are familiar with the subject) are some of the actions that will help you establish yourself as a busy person, he is interested in the field in which he is interested. is found and searched.

Networking either locally or globally can give you opportunities and connections with people you may not have otherwise. With this simple and quick guide you can start the networking process immediately.