VoIP telephony is not new, having already been widely offered by several applications and professional tools designed to allow companies to easily communicate with customers over the phone, via the internet.

In this article, we present everything you need to know about VoIP telephony, as well as suggestions for a professional tool so you can start using it as a customer service channel within your own business.

What is VoIP telephony?

The term VoIP is derived from English for Voice over Internet Protocol, which can be freely translated into voice over IP or voice over network protocol. It is also commonly referred to in other ways, such as IP telephony, broadband telephony or VoIP telephony.

This term repeats the routing of calls and voice calls over the Internet or other IP-based telecommunications networks.

Considering a didactic approach, its operation is not extremely complex to understand. Essentially, the communication sent by a device connected to an IP network is digitized in data packets. These packets are sent to the internet and then routed to the receiving device, being converted into voice and transmitted through it.

What is VoIP telephony and how does it work

Thus, we can say that telephony exists to facilitate voice communication over the internet.

For example, when you make a call via WhatsApp to one of your contacts, you are making use of VoIP telephony, since it is done over the internet and does not depend on the use of DDD or DDI data packages from telephone operators.

In addition, it is important to mention that VoIP telephony technology also makes it possible to connect a device connected to the internet to a telephone that uses a conventional telephone network.

This means that it is possible to call operator phone numbers via DDD or DDI packages over the internet, without the recipient having the same software installed and connected facilitator.

When did VoIP telephony appear?

Internet telephony may seem like something recent, but in fact, it emerged in 1973 through experiments carried out for ARPANET, the first network to implement the TCP / IP protocol used today.

However, the first VoIP telephone system, Vocaltec, was launched only in 1995. Since then, VoIP has undergone several evolutions to arrive at its current model, which is accessible to essentially the entire population through free applications available both in computers and smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices.

Advantages of business telephony

Now that you understand that VoIP telephony is essentially the union between the phone and the internet and you know a little about the history of this technology, we can start talking about how it started to be employed by businesses and what are its main advantages in relation to the use standard phone calls.

Lower cost

Unlike the use of telephone operators, to make VoIP calls, you just need to be connected to the internet and have access to a tool capable of processing this type of communication.

This means that the tariff and cost for these calls does not depend on factors such as distance or which operator, such as Vivo, Tim, Claro the customer is using and can be charged at a single cost regardless of the telephone operator used by the recipient.

It is not impeded by distance

We don’t need to talk about the reach of the Internet. Today, essentially the entire world is connected via network protocols and, therefore, it is possible to make VoIP calls to essentially any location in the world.

Even if the recipient is in another country, as long as he has access to the internet and is using the same software or is able to receive a call using a standard analog signal, he can still receive your call.

But of course, the quality of the signal will depend on the quality of the connection of both, taking into account aspects such as bandwidth and being subject to external interference.

Better mobility

VoIP telephony is not limited to the coverage area of ​​a specific telephone operator, but only to the internet.

This means that, even on a trip, as long as you have access to the internet, you can make and receive VoIP calls through systems and applications capable of processing them.

Offers integrated solutions

Today, professional telephony solutions for businesses offer integrated features and true omnichannel communication platforms.

For example, Websites Are Us offers VoIP telephony integrated with its tool that also has channels such as online chat or its Callback tool, being able to store calls, contacts and data on a single platform.

In addition, call forwarding systems and Automatic Response Units (IVR) are not exclusive to standard telephony.

Start using VoIP telephony in your business

In order for you to have access to all the advantages already presented about telephony, you will need to start using a professional tool, designed to help you offer an excellent standard of quality in customer service via telephone.

It is not enough to simply wait for your consumers to have the application you use installed and connected at all times, you need to be able to make Internet calls to standard phone numbers or processed entirely digitally.

In addition, integrated solutions allow you to track calls and centralize contact information in a single location, which helps to improve the performance of your team of operators, in addition to improving the tracking of results through complete reports.

Therefore, we recommend that you check out how Websites Are Us’s VoIP phone system can serve your business. We offer highly competitive rates and features like:

  • Call distribution;

  • Customer data storage;

  • Calls to more than 50 countries;

  • Call forwarding;

  • Voice greetings;

  • Calls via the mobile application.

To check it out, just go to the page and see how easy it is to start using it within the WAU platform, where you can register and install for free.

VoIP Telephony from JivoChat

How to start using Websites Are Us VoIP telephony in your company

Whether you are an entrepreneur who already uses Websites Are Us in your business or someone looking for a professional solution, getting started with Websites Are Us VoIP telephony is extremely simple and we have guides ready for you.

Just choose between the options: access the tutorial in our knowledge base or simply watch the video below and see how simple it is!

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