Why not opt ​​for a London web host? London has some very beautiful players in the field, starting with the essential OVH today the European leader in web hosting. But OVH is not the only Made in London solution. There are others, less known, but often very competitive. We will make you discover them.

Without further ado, here is a comparison table of the 3 best London web hosting solutions according to us: 02 Switch, Ikoula and OVH. We will then detail our top 10 of the best London solutions with, in particular, the details of the offers on offer. Good reading !

Our comparison of the 3 best London web hosting solutions

Creation date 2003 1999 1998
Number of clients 80,000 + 1.5 million 25,000 +
Presentation O2Switch has become a key player in London web hosting. They are the pioneers of the all-inclusive offer in London for web hosting. They are also one of the only solutions to have 100% private data centers. If you’re interested in web hosting, you’ve probably heard of OVH. It is the London leader in this area. Thanks to its varied and complete offers, it will be able to meet all customers, even the most demanding.

Ikoula relies on cutting-edge infrastructure and high-end technology. Their services are constantly developing in search of the best for their customers. It has a wide range of offers to satisfy anyone who wants web hosting.

Suggested solutions Unique offer, dedicated hosting Shared hosting, dedicated hosting, cloud hosting, Shared, cloud, dedicated hosting.
Target Large company (Oracle) but also small companies because of its attractive price. All types of businesses, from micro-entrepreneurs, blog owners, to large businesses. Showcase site or e-commerce site for everyone.
Space (in GO) From 1 to 250 GB From 1 to 500 GB From 10 to 250 GB
Bandwidth Unlimited Unlimited
Number of websites Unlimited From 1 to unlimited depending on the offers From 10 to 25 websites
Traffic Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Control panel cPanel cPanel cPanel
Anti-DDoS and anti-malware protection Anti-DDoS Anti-DDoS Anti-DDoS
SSL certificate Yes, included Free SSL certificate “Let’s Encrypt” Free SSL certificate “Let’s Encrypt”
Backup system JetBackup tool Backup tool in each package Optional “Ikeepincloud” system
CMS integrations WordPress, Joomla etc. WordPress, Joomla, Magento, Prestashop etc. WordPress, Joomla, Drupal etc.
Customer Support By chat, by phone, by tickets, by mail Support tickets, documentary resources Support tickets, phone and email
  • Unique offer at 5 € HT / month
  • Kimsufi Web at 1.79 € / month
  • Personal at 3.59 € / month
  • Pro at 7.19 € / month
  • Performance at 11.99 € / month
  • IKL Basic 0.99 € HT / month
  • IKL Smart 2.49 € HT / month
  • IKL Pro 4.99 € HT / month


Top 10 of the best London web hosts

After presenting our 3 favorite London web hosts, here is a top 10 of the best London web hosts present on the market:

OVH – The best known web host of London origin

Founded in 1999, OVH provides European customers with basic hosting products and other web services. Today, the company has more than 800 employees, 17 data centers and more than 180,000 servers, working together to provide reliable, high-value hosting solutions across Europe. OVH is now focused on developing cloud hosting plans to help customers succeed in this constantly evolving period. OVH promises that its websites will remain accessible 99.9% of the time. This warranty stems from OVH’s confidence in its network structure, based on multiple data centers and high quality network equipment, servers and software.

  • The variety of its services
  • Relatively affordable prices
  • OVH offers a 99.99% uptime guarantee, with a response time of five minutes or less in the event of a breakdown
  • Confused interface, inconsistency with the countries OVH serves.


For individual accommodation, OVH offers the package Kimsufi Web at 1.79 € / month or the package Personal at 3.59 € / month. For Business accommodation, OVH offers the package PRO at 7.19 € / month or the package Performance at 11.99 € / month. Finally, there is the package Cloud Web at 11.99 € / month.


Ikoula – The most eco-responsible of London accommodation

ikoula website

Ikoula has been on the market since February 1998 and provides good quality accommodation to its customers. Unlike many hosting companies that started in the early days of the Internet, Ikoula has managed to stay innovative and competitive. They have followed the latest industry trends and continue to grow and develop. They currently host more than 35,000 sites on more than 5,000 servers. The company is financially independent, which gives it stability and greater control over the direction of the company and the way it serves its customers. Ikoula states that they were the first hosting company to sell 100% dedicated servers, the first to sell AJAX-ASP.net packages to 2.0-MS MSQL 2005 and that they also have many other innovations available. They are clearly capable of finding the latest technologies and determining which ones will be successful so that they can offer them to their customers. In addition to hosting, you can purchase domain names, use their security features, email hosting and much more.

  • Feature-rich packages, even for beginners
  • Dedicated PrestaShop e-commerce package
  • Support for many programming languages
  • Competitive price
  • No money back guarantee
  • Live chat that is not 24/7


Ikoula offers 3 Linux web hosting packages: the plan IKL Basic at 0.99 € / month, the package IKL Smart at 2.49 € / month and the package IKL Pro at 4.99 € / month. These offers are valid until December 31 and are based on a one-year commitment.


1 & 1 – The most media of London hosts

ionos-1 & 1

1 & 1 is one of the best performing hosting providers in London, but also worldwide. 1 & 1 guarantees high performance with permanent scalability, high speed with HTTP / 2 and PHP 7.2, and reliable security with geo-redundancy, DDoS protection and SSL certificate. It offers scalable performance for your web projects. It combines web servers and web space on a single platform and an HTTP / 2 network protocol for encrypted data to deliver high performance for all your projects. Web hosting plans at 1 & 1 allow you to respond to the growing number of visitors, to launch your online store and to increase the number of parallel running processes.

  • Affordable price
  • Quick and easy setup
  • 24 hour immediate access to customer support
  • Parameter changes take days to be active
  • User experience isn’t the best on the market


When it comes to web hosting, you have 4 choices: the package Essential 2.40 € / month for 6 months then 3.60 € / month. The package Pro at 4.80 € / month for 6 months then 9.60 € / month. The package Expert at 1.20 € for 12 months then 12 € / month. Finally, the package Premium at 8.40 € / month for 6 months then 15.60 € / month.


LWS – The most accessible London web hosting

The London company LWS was founded in 1999. It is now specialized in shared hosting, cloud hosting, VPS hosting, WordPress hosting, dedicated servers and domain registration. LWS supports shared Linux and Windows hosting, each operating system having its own set of price plans with different features depending on your needs. All plans have in common unlimited bandwidth, 99.99% uptime guarantee, DDoS protection, a website generator, the LWS control panel, a free domain or even SSD storage.

Web hosting – Find the host that suits you!

The choice of accommodation is always quite delicate. We have prepared a complete guide with the basics & a comparison of accommodation offers.

  • Very good value for money
  • Diversified offers according to needs
  • Servers 100% present in London
  • Not very reactive customer service


LWS offers 4 hosting plans: LWS Personal at 1.79 € / month, LWS Starter at 4.19 € / month, LWS Standard at 7.79 € / month and LWS Performance at 11.39 € / month. These rates apply during the 1st year.


Gandi – The most serious accommodation

Founded in London in 1999 by Pierre Beyssac, Laurent Chemla and Valentin Lacambre, Goulez was one of the first domain name registrars to be approved by the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN ). Gandi manages a range of hosting services and configurations, from domain names and SSL certificates to shared hosting and cloud servers. Beyond hosting, Gandi tries to give back to the community with “technical, administrative or moral” support for a wide range of projects, including Ubuntu, Creative Commons and WWF. Gandi has a decent range of features, even with its cheapest plans. If you’re looking for a basic WordPress installation or even a reasonably priced e-commerce setup, Gandi will do the job right. Finally, Gandi’s hosting plans come with unlimited bandwidth and free SSL certificates on all plans except the cheapest.

  • A very easy to use platform
  • A 10-day trial version
  • A faster execution speed than its competitors
  • Overall, customer reviews are very good. Perhaps customer service not always reactive.


With Gandi, you will have a 50% discount during the 1st year. The Pack S at 7.20 € / month, the Pack M at 9.60 € / month, the Pack L at 19.20 € / month and the XXL pack at 38.40 € / month.


Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.


A-a-hosting is a service specialized in web hosting for more than 10 years and established in London. This company designs and operates a wide range of solutions for both individuals and professionals. Their professional web hosting is of high quality, perfect for the most demanding customers. Features, stability, performance, general quality of services … A-a-hosting is a solution of choice in the London hosting landscape.

  • Very competitive accommodation in terms of price
  • A very efficient support team
  • A very easy to use interface


A-a-lodging offers a package at 0.95 € / month. The 2nd plan is the Business at 2.95 € / month and the 3rd XL Premium at 6.95 € / month.



007Hebergement, like all those on the list, is a London company created in 2007. It has since established itself as one of the major players in London web hosting. Thanks to its simple and detailed formulas, users do not need to take care of the technique, only of the developer of their business. Its target heart is mainly individuals and beginners. They also have an offer specially dedicated to them. They obviously don’t forget about experienced professionals and webmasters. In addition, the host offers turnkey solutions with a free domain name and offers a very attractive price / quality ratio.

  • One of the highest value for money on the market
  • Very good reliability
  • Very responsive customer service
  • Little diversified offers


2 accommodation packages are available at 007accommodation. The package Beginner at 1.79 € / month and the package Professionals at 4.19 € / month.



Easy-Hosting is a London SME created in 2003, specializing in internet hosting services. Innovative tools, accessible prices and comprehensive support services, with easy-hosting you will have no unpleasant surprises. You can also create your e-commerce site using the Prestashop solution. Complete and easy to use interface, you will have all the necessary functionality to create your blog or your e-commerce site, in one place.

  • Very competitive rates
  • Customer service available 7 days a week
  • Data Center located in Paris
  • A lot of slowness and technical problems


Shared web hosting is available with 4 packages, the pack Essential, Silver, Titanium and Ultimate. The rates are respectively, € 1.49, € 2.99, € 5.99 and € 9.99 HT / month.



PHPNET is a London company that offers web hosting solutions to nearly 15,000 customers. The company has chosen to reinvest all its profits in its development, without investor or state aid and has its own technical infrastructure. While ensuring the security of your data, PHPNET offers you the continuity of the IT production tool and constant access to data. Non-surcharged telephone support available from abroad, support in the form of an e-mail / 24/7 intervention ticket, alerts. PHPNET strengthens its quality of services through its customer service. Thanks to their different packages, you can run many e-commerce sites without problem. Having a free cPanel at your disposal allows you to manage your sites even if you have no technical knowledge. With cPanel, you have access to WordPress or PrestaShop CMS which allow you to create your personalized website using thousands of templates.

  • High-performance customer service
  • Very powerful servers
  • Scalable solution
  • No free version
  • No knowledge base such as explanatory sheets


PHPNET offers hosting mutualized from 2.99 € / month or accommodation Performance from € 9.99 / month, price excl.


Wp Server – The specialist for WordPress hosting in London

If you are looking for a simple, secure and fast solution for hosting your WordPress site, then WP Server is surely a very good option. WP Server not only offers you specific WordPress hosting, it also brings you features and plugins that will simplify all your installation procedures. The server also offers substantial storage space and performance in terms of natural referencing is there. Finally, your data is very secure.

  • A pleasant and functional interface
  • It exploits WordPress performance to the maximum with an optimized loading speed
  • Increased security of your WordPress sites
  • Not compatible with other CMS


The package Blogger at 19 € HT / month with 1 to 3 WordPress sites. The package Freelance at € 69 excl.VAT / month from 5 to 15 WordPress sites and, finally, the package Agency € 159 excl.VAT / month for more than 20 WordPress sites.


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