Coding is a profession, and an increasingly complex profession. You don’t improvise as a developer, and even if you work for several months on specialized sites, it is difficult to claim to be as good as an engineer who has completed several years of high-level studies. When working on the web, it is nevertheless necessary to have a good computer culture and to know how the main programming languages ​​work. There are a lot of pretty simple things to do, and with a little training and work, you quickly become much more independent and efficient. Here is a top 12 of the best sites to learn how to code.

Our selection of the 12 best sites to learn how to code

Article update on May 30, 2020:
In this update, we added some of the best sites to learn how to code in 2020. These sites are added to the already existing list of the best historical sites to learn to code like Open Classrooms or Codecademy.

Open Classrooms

Open Classrooms offers programming courses accessible to all supports: computer, tablet, smartphone. The platform has more than a million students and offers forums to facilitate mutual assistance. At the end of the training, students receive a certificate of success which they can use to find a job as a coder. In addition, Open Classrooms offers individual and privileged support each week, by one of their mentors.

  • Training also available in English and Spanish.
  • Eligible training via Pôle Emploi 100 financed.
  • A wide variety of training courses: from community management, to HR and developers (Python, Symfony, Salesforce etc.)
  • For example, you can take the “Learn to Program in Pyhton” training of a difficult level and lasting 40 hours.


You can take many courses for free. For 20 € per month, you can follow the courses at your own pace and obtain certificates of achievement recognized by employers. For 300 € per month, you can train with a dedicated mentor to obtain a diploma and guaranteed employment.

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Codecademy is one of the best-known programming learning sites. It offers interactive exercises on the different web languages ​​(HTML, PHP, Python or Ruby). After each successful exercise, the student receives points and trophies, replacing the grades. The courses offered are accessible to people with no knowledge of programming.

  • Example of course: “Build a website with HTML, CSS and Github Pages”.
  • The training is in English,
  • HTML, CSS, Python, Java, SQL, Ruby etc. you can learn all the main languages.


You can use Codecademy for free and have access to 25 lessons per month. With the package Pro at 17.99 € per month, you will have access to 65 lessons and a much better thought-out learning system. Finally, you can train your entire team with the plan ” Teams“, But the rate is only available on request.

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The purpose of is different from the other tools on this list, although the purpose remains the same. They want to integrate learning coding into the school curriculum. You will have access to a multitude of free courses to learn as easily as possible many programming languages. You’ll also have access to an easy-to-understand list of tutorials to try and code like a professional.

  • Lessons for children from 4 years old,
  • In lesson # 1, for example, students will create computer programs that will help them learn to collaborate with others, develop skills that will help them solve problems, and persist in difficult tasks.
  • 50 million students have already taken lessons through this site.


Free tool.


Khan Academy

Khan Academy provides exercises, videos, etc. The mission of the platform is to allow students to study at their own pace. It offers programming courses and works in partnership with NASA, the Museum of Modern Art, the California Academy of Sciences and MIT.

  • Introduction to Javascript, HTML / CSS then advanced course, Khan Academy will guide you through the steps.
  • Dozens of courses available, whether for code, science but also math.
  • It is also a compatible tool for teachers.


Coding lessons are free at Khan Academy.

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PluralSight is a learning site primarily dedicated to programming. The courses offered by the platform are in the form of “paths” which deal with a defined subject, in particular the Ruby language, Javascript, HTML / CSS, etc. In the “paths”, the student gradually learns the inner workings of each language and each programming system.

  • Courses available to learn Python, JavaScript, Java, C #…
  • 11 JavaScript lessons, 14 on Angular, 12 on Python…
  • Training also on cybersecurity or data.


You get 10 days free trial. Then you will have the choice between paying € 26 per month to access the courses, € 275 per year (11% savings) or € 410 per year with additional access to exams, projects and interactive courses.

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Coursera is an essential platform to follow online the courses given in the grandes écoles of the world. In beginners’ programming, the platform offers an introduction to the Python language provided by the University of Michigan. To encourage students to improve their skills, various exercises are offered during the learning process.

  • Very varied courses, art and humanity, science, health etc. and of course coding.
  • Over 3900 courses available,
  • Over 13 professional certifications.


You can have some courses for free. The price of most courses varies between 29 and 99 €

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Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.


Grafikart is a site that aims to provide London language content regarding web development. It offers tutorials and training that deal with HTML / CSS, JavaScript and PHP languages. It provides learners with courses dedicated to learning different tools, including versioning Git.

  • 553 hours of free video tutorials,
  • PHP, Laravel, NodeJS, JavaScript, VueJS etc. a catalog of highly developed coding courses,
  • A very useful forum if you have any questions,



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This platform is a little special in this list, because it is not really intended for beginners. You need to have some coding basics to use it. Once you have chosen the programming language you want to learn, you need to answer a question. Your answer will give you access or not to the rest of the site. This site is based on “katas”. These are challenges between members of the community. When you succeed in a kata, you move on to the next one which will be a little more complicated … and so on.

  • You must complete a test question (photo above) before accessing the courses,
  • More than 6600 “katas” available,
  • An impressive number of available languages.


No visible pricing information, the whole site looks free.

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Dash General Assembly

On Dash General Assembly (DGA), you will not have lessons or tutorials to learn how to code. Instead, you will learn one course after another, in a fun way, development languages ​​like HTML, JAVA etc. These courses will be done through different projects that you can carry out directly from your browser. You will need to complete each exercise before you can move on to the next. You will therefore see your progress step by step.

  • Dozens of courses available, whether in coding, digital marketing or customer experience.
  • New live lessons available every day,
  • Very easy to follow step by step courses.


Lessons are free.

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FreeCodeCamp is more than just a site that teaches you how to code. Its goal is to make web learning accessible to as many people as possible. Classes come in the form of interactive code sessions which are very useful for seeing exactly what you are doing live. Once your course is finished and you feel ready, you can carry out certain missions for organizations.

  • FreeCodeCamp has a large, very active community,
  • You can learn JavaScript, CSS, HTML etc. all major programming languages,
  • You have a ready-to-use code editor,
  • There is however no video and the site is completely in English.


It’s a 100% free site.

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W3Schools is another reference site in the world of coding learning. It contains all the resources necessary for learning programming languages ​​like jQuery, AJAX, CSS etc. Thanks to its simple and unadorned presentation, you will find what you came looking for without any problem.

  • You can learn HTML, CSS, Boostrap, Angular JS etc. dozens of languages ​​are available for learning.
  • A number of impressive and very well explained courses,
  • Apply what you have learned through hundreds of exercises.


Access to the course is free.

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On Learn-to-Code, the focus is on videos. If you want to learn to code with this site, you will therefore have “John”, your teacher, who will explain all the steps to you through these different videos. In addition, unlike many code learning sites, all of the videos are in London.

  • Very clear explanatory videos,
  • “Learn and discover JavaScript to create an online game”, “Learn jQuery to create an interactive web page” etc. here are some of the many courses offered.
  • Many videos are available for free.


You have access to a good number of training courses for free. On the other hand, the COMPLETE training courses are chargeable. For example, for Javascript, count 149.90 €.

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