Video is a powerful marketing tool. In fact, 85% of Internet users watch video content at least once a month. However, it’s not always easy to stream video. Maybe you’re out of ideas. Or maybe you are shy in front of the camera. Or you don’t have the equipment, let alone the budget to acquire it.

Fortunately, there are handy and free tools you can use. Discover our Top 10 of the best tools to create your animated videos, whether you are a beginner or an expert in the field.

Our selection of the 3 best tools to create your animated videos

animoto logo Adobe spark logo Biteable logo
Last name Animoto Adobe spark Biteable
Ease of use Easy to use with tutorials Easy to use Easy to use
Media library Music library only Adobe Stock included Shutterstock included
Export HD 720p and 1080p and SD 360p and 480p HD 720p and 1080p and SD 360p and 480p HD 720p and 1080p and SD 360p and 480p / With the possibility of sharing on social networks
Video formats 16: 9 and 1: 1 16: 9 and 1: 1 No variation in video formats
Level of customization Over 60 models available Models and Royalty Free Images Over 800,000 free and royalty-free HD videos
Free version No free version Free version available Free version available.
Price Animoto’s price starts at $ 8 per month The price is $ 9.99 / month with no annual commitment or $ 99.99 per year. Biteable Premium starts at $ 19 / month on the annual plan
Voice off From 0 to 7% depending on the chosen offer No No
Max video length 20 minutes 30 seconds per slide 30 seconds per clip


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Comprehensive comparison of animated video creation tools


create animoto animated videos

Easy to use for more optimal use, Animoto is an application which allows you to create very motivating animation videos in record time. With Animoto, the animation videos created can be shared on social networks. Animoto offers a large gallery of animation elements which makes creations even easier. Animoto gives you the opportunity to choose a video and sound style that suits you before overlaying for unique content. To familiarize yourself with this tool, you can use it for free for 14 days.

Adobe spark

create adobe spark animated videos

At first glance, we say that Adobe Spark is just a simple animation creation tool like the others. But in reality, this tool is a 3 in 1 which allows you to create short animations. Adobe Spark is a complete and free tool that allows you to create wonderful animations, web stories without forgetting short animated videos exportable to social networks. Adobe Spark is responsive and synchronized software that provides you with beautiful icons and animations and excellent creations to allow you to create unique content.


biteable animated video creation tools

Biteable is a tool that is very easy to use online to create short, high-quality videos. Better still, Biteable allows you to create explanatory videos that can be exported to social networks. To allow you to create even more interesting videos, Biteable offers you 5 different options from which you can choose a style. The content available on this online application is customizable and it is also possible to define the duration of the animation created before exporting it. Although it is only in English, this online animated video creation application is very intuitive and offers a multitude of free features.


create animaker animated videos

Animaker is software that allows anyone to easily create animated videos. Very easy to use, Animaker can be used without difficulty to create videos of 2min maximum. Just apply the drag-and-drop technique to create top quality videos using pre-designed characters and video templates. Animaker offers 6 different video styles and over 120 different animations. The advantage of this tool is that it integrates several functionalities which facilitate team collaboration. In addition to all these advantages, Animaker has a camera that can be easily set up even by a beginner.


create animated powtoon videos

Designed by the giant Microsoft, PowToon is an excellent video creation tool of 2min maximum. PowToon is easy-to-take software for easier use. With PowToon, creating a video becomes child’s play since it offers you high-quality dynamic content, animation videos and cartoons. With PowToon, you can turn your slides into a very interesting and catchy little animated video. Even if some users criticize this software for being only in English, it must still be recognized that it is one of the best for creating good quality videos.


create animated headliner videos

Headliner is a software which offers a multiplicity of functionalities to its user. It is a fairly powerful tool without a Headliner watermark that allows you to create short videos on social networks. For a more optimal use, Headliner integrates certain functionalities which facilitate the transformation of podcasts and audio files of large volume into short explanatory videos of short duration. These features include Audiogram Wizard and Find My Content. Although it is exclusively in English, this software is freely available on the net for users who wish to create explanatory videos on social networks.


create animated videos explee

If you want to make small visual illustrations in just a few clicks, this is the tool you need. Full, in addition to allowing you to make visual illustrations, it offers you the advantage of making automatic animations of your personal images. This image automation is made possible thanks to the BringLife technology that it integrates. The other biggest advantage of this software is that it allows the user to preview the created animations before any export. Very quick and easy to use on multi-support, Explee is available for free for 14 days, enough trial time to enjoy its benefits.


create animated videos lumen5create animated videos vyond

If you are looking for a super impressive tool for your animated video creations, do not hesitate to visit the Lumen5 platform. Lumen5 is one of the best platforms that allow you to create animated videos instantly from the link of an existing article. Very practical and hyper ergonomic, this tool can be taken in hand very easily. What is even more interesting with this tool, you just have to select the text to convert before clicking on the button to create the animated video. Lumen5 also allows animation creation with your own images.


Vyond is the new version of GoAnimate. This interactive platform makes it very easy to create animated films of the cartoon type to amuse children. Like some platforms, Vyond also works with the drag and drop technique to also allow beginners to easily create their animations. Very effective as a video animation creation tool, Vyond allows you to synchronize the audio and lips of the characters for perfect animation. The bonus offered by this tool is the possibility of previewing the animation created. Finally, this tool is very easy to use and all the elements it offers are easy to customize.


create animated videos rawshorts

Available for free online, Rawshorts is a tool for creating short videos of small animations that can be exported to social networks. To make it easier for beginners to create videos, Rawshorts offers several predefined animation models that can be personalized by users using the drag-and-drop technique. The other opportunity offered by this application is that it gives the possibility of purchasing animation videos on the platform thanks to a credit system. Although it is available in a free version, this application can also be used in a paid version to further benefit from certain features which are only available in this version.


This is the end of this selection of the best tools for creating animated videos. The good thing is that most of this software offers free versions or free trials. So you can try before you buy.

For beginners, we recommend that you start with Vyond or Biteable. For those who have already made videos (but who are not pros), we recommend Animoto, and for pros, we would say that Adobe Spark is the best complete tool for creating professional animated videos.

To go further, we advise you to discover our Top 8 of the best video editing software [Débutants & professionnels].

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