Many entrepreneurs make some mistakes when selling on Ecommerce. One of them is to ignore the description of the products in the sales channels, mainly in the virtual stores. This lack of attention can end up limiting your sales.

A well-done product description is extremely important for the success of your business. But this description is not limited to adding features and specifications. On the internet, in addition to consumers looking for more than that, good product descriptions help to improve the position of your business in search engines, such as Google.

To help you make your product descriptions better and boost your sales, we have separated some important points that you need to pay attention to.

The importance of a good product description

A good product description helps the consumer to connect with the product and desire it. In addition, it improves search engine optimization.

But for that, you must understand that the product description should be a part of the content. That is, you must deliver in addition to the technical specifications, you must also show how the product is used, where it comes from, what are the problems it solves … Everything that makes the consumer understand that the product is perfect for him.

Take advantage of the description text to enter keywords that will help you improve your SEO strategy and improve your search engine positioning.

Tips for a perfect product description

Professional product description for your online store

1. The specifications

When it is said that it should not just put the specifications, it does not mean that they should be ignored. On the contrary, they cannot be missed at all.

Therefore, your description should contain basic product information, such as:

  • What the product is made of: inform the material of that product.
  • Detailed measurements and weight: put all information about the measurements and sizes
  • Product condition: new, used …
  • System used (if electronic).

In these specifications, be direct and objective. Format the text so that, once a person arrives, it is easy for them to find this information. There are consumers who just want to know about it, so make it as easy as possible.

2. Write in a personalized way

Which types of text does your persona connect with? Are they younger or older people?

Take the information of your target audience and make a description so that, when they arrive, they feel free to read. Create texts that they connect to, that speak their language.

You need to show that you are speaking directly to your persona and not to anyone who gets there.

3. Have a unique way of speaking

Businesses that attract attention are those that are unique. This is achieved when the brand creates certain standards in communication.

For example, if your audience is younger, you can make descriptions using certain slang that they understand. This creates a connection with your persona and creates a tone for your brand.

4. Tell stories

Remember that your product needs to generate a feeling with your customer and one of the most efficient ways to do this is through stories. Describing your product shouldn’t be just talking about it, you need to bring it closer to your consumer.

Create stories that involve your audience with your product, show how that product is perfect for their daily lives. Show that your product has attributes that are great for it and that will solve some pain.

One of the ways to arouse feelings in your consumer is through mental triggers.

5. Use keywords

Remember that one of the important points of making a good description is to improve your position in the search engines?

So, when creating your product descriptions, always remember to use those words strategically. Fill your text with the keyword, but don’t abuse it, so the text gets boring to read.

6. Social proof

Search for positive reviews of your products.

Many people seek to know the experience of other customers before buying a product – in fact, they trust it more than anything you can talk about.

Use positive feedbacks to your advantage when describing your products. This is a way of showing that the whole story you are telling is real and that the product has helped other people.

Optimize your product pages

Product description is a very important part that will help you connect with customers, generate a good experience, trust and show that you are an authority on the subject. In addition, it is one of the strategies to improve your position in the search engines, which makes your audience reach you easier.

In your virtual store, also look for placing quality images of the product, create videos that show how to use, make reviews. Remember that the customer is not close to the product, so everything that brings him closer to him and shows that he is a great product is valid.

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