Tremplin is a London website creation solution based on powerful tools and a list of expert advice. Even if you don’t know anything about website creation, Tremplin helps you in your approach with a series of personalized advice that you will find throughout the creation process. In this article, we will detail the main features that you will find on this website builder as well as our opinion on Springboard to help you make your choice.

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Design and templates

With Tremplin, you have the choice of creating your site yourself or calling on experts. For this general test of the solution, we of course decided to make the website ourselves.

Before you start customizing your website with Springboard, the first thing you’ll need to do is choose your site template.

About fifty templates are available. They are classified in different categories like “Fashion and Decoration, Local service” etc. or by features such as “One-page site, Portfolio, online store etc. “. Before selecting the template that suits you, a “preview” is available to really realize its appearance. Once the template has been selected, you will need to create an account on Tremplin by entering your email, password, last name / first name etc. only basic information. Have you received an email and your account is now validated? You are now at the heart of the Tremplin website creation platform.

The big highlight when you start with Tremplin, is that the copilot explains almost everything, step by step thanks to detailed sheets. This is not all: beyond the detailed explanatory sheets, the Copilot supports you throughout your progress. “Start with Tremplin, Personalize my site, Publish my site online, Strengthen my presence on Google etc. “When you click on one of the help files, you arrive at a complete summary of the steps to be taken to set up what you clicked on. Convenient isn’t it?

Once the reading is finished, you can click on “I will come back” or on “It’s Done” to continue to the help sheet. Springboard is much more than just a website builder. It gives you targeted advice and gives you personalized assistance at each stage of your website creation. In short, he is your co-pilot.

As you can see from the image above, in each mission in the Copilot, you will be able to see exactly where you are, thanks to the very intuitive percentages of your progress. Same thing for the guides present in the missions.

You also get help from ” bubbles Present in the co-pilot. The bubbles also accompany you step by step in the creation and personalization of your website. Some bubbles can even be accompanied by video tutorials.

The Springboard offer in a few words

With Tremplin, you get a free 14-day trial so you have time to get the platform right.

Then, as you can see, you will have to pay € 9 per month (for a 1 page site), € 25 per month for a multi-page website or € 35 per month for an e-commerce store. These are the prices on a one year commitment basis. In each subscription, you will find:

  • Personalized marketing advice
  • A website and its hosting
  • Premium support 5 days a week
  • Help with your natural referencing
  • An integrated news generator
  • A real-time analysis report
  • 2 tools to help plan Facebook and Google advertising campaigns
  • Multi-currency, which allows you to sell on your shop in several monetary currencies.

In summary, with Tremplin, you will only need your domain name. They take care of everything else.

Page editor

With Tremplin, you can personalize the pages of your site one by one, section by section.

For example, when you click on “Site Pages”, you will find the list of all the pages of the site that you can modify one by one, by simply clicking on the small pen. Let’s work out how to customize the most important page of a website, the home page. The Springboard editor is in the form of “click-modify”. You must click on the part you want to modify to be able to modify it.

There are a lot of customization options available. From the most classic such as text color, size, alignment, but also much more advanced such as animation when you enter the page or even the margin and customization of CSS. You can also customize the scrolling effects, choose whether the responsive should apply to all platforms, the width of the border and many other options. Other than the main pages of your website, you can also customize the menus, the header and the footer. An interface that will not be overlooked if you have already worked with WordPress. Springboard makes it more simple and intuitive.

Is Tremplin suitable for the e-commerce site?

It is possible to create an e-commerce store on Tremplin thanks to the “Online store” module.

Of course, you will have to put your hand to the paw but, thanks to the detailed cards issued by Tremplin, no doubt about your success. Springboard guarantees a complete configuration of your online store in 3 hours, watch in hand. Mobile optimization, automatic calculation of taxes and delivery costs, multi-currency, offers and coupons etc. all the features necessary for the proper functioning of your online store are available. Note that this formula is payable at a rate of 10 euros per month.

Website creation – Personalized price estimation

Websites Are Us has developed a recommendation engine which allows you to obtain a free detailed price estimate as well as a selection of software and providers adapted to your website creation needs.

Third-party applications

Welcome to Tremplin +, the Tremplin application platform. Develop your presence on the web thanks to exclusive Springboard tools. Some services are chargeable, others free.

Compliance with the GDPR, protection of a brand / idea, drafting of the CGU / CGV, many modules are available, classified by objective:

  • Improve my website
  • Legal support
  • Site transfer to Tremplin
  • Accounting
  • etc.

Indeed, you will have noticed that the choice is not overwhelming and that the prices are sometimes very high. But at least you can meet the basic needs of your website with this app store.


Emailing, Facebook, Google… Tremplin works closely with these applications to provide you with as complete a marketing service as possible. For emailing, you can create your campaign directly from your Springboard dashboard. Regarding Facebook, you can also manage your advertising campaigns directly from your Springboard dashboard. Expert advice is available to perform at best. Please note, Tremplin will charge 15% commission on usage. It’s exactly the same principle with Google where you can manage your campaigns with keywords etc. directly from Tremplin. Again, you will have to pay 15% commission.

Springboard and SEO

Tremplin fully understood the importance of SEO in the modern Internet by dedicating a space in its own right. In your dashboard dedicated to SEO, you can configure your site using the Yoast SEO assistant, see current SEO problems on your site or even notifications.

In the “functionalities” section, it is up to you to activate or not all the proposed functionalities such as “Readability analysis”, “Cornerstone content” etc. Finally, in the “tools for webmasters” section, you will be able to enter a Bing, Yandex, Baidu or even Google verification code. All the important referencing functionalities are present on Tremplin. Also note that, if you want to take your Tremplin site to another level in terms of SEO, you may have to subscribe to “Optimize your natural referencing” in the Tremplin application store. Finally, if you are used to working with the Google Search Console, you will be able to connect to it via an authorization code.

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Other features

The blog

Creating a blog on Tremplin is a breeze. This feature is part of the “My Website” category. When you click on “blog” you will have the choice to create an article, to lay out an article or the entire blog.

If you choose to create a blog post, you will arrive on an interface that you probably know, that of WordPress. Enter a title, text, format, category etc. to create your article. The elements of natural referencing are also present thanks to the essential Yoast SEO extension. In the blog section, you also have the “Portfolio” section. If you have decided to create a website to put all your creations for example, you can add a project, manage them, lay them out etc. from this section.

The analytics

Tremplin also has a section dedicated to data analysis via Google Analytics. In your menu, on the left, click on “My Analytics”, then authenticate yourself with your Google Analytics account. You will then be able to access all of the data on your website directly from the Springboard dashboard.

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The “practical tools”

A “practical tools” section is available in your left menu on Tremplin. Here, too, many sections will be of great help to you. Pop-up creation, free and royalty-free image bank, “site under maintenance – site under construction” page, Favicon, accepting cookies … a whole series of tools that you can customize for a better user experience.

For example, if you want to create a popup (image above), you will have to create a template, then select a pre-designed template. For this, you will be redirected to My Elementor to finish your creation.

GDPR compliance

Finally, it is important to note that Tremplin has a very interesting tool that allows you to comply with GDPR standards. In order to avoid paying up to 4% of your turnover for your non-compliance, take some time to follow the co-pilot who will help you in this task.

Here is the mission dedicated to GDPR compliance, including different tasks, tutorials and bubbles to follow. At the end of this mission, you can easily insert pop-ups on your site to request the consent of your visitors. These visitors can also easily contact you in order to exercise their rights. Finally, you will have access to detailed procedures that will help you easily manage the personal data collected. In short, a special tool, very practical, which we find only too rarely in the competition.

Our opinion on Springboard

Tremplin is a very good website creation software, intended mainly for a beginners audience. The main strength of Tremplin is these dozens of explanatory sheets which guide you step by step in the development of your site. Blog, natural referencing, analytics, the main features are present on Tremplin. You will therefore be able to manage your activity with confidence with all the tools necessary to do so. And you, have you already created a website thanks to Tremplin? If so, feel free to share your opinion in the comments.

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