Video is the most interesting and relevant content format for your audience today. Video consumption continues to grow and is expected to break records again this year. Whether you are an amateur videographer or an image professional, it is important to have the right tools for successful post-production. Obviously, you have probably already noticed, but the use of video editing software is sometimes a real headache!

So, finally, what are the best video editing software? Performances, functionalities, prices… Websites Are Us reveals its top 8, both for amateurs and for professionals.

The best video editing software for beginners

# 1 – Avidemux

example 1 Avidemux

Even if the home page of the site is not very attractive, do not be fooled by appearances! Indeed, Avidemux is a very powerful tool, complete, but above all free. Its ease of use gives it the 1time place of this ranking, since it is completely accessible, even for the uninitiated amateurs. Besides, it is aimed exclusively at this target.

Its intuitive and ergonomic interface allows you to encode a video in a few minutes. But Avidemux can also help you add filters and / or special effects to your videos, and even do some simple cutting.

Adaptation level: no problem. Avidemux is available on Windows, MAC and Linux. Also note that it supports many video formats like AVI, MPEG, MP4, DVD… Also, it has the advantage of being completely open source, which allows anyone to add functionality, correct bugs and / or make corrections to the software.


  • Ideal for taking your first steps in video editing
  • 100% free
  • Support for video formats
  • Very light software (generally less than 50 MB)


  • Limited functionality

To discover Avidemux, click here !

# 2 – VSDC Video Editor

example 2 VSDC

Second in the ranking, VSDC Video Editor is a gem! A free version offers a range of very interesting features. Despite a powerful and versatile interface, the user is not lost in too complex software. VSDC Video Editor is still very pleasant to use, especially with the many effects and other tools available. Besides, we appreciate its “Drag-and-Drop” side, in other words, its “drag and drop” function.

Fully personalize your creations with video and audio effects: color correction, object filters, transition effects, special effects, “Instagram” filter, masking, export … In short, the possibilities are numerous!

We won’t mention them all, but VSDC Video Editor supports almost all common video and even audio formats and codecs.

Good to know: for those who wish to evolve, a pro version exists and costs only $ 19.99 currently. It allows you to include voiceover, image stabilization and visual waveforms.


  • Relatively simple to handle
  • Fairly developed functionality panel
  • Video editor, audio / video converter, and even audio CD grabber
  • Accessible to beginners who wish to progress
  • Fast and powerful
  • Advanced free version


  • Paid technical assistance (~ $ 9.99 / month) in free version
  • Available only on the Windows platform
  • Advanced features are sometimes complex for beginners

To download VSDC Video Editor, it’s over there !

# 3 – Shotcut

example 3 ShotCut

Blow of heart of the best software for beginners, Shotcut is a condensed of functionalities, accessible for free. As with Avidemux, it is also open source, which means that updates are offered regularly. It largely competes with certain paid software for its interface and ease of use. A person who has never touched a video editing tool can do it like a pro! You have the possibility of correcting the colors, managing the white balance, adding filters … And the best thing of all, is that a history allows you to quickly delete or duplicate a modification.

Second advantage, and not least when you are starting out, Shotcut has a very large library of tutorials (both on dedicated sites and on YouTube, for example). Note that the adaptation to the interface can take a little time, since it is not particularly intuitive at first (initially planned for Linux).

Besides, we also like its support for 4K and HD resolution as well as its timeline editing principle (a family resemblance to Windows Movie Maker, for connoisseurs …). Free and offering 4K, it’s quite rare!


  • Free, but as developed as a paid program
  • Includes 4K and HD, rare in free version
  • Adaptability
  • Lots of tutorials
  • No need to import videos (ideal for large files)
  • Available on Windows, MAC & Linux


Discover shotcut right now !

# 4 – DaVinci Resolve

example 4 DaVinci Resolve

The latest software for beginners, DaVinci Resolve is mainly aimed at an audience with a video project that goes beyond simple video cutting. But that is not to say that it is not accessible to beginners, only, you risk being a little lost in this ocean of functionalities. Obviously, DaVinci Resolve specializes in one area in particular: colorimetry.

This software, intended for professionals, has managed to fare well and offer access to video editing enthusiasts. What reassures are above all its various and varied functions such as color correction, cropping and cutting of videos, audio mastering, the addition of filters (2D and 3D titles, for example) …

Interestingly, you should know that DaVinci Resolve also includes a functionality to add data storage as well as possible project collaboration. In short, if you want to work on a more in-depth project than a simple basic video, this is the software for you! Its free version is excellent and very little software can really compete with DaVinci Resolve. The ideal tool for post-production, mixing and editing of high quality video.


  • Free version of a professional level (also offers a paid version)
  • Exceptional features (including color corrector)
  • Intuitive and easy to use interface
  • Accessible to beginners with an ambitious project


  • Sometimes paid tutorials
  • Sometimes impressive multifunctionality for a beginner

Test for free DaVinci Resolve !



The best video editing software for professionals

# 5 – Adobe Premiere Pro CC

example 5 Adobe Premiere PRO CC

Probably the most famous video editing software in the world, Adobe Premiere Pro CC is the ultimate in video tools. A priori, it is the most used in the professional world, whether by directors, YouTubers, videographers, designers, video editors … Everyone loves it! And that’s normal … As a professional, you have to opt for quality, performance and simplicity of work: Adobe Premiere condenses just that.

Editing is very fast, the working interface is fluid and very simple to use, the software offers a multitude of incredible features… However, small downside, to use its advanced tools, you will have to take the time to learn to use the software.

Adobe Premiere Pro CC processes any video or audio format to produce productions worthy of great film directors. We are super fans of integrating and playing 360-degree virtual reality videos in 8K format!

Adobe Creative Cloud offers a 100% free 7-day trial version to try the software. Afterwards, you can choose a package for Adobe Premiere Pro alone at € 23.99 / month or access to all Creative Cloud applications at € 59.99 / month.



  • Quite expensive monthly subscription for Adobe Premiere Pro alone

Test Adobe Premiere Pro CC for 7 days for free!

# 6 – Final Cut Pro

example 6 Final Cut PRO

Mac OS user, here is Final Cut Pro! This is the professional and more advanced version of its little brother iMovie, for those who know (version integrated into Mac OS for a particular use). No other than Apple is developing this professional application. In terms of functionality, it must be said that Final Cut Pro is not outdone since it competes fairly easily with its rival Adobe Premiere Pro CC. Both are fairly easy to match.

Getting back to Final Cut Pro, its interface looks like two drops of water to iMovie. And this is an asset since it offers ultra-simplified access to the software and its functionalities. In this way, users can focus on their work and not on the use of the work itself.

To name just a few, here are examples of what you can achieve with Final Cut Pro: video editing, 360 ° animation, high resolution support like 4K HDR, advanced color matching tools …


  • Real-time graphic effect
  • Powerful and ergonomic interface
  • Offers a multicam edition
  • Its price: € 329.99


  • Not available on Windows & Linux

Find all the features of Final Cut Pro !

# 7 – Vegas Pro

example 7 Vegas PRO

The third most used software, Vegas Pro is a great alternative to Adobe Premiere Pro CC and Final Cut Pro. Indispensable for production video editing, this tool is a gold mine of functionalities intended for professionals. Whatever the type of project: cinema, television or other, Vegas Pro offers a hyper qualitative result, beyond expectations. Its handling is very simple, pleasant and very intuitive, it is also the specialist in special effects of all kinds!

Developed by Magix (formerly by Sony), it is one of the first representatives of video editing … Besides, Végas Pro evolves every day thanks to updates and the addition of features at the cutting edge of technology. Ideal for those who want to stay in tune with the times.


  • Professionalism
  • Accepts a majority of video codecs
  • Intuitive software
  • Preview effects and transitions
  • Its promotion price of € 299.00 (instead of € 599.00)


  • Audio processing is quite weak

Here is a more detailed overview of the features of Vegas Pro

# 8 – Avid Media Composer

example 8 Media Composer

To close this ranking of the best video editing software for amateurs and professionals, here is the reference in the professional film industry. With Avid Media Composer, you can achieve an incredible end result: breathtaking sound and breathtaking post-production. A recent update makes it easier to understand and use this software, like an expert.

However, its price is (logically) quite high, but it is justified by the fact that it is one of the only ones on the market to offer such an advanced functionality in terms of audio. Its price is not accessible for professionals, you must request a quote. Be aware that it has a trial period! Convenient.


  • Intuitive overall experience
  • One of the most competent and powerful software on the market
  • Popular in the film industry
  • Its specialized audio features


  • A fairly high price for the professional versions

To know more, follow this link !

Conclusion: a choice adapted to your needs!

Both for professionals and amateurs, there is today a multitude of video editing software, as powerful as each other. Finally, the choice depends only on one criterion: the use you will make of it. Among this selection, you will inevitably find the rare pearl that suits you and that respects both your needs and your budget. The ideal is still to combine functionality and ease of use, so you can focus on your project rather than wasting time learning and mastering the software.


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